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Published: Wednesday, Aug. 8 2012 8:00 p.m. MDT

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Springville, UT


7 fumbles lit up the score board, Wynn had little to do with it.

The Ute QB situation is really little different than what it was last year. Hays has some valuable experience and Wynn is returning again after surgery.

Wynn has gained a few pounds, so what. The barometric pressure in RES will set new low records when the collective gasps and wonders if he gets up unscathed. Terrible to put that much pressure on the O line and everyone around him. Who will have time to execute the plays?

Not an ideal situation but if you want to call it a significant improvement by all means go with it.

It might take a season for the Ute staff to figure out these QB things. Who would have thought that Whit and company could have forgotten that a team needs a couple of QBs in the stable?

No wonder Chow left for Hawaii.

Salt Lake City, Utah


Gotta love complete and total obsession of the kids on the hill with BYU - how Utah's QBs match up with teams in the PAC is totally irrelevant; how Utah's QB match up with BYU is the ONLY thing that matters to them.

Of course, the glaring oversight in your analysis - Wynn hasn't gone head-to-head with Riley.


springville, UT

@JustGordon, you think independence was a mistake? It was one of only two options they had. Would you have chosen to stay in the Mountain West? I think Independence was a much better choice.

@GoGetter, the PAC is the 4th best conference right now. Be honest, Utah has a long way to go to be "feared" in the PAC

@Sammyg, Wynn had some nice throws that the BYU DB's played poorly. He didn't tear BYU apart but he did a nice job of taking advantage as they crumbled. Ute fans only have 5 more weeks to rub it in. They're doing a good job so far of keeping it going.

Highland, UT


wynn certainly did not "light up" BYU. Any honest evaluation of that game does not include wyn "lighting up" anything. BYU's problems were not of wynn's making. Hilarious that you would try to pretend that was it though, kind of insulting to the utah defense and john white who actually were the ones that did the damage.

Highland, UT


You are insulting the single greatest football mind ever to exist, kyle whittingham. Shame on you.

Of course a football mind that great could immediately change utah's qb woes, how could anyone believe otherwise? I mean look at all of the great qb's utah has had under whittingham, there's.....well there's......well there isn't anyone but that doesn't mean anything.

Whittingham decided after last year that utah would "have the best qb situation in the nation" just like he proclaimed they had back in 2006 and he went out and got a walkon, a guy unranked as a qb recruit and one actual qb recruit, to ad to the two extremely mediocre qb's they already have. If that isn't fixing the problem then I don't know what is.

Seriously utah is now the dominant school at that position in this state and probalby the pac12. Heck they may even have, as whittingham has proclaimed before, "the best qb situation in the entire nation".

Don't doubt him, his qb track record is stellar.

U 90
Corona, CA

So much mud coming from the blue folks. Utah's QB's have historically delivered 54-10, 7 of 10 and 2 undefeated BCS bowl seasons. Yet ducky, sammyg and company are throwing stones from their glass houses.

And then we have Uteanymous, the BYU fan trolling a Utah article calling Ute fans obsessed??? Duckhunter please sound your hypocrisy alarm.

Christy B
Salt Lake City, Utah

U 90

Utah's QBs have historically delivered only SIX conference championships in the last 60 years, only ONE conference championship during the Bronco/Kyle era, which SHOULD be Utah's PRIMARY goal according to all of the "conference of champions" chest beating we've heard from the hill crowd since Utah got its golden ticket to the PAC.

Despite all of the talk, it's obvious that the primary goal for the Utes is, and always will be, beating BYU. A losing 4-5 PAC record in 2011 is totally irrelevant to the BYU-obsessed kids on the hill.

Bountiful, UT

""We weren't real deep," Whittingham said. "That happens on occasion."

Whittingham explained that recruiting is very circumstantial in a lot of ways — especially at quarterback, where a variety of situations often come into play."

Does he mean situations like where the "genius" coach moves all of his QB depth to other positions without a plan to adequately backfill the position for depth knowing that you're going to be moving over to the "Conference of Champions" which is also the "Conference of Quarterbacks" and QB is the single most important position on the team?

Yes those "circumstances" happen occasionally, especially at a school where the "genius" Coach apparently thinks DB/LB and WR are more important than QB and he doesn't have a clue about the QB position because he's never successfully developed a QB for the NFL.

This could be a new bumper sticker at the UofU:

"University of Utah, where good QB's go to become Linebackers or Wide Recievers"

Btw, quick question, did Chase Hansen get hurt before Whitt could move him to Linebacker or was it after?

Bountiful, UT

"However, I believe Jordan Wynn could have a bounce back year"

I actually agree with you. I think Wynn is a gutsy player and he showed it with all the hard work he put into the weight room in beefing up to withstand the rigors of playing D-1 QB. He came to Utah as a skinny 160lb QB and now is over 200lbs. It's not easy for skinny kids to put on weight so it's a credit to him for the dedication and hard work.

If he can stay healthy he will be somewhere between an average to pretty good QB in the Pac 12 and that's really all you need.

".... and still Wynn is 2-0 against the mighty Cougars"

Fact Checker: Wynn lost to BYU in 2009 (Doh!)

"just another example of how the Y has and continues to slip further and further behind the U"

Not even close. Since Whitt is the "genius" at developing players for the NFL, how many QB's has he developed for the NFL during his Head Coaching tenure? The answer is a big fat zero. Meanwhile Bronco has sent 2. Again, Doh!

Baltimore, MD

Great analysis BigCougar

"We weren't real deep," Whittingham said. "That happens on occasion."

Understatement of the year by the "genius" coach:


We have an injury-prone starter coming off of major shoulder surgery, and our only backups are a D-II transfer and two newbies who absolutely stunk it up in spring ball.

No wonder Chow RAN screaming from his alma mater after only one season!

If Wynn goes down, the Utes are right back in the same situation they were a year ago, relying on a D-II QB who couldn't even beat Colorado.

Alpine, UT

U 90

Historically, here's what Doman/BJ have delivered on the QB front:

Doman has developed THREE NFL QBs, including himself.

BJ has developed ZERO NFL QBs, including himself.

Salt Lake City, UT

Jordan Wynn is the man. He tore BYU up in his 3 games. Lets look at the facts. Wynn vs. BYU

-He averaged under 200 yards in the 3 games.
-3 TDs and 4 INTs
-Replaced by Terrance Cain during one game.
-Bad call (Knee down) or he is 1-2
-When they lose to BYU he will be 2-2 (Max was 2-1)


BigCougar: "The answer is a big fat zero."

Fact checker: Brett Ratliff = 1, not zero.

U 90
Corona, CA

royal blue, Utah is no QB factory (neither is BYU anymore). Y fans who mock Utah's QBs are simply casting stones from their own glass houses. Utah's QBs have been good enough to own BYU in recent years. If you want the Y to be awarded "better QB school" you can have it. Most Utah fans just want to win games and see the program make progress toward another big bowl (i.e. Fiesta, Sugar).

Christy B calls Ute fans "BYU-obsessed kids on the hill" while 2/3 of the posts on this Utah thread are from BYU fans. Who is obsessed Christy?


Fastcheck "with they lose to BYU" Ok first of all Utah beat BYU by 44 points in Provo last year. Secondly, this year they are playing in Salt Lake City.. & If you go on Rivals you will see that Utah is ranked 28th in recruiting for the 2012 class and BYU is ranked at # 61...So why would you be so optimistic?


Funny how 90% of those posting on this article are byu fans..You guys are truly pathetic.

Orem, UT


20 of 36 = 90%

Must be the "new" math they teach on the hill.

It's laughable that Utah fans spend so much time comparing slight differences in BYU and Utah recruiting classes and then extrapolating that into vast "Utah superiority," yet those same fans delusionally claim that Utah actually has a chance of challenging USC for the PAC South.


U 90

BYU is not only the "better QB program", BYU is also the "better football program".

During the Bronco/Kyle era

Top 25 Finishes
Utah 3

Top 15 Finishes
Utah 1

If you're drinking the red koolaid that one game a season makes, then, the worst team in the PAC 12, Colorado(3-10), was BETTER than U last season.

U 90
Corona, CA


Anyone can carefully select a statistic and a slice in time to prove whatever point they want. Watch I can do that too:

During the Bronco/Kyle era

Top 2 Finishes
Utah 1

Trips to BCS bowls
Utah 1

Head to Head
Utah 4

6-6 Seasons
Utah 0

Bowl Wins
Utah 6

Losses to Utah State
Utah 0

How about responding to the theme of my posts instead of getting off point, that is.... BYU's current stable of QBs are no better than Utahs. So why are all the Y fans hating on Ute QBs? Please don't tell me Riley Nelson is the next world beater.... like Y fans told us Jake Heaps was.

Highland, UT


All great points but you forgot one more. Bronco, and BYU, has more total wins than kyle, and utah as well.


Orem, UT

U 90

Unfortunately for U, BYU doesn't have to slice and dice rankings to prove anything to U.

The record speaks for itself!

Alltime Top 25 Finishes

BYU 18
Utah 7


1964 Utah UR/14
1977 BYU 20/16
1979 BYU 13/12
1980 BYU 12/12
1981 BYU 13/11
1983 BYU 7/7
1984 BYU 1/1 National Champions
1985 BYU 16/17
1989 BYU 22/18
1990 BYU 22/17
1991 BYU 23/23
1994 BYU 18/10, Utah 10/8
1996 BYU 5/5
2001 BYU 25/24
2003 Utah 21/21
2004 Utah 4/5
2006 BYU 16/15
2007 BYU 14/15
2008 BYU 25/21, Utah 2/4
2009 BYU 12/12, Utah 18/18
2010 Utah UR/23
2011 BYU UR/25

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