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Published: Saturday, Aug. 11 2012 1:00 a.m. MDT

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Salt Lake City, UT

And with this decision, the Romney campaign is now well and truly toast. Ryan Is a weak dog whistle to the GOP's base, but an even bigger rallying cry to the opposition.

BTW, will Ryan release any of _his_ tax returns?

Salt Lake City, UT

Bad news is released late Friday afternoon so it doesn't get much coverage and is forgotten by the time the Monday news cycle begins. Is that the strategy of the Romeny camp? I guess it will be a topic on the Sunday morning talk shows.

South Jordan, UT

could he have chosen a more extreme person. These guys just don't get it. Sara now Paul. It is just amazing how a small percentage of people like the tea baggers can take over a party when so few people vote. It must be time to vote for someone in another party.

Clearfield, UT

One more reason to vote against Mitt.

I Bleed Blue
Las Vegas, NV

Na na na na na na na na hey, hey, hey goodbye.

Way to swing it to the far right side of the fence Mitt. Why not pick Limbaugh or Hannity as secretary of state? Right now the White House is celebrating like NASA did last week when they landed on Mars. This ticket is even worse than Bush/ Chenny and I never believed that could be possible.

Herriman, UT

Ryan's selection just gave President Obama his reelection. Ryan is a slash and burn Republican. Jeez. 4 more years of the current Presidency will take us even further down the wrong road. Why not Condoleeza Rice? Jeez.

no fit in SG
St.George, Utah

Mitt Romney, the Romney campaign, and the Republican party have unusually irrational thought processes.
Unless, Paul Ryan is going to be THE Presidential nominee.....
Will Bain disaster, foreign tax shelters, and missing tax returns now simply disappear?
Will Ryan do all the talking from this time forward, so Romney can remain gaffe free?
Word's out that no longer will anyone question Romney's "questionable" issues.
Never has that happened before in America's political history, and Romney isn't magical enough to swing it now.
The Romney campaign spirals down, down, down.........

GK Willington

Interesting. 2 alleged economic gurus? The Dems are now the party of foreign policy & national security?

DN Subscriber
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Wow, the Obama apologists are quick to start their spin.

Recall that Obama announced his selection of noted plagiarist and all around genius Joe Biden on a Saturday, so the timing issue is specious.

Paul Ryan is a great choice who brings keen insight and bold vision to getting our budget problems fixed. He alone has made actual specific proposals on how to do this, making the tough choices to save essential programs. Meanwhile, the Democrat controlled Senate has not even voted on a budget in over 3 years (despite legal requirement to pass one) and Obama's budgets are deceptive smoke and mirrors gimmicks that have run up more debt in three years and the first 42 Presidents combined. (And Obama's last budget did not get a single vote from any Republican OR Democrat, confirming its total absurdity.)

Liberals may want to continue spending until we totally collapse and pretend it is someone else's fault, but Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney want to save our country by tackling the problems, not pretending they don't exist.

Good choice, Mitt!

Romney-Ryan 2012. Saving America for our children.

Cedar Hills, UT

I've listened to Ryan alot - he is no doubt one of the smartest economic minds in congress. Ryan does understand our debt crisis and the fast approaching doomsday - economically speaking - as Obama and his radicals continue to propel America toward an economic death sentence. When you listen to Ryan you quickly get the sense that this guy is all substance and little if any politics. However here is the problem - the majority of America (over 50%) is too ignorant to care. Over 50% of this country is made up of ignorant, entitlement bound people that know more about MTV and the latest Facebook chatter nonsense than they do anything substantive about the wreck of an economy we currently have. America still has great , patriotic , informed, educated people ... they just aren't in the majority any more. Romney and Ryan would most definitely fix America's economic nightmare and turn the engine of capitalism back on for ALL OF US however I highly doubt that there are enough informed people left to even recognize the clear and present danger we face with Obama. I fear America will re-elect Obama and become Greece .. in less than 4 years time.

red state pride
Cottonwood Heights, UT

I'm ecstatic that he picked Ryan because it gives the American people a clear choice. You can choose a Government that gives you a handout or a Government that gives you a hand up. A Government of identity politics and negativity or positive leadership that gives America a chance of making another comeback - even though the challenges are incredible.
Vote for the status quo and continued decline or vote for a chance of prosperity for our children and grandchildren.
Vote for liberty or vote for tyranny. Let's see the American people make their choice.

Durham, NC

"Liberals may want to continue spending until we totally collapse and pretend it is someone else's fault, but Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney want to save our country by tackling the problems, not pretending they don't exist."

Great sounding rhetoric, but not a single Republican who has led this country has done anything but increase the deficit. Why anyone would believe this time they really mean it, I don't know. When it comes to closing Hill Air Force Base, do you think the Utah delegation will be voting to support that? When it comes to slashing highway funds to Utah, you don't think there will be opposition to that? And when they ask to raise the age of retirement into the 70s, how many elected officials do you think will actually be in the front of the like for that?

I do like that we finally have someone running on the conservative side that has a stated plan. Now we have something we can discuss, debate and decide on. And that in of itself is progress.

Perhaps the Republican ticket is upside down.

Sandy, UT

@DN Subscriber. The debt incurred under this administration is not more than the previous presidents combined.

Second, republicans scream about debt but our monetary system is debt based. A quick read on Modern Money Mechanics will prove that.

Temecula, CA

To: I Bleed Blue. Just a few points:

1. If Bush Cheney were so bad what does that say about Gore Liebermann in 2000 and Kerry Edwards in 2004. Both Democratic teams lost!

3. Romney Moderately Conservative, Ryan Conservative.

Romney Ryan: A Team to FIX AMERICA's Economy!

Obama Biden: Legacy: Hungry Children, A Rising Poor Class, Historic Levels of Food Stamp Usage!

Thousands of men mull around the Salvation Army Center in Los Angeles. They are Obama's constituents. Obama avoids them everytime he comes to Los Angeles. Obama just drives right by!

The President hides from the problems. The President hides behind a SOLD OUT MEDIA and has failed to lead.

Name Calling Romney and Ryan solves nothing! Bad mouthing Romney and Ryan solves nothing! The President is the one who has failed!

25 Million unemployed
47.7 million on Food Stamps
16% of Americans in Poverty
16 Trillion in debt
1.2 Trillion in added debt this year.
253,000 Small Business Closed down in 4 years!

VP Biden Says the United States is in Recession(ABC NEWS 6-27-12)

This Nation Needs Leadership! Obama is not a leader! He is a Proven Failure!

Clearfield, UT

to DN Subscriber 8:32 a.m. Aug. 11, 2012

I want what's best for y country. That is NOT Mitt or Paul, who care only for the top 1% nd to heck withf everyone else (just look at their fiscal proposals if you doubt that). Your last sentence SHOULD say: Romney-Ryan 2012. Eviscerating and ruining America for our children (unless they're mega-wealthy, of course).

BTW -- I don't support the President for re-election either. As I have said before, I a voting for my dog.

no fit in SG
St.George, Utah

Romney introduced Paul Ryan as "the next President of the United States".
Wasn't this a very important event? Hadn't Romney thought about this moment for some time?
Does someone who is running for the top office in the world...............

Kaysville, UT

Excellent pick! Romney has gained much credibility with conservatives and in the bargain has gained someone who understands that the budget is important and can't be ignored. Of course Obama will brand him as extreme, but he would have bashed whomever Romney picked. Good job Mr. Romney!

Sandy, UT

@Patriot. The fifty percent of people you speak are mostly republicans in this state. Most die hard republicans I know do not pay a dime in federal taxes and usually get thousands back. They are anti tax and pro refund but want all of the services.

basket case
South Jordan, UT


If you don't support either candidate, you are part of the problem. A no vote is essentially a vote for obama.

@EJM "Why not Condoleeza Rice? Jeez." Condoleeza Rice is not a conservative, that's why.

@RedCorevette-"Perhaps you should recall that Obama and Biden are already in the White House. They may be hucksters, but they are good politicians, something that Romney is apparently not."

Good politicians? More like an embarrassment of epic proportions. At least with Romney/Ryan I won't have to witness any bowing and apologizing for our country. Why would you say Romney is not a good politician?

Ogden, UT

Maybe Romney will actually be able to give us some specifics on an economic plan now. So far it has been predictable pandering rhetoric with little detail.

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