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Published: Tuesday, Aug. 14 2012 2:00 p.m. MDT

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Cedar Hills, UT

So Doman is hoping little Riley will have the same kind of year as Ty Detmer, John Beck, Max Hall etc..??? Serious? This is the same Nelson that looked liked a high school back up QB in last years bowl game? BYU football is about as exciting as week old root-beer with the top left off.

Las Vegas, NV

@Worf - That is the kind of delusional thinking that keeps the most die-hard BYU fans going year in and year out. Preseason Natl. champs every year! Always as good as your best win, while all opponents are only as good as their worst loss. If BYU wins those games, by those scores, I will give you the deed to my car. Hilarious.

@ygrad/dad - Did Utah lose to CO. last year? Did BYU win the national championship in 84? Really, you haven't mentioned either in the last 20 seconds. 28 years from now you will still be siting the loss to CO. the reason nothing else Utah does counts. Grow up.

Finally, as a realistic Utah fan, I don't plan on the rivalry game being a cakewalk for either team. As long as Nelson is on the field, byu is a legit threat to any team they face this year, so in Utah's case, the team and fans should take the game very seriously.

gilbert, AZ

I think Riley is going to get to that 65% passing percentage. I think he will also make a few stupid mistakes and toss up a few jump balls that he should have just taken the ten yard loss instead. That being said, I think they have a great chance to end up with ten wins again this year.

Mcallen, TX

Two big events coming up:

* BYU-Utah game
* Presidential election

Orem, Utah


Thank you for rising above the trolls and recognizing that your arch rival B.Y.U. is still a formidable foe for Utah. Your comment almost made me because a Utah fan, however as a loyal B.Y.U. fan people like you who can keep the rivalry fun give me more respect for Utah fans than the crisb's out there who make disparaging comments that are embarrassing to fans on both sides of the rivalry.

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA


Grow up??? That wasn't very thoughtful or civil. But first, props where props are due.

In my fantasies I visualize a 56 point cougar victory. Publicly I am on record predicting another last-drive, come from behind cougar victory. I appreciate your realistic assessment of the game.

For the record, don't think I've mentioned NC or 1984 in over a year. Colorado? Guilty as charged, but you have to realize that when a Ute fan comes on a BYU article and tries to justify why a top 25 is not legit, as if the poll voters never realized who BYU played, it begs for someone to remind them that 54-10 was by far their best game, Colorado was by far their worst, and on average, Utah was rather average.

Grow up??? Take naval vet, chris b and utah-hawaii and go home. Trolling someone else's page is not indicative of mature behavior.

Layton, Utah

Utesies just hope Wynnie makes it to his senior year with two usable arms.

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