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Published: Tuesday, Aug. 14 2012 12:00 a.m. MDT

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American Fork, UT

It's not just a vote for mitt, but for obama as well. In fact, it's not a vote for mitt at all. That was just a bit presumptuous, that statement.

provo, Utah

That's a nice way of spinning it. The republican base doesn't really like Romney so now they aren't really voting for Romney or just against Obama, they are voting for a team. I see what you did there. You clever little politician helpers.

Springville, UT

When we elect a president, we are in fact electing his team, as well. In the case of Romney, we would get a long list of hawkish neo-cons, the same people who advocated the two wars we are still trying to disentangle from. We would get the architect of the Bush economic plan, the same one that led us into the worst recession in 60 plus years. They persist in advocating the same policies, and Romney doesn't seem to have any back bone. If you want to go back to a truly failed program, in fact, Romney is your guy. It is taking a long, hard effort to overcome the Bush legacy, and it astonishes me that some voters want to go back to it, and the Romney team want to do it all over again. Perhaps they think it was successful because the wealthy benefitted and the rest of us are still suffering.

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