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Published: Wednesday, Aug. 8 2012 8:00 p.m. MDT

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South Jordan, UT


Cottonwood Heights, UT


RE: "Yawn........"

Are you and your favorite team STILL asleep? I'd have thought 54-10 would've woke a few people up. It's all good, sweet dreams cougar fan ... sweet dreams.

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

@ BYUalum

Nobody made you read it.....

Kosta Fesenko
Chicken McNuggetville, UT

Very excited to see improved play. This offense could be VERY good if we can gel.

MoTown, CA

From what I'm hearing from within the utes, Whitt is not revealing the whole story...this is shaping up to be a great ute team and season, but like usual the utes are waiting to prove it on the field.


Schulz is from Wisconsin, not Michigan, Dirk.

Salt Lake City, UT

They absolutely must improve on last year's 5 loss season. They should.

St George, Utah

QB is by far Utah's weakest position on the team.
You have Wynn, who crumbles in big game situations, extremely fragile, and has no pocket presence or scrambling ability whatsoever. Hayes, who has a lot of heart, but sub par talent as a Qb. And 3 completely inecperienced back-ups, one of which might never actually even play Qb. Utah was ranked #99 last year in passing, and I don't see that changing. With Utah breaking in both tackles, Wynn will not make it through October. Luckily a strong RB corps and a tough defense will spare you embarrassing blowouts.

West Jordan, Utah


Yes breaking in two new tackles has me concerned. However, I believe Jordan Wynn could have a bounce back year. His arm strength has returned, which he hasn't had since his freshman season. As for his pocket presence, I thought Wynn had some poise in the pocket before he started getting hurt. If he can regain the confidence to stand in the pocket (big if) then I really am optimistic.

I also worry about growing pains with Brian Johnson at OC. I like Brian and do think he will be a good OC. I just don't know if it's this season.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

@BYU Alum Quarterback U is no longer Quarterback U...just another example of how the Y has and continues to slip further and further behind the U. Independence will be the single biggest mistake in Y Football in this century.

ute alumni
Tengoku, UT

nice tatts........such huge arms. wow

Gilbert, AZ

Nice sugar-coating Dirk, but what exactly has changed from last season???

Wynn is still an injury-prone starter.

Hays is still a D-II transfer who couldn't even beat Colorado.

Hansen won't play until 2015, and will probably be switched to defense when he does.

Wilson is a Freshman with ZERO experience.

Schulz is a "developing" walk-on with ZERO experience.

WHEN Wynn goes down, which is practically a given, the Utes are left with Hays, who lost to four of eight PAC opponents, and two newbies, with no experience.

Santa Monica, CA

I remember sitting in the Coliseum and hearing numerous USC fans around me commenting on what a terrific qb Jordan Wynn (sore arm and all) was. He matched Matt Barkley series for series throughout that game. I personally think that Whitt and many Ute fans are underplaying what could be an amazing final two years from this guy. He was tough as nails his freshman season and destroyed BYU on the road last year. He was fragile and because he was a gamer, went down. It happens. This guy has two seasons, a ton of talent and running backs who know how to pick up the blitz and bash into the line as well. He will be fine and more. Perhaps much more.

West Jordan, UT

Whitt is trying to sell the QB corps, but nobody is buying it on their own. Like others have mentioned, this year's group is really no better than the situation last year. It is unlikely that Wynn will play much of the Pac-12 season. Once injured, chance for re-injury goes way up. I don't think they story is going to be any different than last year's. About a third of the way in, Hayes will pick up as QB and do his best to run the John White offense. It just isn't going to fool anybody this year. I don't see the Utes making it much further than .500 this year.

Sandy, UT

It's gonna be a great season. GO UTES!! Time to make your presence not only recognized, but feared in the PAC!

dallas realist
rockwall, texas


Highland, UT

So what really makes this years qb situation for utah better? Is it that there are more qb's? They are already down one as Hansen is done for the year. hays is still hays. wynn is still wynn. Both of them were part of last years abysmal situation. Now you would hope both would be one year better but considering they really weren't any good to begin with they would have to be massively better just to be ok.

They have a couple of freshman, one is a walk on which means no one thought he was scholarship worthy, the other has some accolades but considering he is behind the 2 mediocre qb's from last year it would appear he has a ways to go.

The attempt to try and make it appear that this means 'problem solved' for utah at the qb position is laugh out loud hilarious. These guys never have known how to develop qb's, just gettng a few more warm bodies on board sure doesn't change that and definately doesn't make the position a strength.


Highland, UT


If we want to just go off of the one criteria every utah "fan" claims to be more important than any other at judging talent to decide which school has the corner on qb's then lets just examine what BYU currently has on their roster.

James Lark - top 15 in the nation qb recruit
Jason Munns - top 20 in the nation qb recruit
Tanner Mangum - #2 in the nation qb recruit
Taysom Hill - top 30 in the nation qb recruit

Of course those don't include the actual sr starter Riley Nelson who is vastly superior to any qb utah currently has and holds just about every single hs qb record for the state of Utah.

I love it when utah "fans" just say stuff with no facts to back them up.


Salt Lake City, UT

"Wynn is stil Wynn" you are correct, he lit byu up last year and is 2-1 soon to be 3-1 against BYU. You tout the qb's on the y's roster but Who cares when you start Riley Nelson.

Salt Lake City, UT

Highland, UT

.... and still Wynn is 2-0 against the mighty Cougars and last year they quit.

But you wouldn't know that seeing as you were in Tulsa.

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