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Published: Thursday, Aug. 16 2012 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Highland, UT

Why do you provide us with a link that then tells us we have to be a paying member to actually read the content? This isn't the only time either, many times the Dnews provides us with links to college recruiting sites, other newspapers, blogs, and other sites that we cannot access fully without paying for. Obviously most of us aren't going to pay for some site just to read an article however interesting it might appear to be.

But really what I want to know is why you give links to thos sites? Is there a kickback for the dnews if we do sign up? Or do you guys just not realize that individuals are not signed up for every pay site under the sun like a newspaper probably is?

Temecula, CA

Ditto, Duckhunter!

Bellevue, WA

On the one hand, it's pretty lazy "news" to be reporting what some other news outlet wrote. On the other hand, it's nice to at least get a glimpse from the DN of what ESPN wrote behind its pay-wall.

Sandy, UT

Have to agree with Duck, either secure permission for readers to view the article or don't include the link.

Cedar Hills, UT

How frustrating to not be able to read the article. Des News missed the boat on this one. And I don't get it - are they fourth in the West or fourth "overall?" Seems unlikely to me that ESPN has them that high.

I will admit, I liked the part about their optimism. I don't put much stock in ESPN's actual ranking, but there are clearly things to like about the new Jazz roster and ESPN sees it.

Park City, UT

Here you go everyone.

A year and half ago, the Jazz looked dead in the water. Franchise legend Jerry Sloan retired in the middle of the season and All-Star point guard Deron Williams was abruptly shipped to the Nets at the trade deadline for a handful of prospects.

But after two really solid summers and a better-than-expected season in 2011-12, our optimism for the Jazz has never been higher. How does a No. 8-seed in the Western Conference without any stars warrant such a position?

Despite working in a less-than-desirable market, Jazz executive vice president Kevin O'Connor continues to be proactive in rebuilding this roster in a way that keeps the team winning while adding young pieces for the future.

The Jazz have solid veterans such as Paul Millsap and Al Jefferson, but they also have very intriguing young players being groomed at multiple positions. Derrick Favors, a No. 3 overall pick, looked like a potential stud at the end of last season. Gordon Hayward improved dramatically in his second year. And lottery picks Enes Kanter and Alec Burks showed potential in their rookie season.

Park City, UT

This summer, the Jazz took another step forward by acquiring point guard Mo Williams for essentially nothing. We believe Williams is a major upgrade over Devin Harris and should help bring stability to the roster. The addition of Marvin Williams should also help. While Marvin Williams has failed to live up to his pre-draft reputation, the player once selected a spot ahead of Deron Williams is still a solid defender who adds a veteran presence at the 3.O'Connor has also been the master at acquiring additional lottery picks over the years, and the Jazz are set to grab another one from the Golden State Warriors in 2013. The team is also poised to have some real money to work with next summer when Jefferson, Millsap and Mo Williams come off the books.

Park City, UT

The Jazz also put a succession plan for the 63-year-old O'Connor in motion this summer by appointing Dennis Lindsey of the Spurs as their new general manager. Lindsey is highly regarded by just about everyone in the league and should be ready to run things after being mentored by Carroll Dawson, R.C. Buford and now O'Connor.

The Jazz are still a year or two and a piece or two away from being serious contenders, but all signs continue to point in the right direction.

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