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Published: Saturday, Aug. 11 2012 6:00 p.m. MDT

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metamora, IL

Hymn: Thank you. Nelson is not the best QB to ever pilot a BYU squad. But he has a lot of intangibles that make him good and an excellent team leader.

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

What team is he even watching? Every year I keep hearing how great the O-linemen are. A few years ago I was told they were all going to be drafted.

Herriman, UT

ok Winglish ill play your game of "tit for tat" and make my own assumptions just like you did.

Wash State BYU loses
Weber State (I think you conveniently forgot this one) BYU wins
Utah BYU Loses by 44+
Boise St. BYU loses by 30
Oregon St BYU probably eeks a win
Notre Dame BYU loses
Idaho State BYU wins
Georgia Tech BYU loses
New Mexico State BYU wins
Utah State BYU loses since it took them a lucky tip at the end to even win last year. and everyone will be wanting to rush the field again.
San Jose State BYU Wins
Hawaii, BYU probably wins, even though you say they are such a tough team.....LOL

Notice the trend here?

Im giving you guys 6-6 this year.


Cinci Man

I appreciate Riley being honest, but I beat him to the punch. Before we heard about these frustrations, I had already lowered my expectations from years past. I'm already prepared to expect a far less effective running game, immense lack of defense, and a pick or two every game. Now if BYU wins the first 4 games, I will be the most elated fan in America. And if they win 10 games, we'll have a celebration at our house worthy of television. But if they perform as expected, I'll survive and go back to reading my Book of Mormon for joy. But I will enjoy the games and will watch all I can.

Wayne Rout
El Paso, TX

Riley is in mid season form....complaning, whining, stabing his team mates in the back. At least he can still field punts.

West Jordan, Utah


This Ute fan thought your breakdown of the schedule was interesting and worth dissecting.

Here's my breakdown:

Northern Colorado vs. Weber State: (wash)

USU, OSU, Washington State: all common opponents (wash)

Utah vs. BYU: although I like Utah, I will give you the tit for tat. Head to head will decide. (wash)

Hawaii vs. Colorado: Not sure, but I will give you another one (edge Hawaii)

I accept your 'equal' stance for Cal and ASU vs. GT and ND (wash)

Four games left to compare now. I gave you two debatbles thus far. So, BYU is up one at this juncture.

USC vs. Boise State: Kellen Moore is gone. BYU might beat BSU. USC is hyped yet again, but I still think they are much better than BSU. (edge USC)

Schedules equal (three games left)

Washington, Arizona, and UCLA vs. Idaho, San Jose State, and New Mexico State. (obviously Utah has a big edge in all three)

You said "Utah being two games stronger is not a big deal". Really?

My breakdown is fair right Ute and Cougar fans? Is a three games difference favoring Utah a big deal? I say yes. Could be a big difference.

West Jordan, Utah

If Utah has three games that are tougher than BYU, then would BYU lose all three? I say probably not. If BYU did lose all three (hypothetically), then I say 9-3 vs. 6-6 is a glaring negative of a difference.

If BYU lost two of those three (again hypothetically), then 9-3 vs. 7-5 stands out considerably. But the improved schedule might still be worth it because the bowl game would be the same, and BYU beat one decent school instead of three patsies.

If BYU won two of those three, then I don't think 9-3 vs. 8-4 is a big deal to most BYU fans. Again the bowl game is the same and the record not noticeably different. However, under this scenario, the nine win version jumps to a 10 win season if the bowl game is won

Although the bowl game BYU goes to won't matter with those records (same bowl unless undefeated), they still lack in regualr season excitement when playing half their schedule filled with Big Sky and WAC teams.

As for Utah, rather the PAC 12 is down or not, I want to play PAC 12 schools.

Springville, UT


Shouldn't you be on Facebook begging for Dishnetwork and DirectTV deals?

Please remember that your team is racking up injuries left and right and if Wynnie gets bopped just once it's deja vu, and your back to Jon. No south division championship, no shot at the PAC championship, no parade, no Disneyland, etc. You know the story.

No excuses for anything at BYU. Cougars have a team that's coming together quite nicely.

However I'm sure one of your excuses will be Blechen's mysterious absence.


Riley is going to get sacked again, and again, and again, etc. etc. etc. on and on and on!

South Jordan, UT

Poinsettia Bowl is going to be great.


"One of your excuses will be Blechen's absence?" Utah has their best ever class ranking this year at 28th (Rivals) and BYU comes in at #61 ....Utah wooped up on BYU in Provo last year and this year they are playing in Salt Lake. BYU has NO chance of winning the rivalry game this year.

Springville, UT


Good point. If Riley does get sacked over and over again as you say we at least know he can take it.

Jordan... not so much

Bluffdale, UT

I have to say that was very fair. As a BYU fan, I know and knew that the schedule would not be so good for the first 2 or 3 years of Independence. What's interesting is how blind some Utah fans are to the fact that Tom Holmoe pulled off what they thought was impossible by putting together a stellar schedule by year 3. What most Utah fans refuse to admit is that Tom could not have done it without the fact that BYU carries a ton of credibility in the world of college football. Just to give you an idea of what BYU pulled off with Independence, consider that the MWC this year managed to put together a $8million deal with ESPN. Last year BYU received somewhere between $10 and $15 million. That is pretty incredible when you consider it was their first year of Independence. However, I am aware that if they do not continue to win, that number will flatten or maybe even decrease over the years. Scary thought. Enjoyed your schedule breakdown.

Bluffdale, UT

Horrible comparison. For example, not too long ago BYU had a top 25 class. Those players are just now starting to make an impact. Very few freshmen come in and make an immediate impact. Utah and BYU have been fortunate to have 1 or 2 per year, but I would guess that 50% of the time those "impact" freshmen have carried no more than 2 or 3 stars. No doubt Utah will be good this year. At least they don't have to worry like last year if Wynn goes down.

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA


"Last year BYU received somewhere between $10 and $15 million."

Nope. Best estimates indicate that last year, the cougars received somewhere in the $8 million range. Now that's still better than what they would have received in the MWC, but it's well short of $10-15 million.

On the negative side, the cougars' SOS dropped substantially by playing in the WAC as opposed to the MWC, so it really boils down to what's more important to the cougar program and their fans? Is it the "money", or is it fans watching "good football"? In MY opinion, "money" trumps "good football" since cougar fans don't seem to care who they beat, or what teams take the field. All they care is wins. And wins obviously come more readily when playing WAC football.

Bluffdale, UT

10 to 15. This I know.

The rest of your comment just validates what I said about some Utah fans who refuse to look at the schedule for 2013. We all knew it would take a few years, but from 2013 on is a huge improvement over the MWC. Feel free to stick your head in the sand, but those are the facts.
Is it better than Utah's situation in the PAC? No. I am a BYU fan, but I am not blind. Utah is in a great situation, and I hope they do well.

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA


"...not too long ago BYU had a top 25 class. Those players are just now starting to make an impact."

I'm assuming you were referring to your 2010 class which was ranked in among the Top-25 recruiting classes by Scout, but Rivals ranked it as the #40 class....8 spots behind Utah's. And as for those players "just now starting to make an impact"....well, not necessarily.

Your top-rated recruit that season -- Jake Heaps -- is no longer with the team, so obviously, he's not making any impact for the Indy-WACers. Without Heaps, Scout doesn't grant you Top-25 status, and you know it. ALSO no longer with the team are:

...3-star RB Algrenon Brown, 3-star DE Tayo Fabuluje, 3-star LB Toloa'i Ho Ching, 3-star OL Tuni Kanuch, 3-star LB Collin Keoshian, 3-star RB A.J. Moore, 3-star OL Manu Mulitalo, 3-star LB Joey Owens, 3-star RB Joshua Quezada, 3-star DT Graham Rowley, 3-star TE Bryan Sampson, and 3-star DB Corby Eason. That's 44.4% of that class now gone.

Bluffdale, UT


Thanks for making my point that the year after you beat your rival you can't really use you recruiting class as the reason you will beat them the next year. What we can do is project a win or loss based on what players are in the program right now; and based on THAT, I would have to concede that Utah has a pretty big edge. It doesn't stop me from cheering for the Cougars.

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA

Cougars1 (cont.):

Of those 12 players from your 2010 class whom I listed, only Eason left due to graduation. Do you think your 2010 class would have ranked even in the Top-50 without the #23 LB (Ho Ching), #36 DE (Fabuluje), #44 DT (Rowley), #48 OG (Kanuch), #50 RB (Brown), #51 LB (Owens), #57 RB (Moore), and #67 RB (Quezada)?

Because I don't. Of your 12 recruits rated 3-stars or above, only 6 now remain.

"10 to 15. This I know."

The cougars did NOT get $10-15 million. And since there have been no verifiable estimates reported anywhere outside of frantic and emotional cougar blogs, I'm quite certain that you do NOT "know" what you're claiming to know. You only "wish" it. That's not the same thing as "knowing".

Lehi, UT

Your analysis of the schedule is pretty fair. Considering Bronco's 8-5 record against the Pac 12, I'm saying it's more than fair on your part to concede that there is no way BYU would lose all three games you mentioned. I also agree that 9-3 or 8-4 is not a big deal. Either can be considered a successful season against an OK schedule (it's certainly not weak as many Ute fans portray; nor is it world beating).
With 25+ returning starters from a Top 25 ranked team last year, BYU should have a very good record at the end of the season. Utah was the only bad loss for BYU's 10-3 team last year. That one just got out of hand. It goes that way sometimes. Surely Ute fans remember Washington, Arizona State, Cal...

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