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Published: Wednesday, Aug. 15 2012 4:00 p.m. MDT

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Saint George, UT

I didn't see Alex Kuresa as a possible receiver in this article. I thought he's been performing well during fall camp at that position?? Whats the deal...

gilbert, AZ

Watched Cahoon't college highlights. He's an animal!

Cardston, Alberta

Maybe Kuresa is still in the QB rotation and not working out as a receiver.

Idaho Falls, ID

I think if Nelson goes down, I just don't see Lark as the guy who can step up and perform at a high level, whereas I do see that from Taysom Hill.

Keisels Beard
Overton, NV

"Quarterback Riley Nelson completed 3-of-4 passes for 70 yards, including a 60-yard touchdown strike to Alex Kuresa"

Looks like the article mentioned Kuresa to me. At least the notes at the end did, anyway.


BYU is so deep at the receiver spot this, Terenn Houk aka Ross Apo 2.0 will see a lot of time this year and Brett Thompson is going to play a lot and he was barely even mentioned

Provo, , UT

In the notes at the end it said "backup QB Taysom Hill". Has he moved up the depth chart? I thought Lark was the No. 2?

Cougar Passion
Salt Lake City, UT

It seems to me that tall/athletic + Ben Cahoon's mindset = NFL career. I believe the receivers would do very well to learn everything he has to tell them.

dallas realist
rockwall, texas


I would bet if Riley gets hurt they would be more comfortable with Lark stepping in because he is more experienced and he has been with the program since 2007.

Highland, UT


Anyone who isn't a starter is a backup.

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