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Published: Saturday, Aug. 11 2012 7:00 p.m. MDT

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Springville, UT

I'm excited to hear that Brandon is changing things up. My frustration over these past few years has been the predictable BYU offense.

If the O-line gets it together this could shape up to another fun season.

Looking forward to it! Go Cougars!

Proud Ute

Sounds like Riley might want to check in with Doman and compare notes before they talk to the media.
These guys could be good but if the backfield is running for it's life instead of yardage they have a problem.

Cedar Hills, UT

The Y has to run - because they can't throw. Is this really BYU football???? Wilson, McMahon, Young, Bosco, Detmer, Beck, Hall all have to be scratching their heads trying to recognize their old football team. Geez, this ugly scramble run and boot - what ever you call it isn't even a shadow of the kind of precision wide open passing game that put the Y on the college football map. This entire program is headed for the dumpster.

Cedar Hills, UT

Easier said than done to go 150 and 300/ game. Nelson will surely run more than pass though, but for his life.

Chris from Rose Park


When Beck played, Curtis Brown ran. When Hall played, Unga ran. Running helps the passing game. I agree that we've done more of a "scramble run and boot", as you called it, last year. But you cannot say that trying to run it so the passing game is more open has never been done at BYU before.

Frisco, TX

I love it. Three of the first four comments are by Utes. We appreciate your loyalty.

I'm very encouraged by Alisa and Prithard in the backfield. This will be a great team on defense and offense. I have no idea how anyone with any intellect could say this program is headed to the dumpster. This is a program headed back to the Top 25. 10-2 is my prediction, but if the ball bounces the right way . . . one never knows. 2012 will be a great year for the Cougs!

Who am I sir?
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Practices have shown the Y to have a great running game. So far, with no pads, there has been great success against the defensive "two hands below the waist" - can't wait to see how they do when the get full uniforms including the detatchable flags.

Hayden, ID

I wonder why so many Utes feel it is their duty to make ridiculous and ignorant comments on EVERY BYU article ever written? Why not spend your time in more meaningful pursuits? Go help a little old lady across the street, do something, anything useful! I promise you will feel better about yourself!

Cougar Passion
Salt Lake City, UT

Interesting statistic: This BYU article has--before my comment--four comments, three of which are from Utah supporters bashing BYU. An article about Utah player Trevor Reilly also has four comments, none of which are from BYU fans. However, three of the four comments mention BYU.

PAC man
Anaheim, CA

Sorry, but I trust Doman's assessment of BYU's running potential much more than the opinions of our trio of jealous Utah trolls.

Doman teamed with the nation's best running back his senior year and spent time as a QB in the NFL. What have these Utah interlopers ever done that makes them think they have any expertise on the subject?

Cedar Hills, UT

Oh, i thought this was a Ute article since sammyg was the first comment. my bad

Irvine, CA

The question is...when will the talk of NC season
begin for Cougars? Or did I miss it for not reading
DN daily?

Who am I sir?
Cottonwood Heights, UT

I read both the comics and the most of the articles regarding BYU's football prowess. They both have the same effect on me.

Baltimore, MD


Of more concern to U should be when will the Utes start predicting that they're actually going to win a championship, instead of pretending that 4-5 losing conference records are somehow something to beat their chests about?

Cinci Man

I'm really anxious to read the articles after each of the first 4 games. Stay tuned!

Wayne Rout
El Paso, TX

Drive your best runner out of school. Then focus on running the ball. Drive your best quarterback out then wonder why you cannot throw the ball. What will doman focus on next? Drive the tight ends out of school? To his season will be another disaster.

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

You have to "carefully study" that the best teams can run the ball? As an OC, being able to run the ball is rule #1, #2 and #3.

Salt Lake City, UT

Why run the ball when you have such great quarterback play? Riley should easily throw for 300 yard games. He has to be the most accurate pocket passer in the country.


Herriman, UT

If pickle juice got us to 10 wins, I'm certain the ice tubs will get us to undefeated. Plus domain said that the best teams run the ball. He studied this all offseason.

Cedar Hills, UT

re:Chris from Rose Park

Any productive pass game must have a good run game no question. The Sarkisian years were a prime example of a great balanced offense with run and pass. The problem BYU has is that teams are going to simply play tight man defense forcing Nelson to throw into tight coverage - which he simple isn't capable of doing and every defense knows it. BYU doesn't have any backs or an O-line that is capable of putting fear into anyone so this offense boils down to some sort of scramble run and boot thing and the only way the Y gets any big plays is when Nelson is running all over the place and some receiver shakes lose and gets open. This sort of thing is ok for a play or two but as the bowl game showed last year it is easy to contain for the entire game. In previous years the Y always had a QB that could throw into tight windows and make plays - not anymore. There isn't one QB in the program who is capable of that. The Y really isn't the Y anymore.

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