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Published: Monday, Aug. 13 2012 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Springville, UT

"Media industry sources believe DirecTV, with its reliance on sports programming, is far more likely than Dish to come to terms."

Time to call DirectTV or Comcast and ask for the 'theMtn Plus' package.

Wally West

I have Comcast & am looking forward to this Wednesday and no fillers on 10/4.

Highland, UT

"The primary goals are not financial,” Scott added. “It’s a long-term opportunity to serve athletes and fans."

Hmmm.....that sounds a lot like something Tom Holmoe has said. Does scott really mean it is EXPOSURE they are after? I thought the only thing that mattered was the check?

hymn to the silent
Holladay, UT

A few exciting games this year from the pac and the value goes up...the delay in inking a deal is because Scott won't settle...Gotta like the guy for his gutsy management style.

Snack PAC
Olympus Cove, Utah

"A few exciting games this year from the pac and the value goes up..."

starting with the Utah - Northern Colorado scrimmage at 4 o'clock in the afternoon on a weekday, no less.

The Utes are sure to become a fixture on the PAC Net while the big boys of the conference are playing on the real networks.


haha haven't been on the comment boards for a little while- nice to see our jealous little brothers are right where I left them: obsessed with Ute football. It's ok guys, we don't blame you.

"— The Pac-12 Networks are wholly owned by the conference, creating the possibility for a huge financial windfall down the road."

It's a great time to be a UTE!!!!

Salt Lake City, UT

"The Pac-12 Networks are wholly owned by the conference, creating the possibility for a huge financial windfall down the road."

Or a huge financial boondoggle if things don't work out as swimmingly as the day dreamers had hoped for.

Welcome to the MTN on steroids!

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

What, no HD truck? Still jealous.

Springville, UT

Still no satellite announcement and we are at T minus 24 hours for the PAC 12 Network launch.

I'm betting that Mr Clayton and Mr. White are telling Larry...

"If Cox Cable doesn't want it everywhere why should we?"


Spanish Fork, UT

Sammy buddy

Two simple questions for U...
Why do you even care??? How does it affect your life and or BYU as to what the PAC 12 Network is or will be doing??? And you say you're not a Utah hater...


Highland, UT


Two simple answers for u....

Sammy cares, as do I, because we have had to listen to utah "fans" spout about this for a couple of years. How it was going to be nationwide, available in every home, blah, blah, blah. Now that wouldn't be any big deal except those same utah "fans" tried to use those supposed "facts" to also denigrate BYU's tv deal which includes tons of games on ESPN and then of course BYUtv which reaches far more homes already than the pac12 network might ever reach. Utah "fans" bragged about it and what they claimed it would be from its inception and now that it is actually falling far short of those claims it is fun for us to point it out to utah "fans".

So it affects our lives in that it is now our turn to LOL at utah "fans" for having an inferior setup to the one BYU has. Yes I know utah will get more money but none of us fans gets any of it. What we care about is being able to see our teams play. In that aspect BYU fans win this one. BYU has better coverage.

pocatello, ID


I can't wait to watch BYU play New Mexico St and San Jose St on TV to end the season! Some TV ratings that will generate.
Ooops, almost forgot about Idaho.

Springville, UT


My favorite fan... I have nothing to worry about, I'll be able to watch all of my favorite teams... BYU, USU, Colorado, USC, Oregon, etc. and maybe an occasional Ute game. I have Comcast so I'm good to go.

The satellite deal still might come about but in the mean time it's part of a three ring drama circus playing in Uteville.

And I've always enjoyed a circus when it comes to town.

Pac 12 Net, Blechen, and the Ute QB saga.

The real injustice is the real Ute fan that won't get to see his team play on the blasted network that was hyped to be everywhere and sadly not available for some in Utah... satellite subscribers in particular and a few others on cable. Who cares about national coverage when you can't watch your local team.

Nothing superior about that arrangement over BYUtv and ESPN.

Enjoy my comments, they will continue coming as long as this story is news worthy.

Salt Lake City, UT

Unfortunately, the initial launch of the PAC Net is looking more and more like the failed MTN; it'll certainly improve with time, but the promise that this was going to be a nationwide network available to all fans nationally is falling far short of what was originally promised.

pocatello, ID

I would of thought that some BYU fans would be honest, rather than twist the word promise as related to the story and rollout of the network itself.


And watching them backpedal about BYU TV is classic! "Its only for people that know what its about." How's that global programming working for ya!

Draper, UT

Comparisons of the PAC-12 Network to the Mtn are as laughable as they come. Larry Scott isn't negotiating with New Mexico, Wyoming and Nevada as main subscriber areas. He has several of the top TV markets in the nation with fans wanting access to the channel. He is in a position of power and the DTV deal will be done any day, as soon as they agree to what Mr Scott wants. Dish on the other hand can never be relied upon for decent sports programming, so I never expected them to be a player early on.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

"Nothing superior about that arrangement over BYUtv and ESPN."

Wrong again!! (You're still here, ducky? No miles to go--to Tulsa? No promises to keep--to go quiet on Ute stories?) It already is superior in that 1) the Utes will get far more $$$, and 2) more people will actually watch the Utes all season on ESPN, Fox and P12N, as opposed to watching the cougies playing against crappy teams on ESPNU at 8:30 MST on Thursdays in November, or on BYUtv following "Little House On The Prairie" re-runs.

LOL, indeed!!!

Highland, UT

@waccy and nighty

I see you're trying to deflect the pain, it's ok, do what you need to do.


No Conference Will Take Us

Highland, UT
@waccy and nighty

I see you're trying to deflect the pain, it's ok, do what you need to do.



Looks like a fellow BYU fan is deflecting pain. What is funny about being dishonest?

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