Comments about ‘Ecuador grants asylum to WikiLeaks' Assange’

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Published: Thursday, Aug. 16 2012 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Glen in the Bronx
Bronx, NY

There is no mention in any of these articles about the substantial bail posted by Assange's supporters. Has it been forfeited?

Craig Clark
Boulder, CO

Diplomatic asylum shouldn't be used to shelter a fugitive from justice. In this instance, a case could be made it's being used to harbor an international terrorist.

Tooele, UT

Re: "Ecuador grants asylum"

For all the good it'll do him. He's effectively a prisoner in the British Ecuadoran embassy. Britain will be monitoring his movements, cashflow, communications, visitors, and activities, seizing any assets.

If Ecuador's near-bankrupt, socialist "workers' paradise" wants to feed, clothe, house, and care for him 'til he dies, that just that much less we have to spend on him.

Allen, TX

Sorry, Craig;

The asylum of an embassy is sacrosanct. Has to be that way.

The more interesting part of this is Ecua-who? Small country looking for attention puts out an invitation that they know will never be acted on. Just a political move to curry favor. Must be an election coming down there.

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