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Published: Tuesday, Aug. 7 2012 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Roland Kayser
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Try running a business in Somalia. There is no government so you should have unlimited opportunity to prosper. Of course there is no education, so good luck with your workforce. There is no infrastructure, so good luck moving your goods to market. There is no court system, so good luck enforcing patents and trade marks. For that matter, good luck keeping thieves, extortionists, arsonists, plunderers, and kidnappers at bay. Good luck getting the U.S. State Dept. and military to protect your capital, as they do for U.S. corporations.

In short, good luck with that.

Far East USA, SC

Jeez, is this really that big a deal?

Again with the all or nothing.

It is a partnership. At least I hope it is, between business and government and people.

YOu can try to parse every word, and assign your own meanings, but in the end, it is a combined effort of many entities.

Try running your business without roads and electricity.

Here is a great, concise example.

Las Vegas is a huge city with many businesses making lots of money.
Take away Hoover Dam and tell me what Las Vegas would look like.

Now tell me what "business" would have built the Dam.

I have see people on both sides take this discussion to illogical extremes.

The bottom line is that there are things that the government provides that help business succeed.

That is what was meant.

Quit making more of it than it is to suit your agenda.

embarrassed Utahn!
Salt Lake City, UT

"Hogwash" is exactly how I respond to baseless claims Mitt makes about his expertise in job creation.

Our magnificent President Obama has done so much to correct the ugly situation brought on by Republican policies and he absolutely deserves a second term to continue.

Salt Lake City, UT

Mr. Myers has completely missed the point being made.

Does our economy, and therefore Myers' business, not depend on the existence of roads, bridges and waterways?

Does our society, and therefore the quality of life Myers and his employees enjoy, not depend on police and fire protection?

Do Myers' customers, and therefore his business, not depend on schools, sanitary water, health/safety inspectors and a justice system to make living in this community possible?

I hope Mr. Myers' business is successful. I also hope Myers realizes that his success is also dependent on the existence of public infrastructure and publicly funded agencies that he and too many people are taking for granted.

Centerville, UT

I'm in favor of business, but we need government too. Government comes in handy when, for example:
1. A business hires workers educated in government schools.
2. A business licenses technology from universities funded with federal research grants.
3. A business wants to protect its patents, trademarks or copyrights (can you imagine an information based economy succeeding without patents and copyrights?)
4. A business wants to use the courts to collect debts or enforce contracts or stop unfair competition.
5. A business wants the Federal Trade Commission or Justice Department to be protect it from monopolistic practices by its competitors.
6. A business wants a level playing field in the marketplace for which it needs the Securities and Exchange Commission.
And when businesses fail (as they sometimes do), government comes in handy by:
7. Administering the bankruptcy of the business.
8. Under certain circumstances, guaranteeing pensions.
We all want government to be more effective, but to ignore its benefits is ostrich-like. I'm glad we don't live as hunter-gatherers any more.

Park City, UT

Obama was not necessarily talking about government. He referred to a teacher or someone that had an influence. No man is an island. To say anything was 100% original with no outside influence is patently false.

Burke, VA

It has been interesting to read the comments on both sides of this issue. If we leave the politics out of it - that the President is making a case for higher taxes on the wealthy and that Governor Romney's campaign has blatantly taken his words out of context in an effort to discredit him - then it seems to boil down to what we are as a nation. It is interesting to note that the early leaders of the nation were lead by two factions, the Jeffersonian wing that was considered liberal for promoting the rights of the individual and the Adams wing that promoted a more communitarian approach. They were considered conservative. In the 236 that have passed things have morphed in our interpretations of those two terms. But it seems to me that in a culture such as the one built in Utah, the idea that the collective efforts of all have lead to the general benefit of society as a whole was practiced early on and still exists today. We are a nation of people, not just a group of individuals. And until we accept that concept our progress will be hindered.

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provo, Utah

God. You forgot God made everything and is a government in himself with commandments laws and regulations.

He made it all, so you could hunt down those berries and claim you did it all on your own.

He created the constitution and thus the government of the USA so we could make roads...... ect and then you could claim you did it all on your own. Oh, look at you, all grown up. I'd like to see you floating in space and claiming you did it all on your own.

Springville, UT

Another letter showing that people either don't get it, or they deliberately choose to misrepresent and distort. Which is it?

The Real Maverick
Orem, UT

Apparently this letter writer doesn't feel like the government's heavy investment for the invention of the Internet did not help Google, Amazon, or Ebay.

liberal larry
salt lake City, utah

The proof is in the pudding.
Shut up all of us "pro government" types by telling us of one country with a weak federal government that is prospering.
Somalia, Afganistan, and Mexico, have weak or non-existant governments, and they're sure doing great.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Really, people? How many times are we going to read essentially the same letter which essentially agrees with what Obama said but the author is completely unaware because said author has failed to do any research on the (completely taken out of context) quote to which the letter refers?

We get it. We know that you do not really read the paper to which you are writing and that you will blindly follow Romney no matter what he says or does. We also know that it really isn't Romney you are blindly following but the (R) after his name.

Good for you! You are a mindless voter and proud of it!

But do we really need an accurate statewide count? Do we really need a "new" letter every day about this issue? Is there really nothing else Obama has said and done that is worth writing a letter to the paper?

Come on - and least be creative and write something new! This letter is based on lie - the next one doesn't have to be any more truthful! Just please, cover a different topic already!

Hayden, ID

No one is suggesting we dismantle the government but considering the fact that all tyranny comes from governments, the power we allow our government to have over our lives is crucial. Dictatorship or personal freedom is the choice and we are moving fast toward a dictatorship in America by an expanding, intrusive, and very expensive government!

lost in DC
West Jordan, UT

Roland is right, we could not operate in an environment such as exists in Somalia.

But the argument made by many that the government is the benevolen creator of all good and in its infinite wisdom has bestowed wealth on us all is also flawed.

That idea leads to the approach taken by BO and many of his ilk that since under the current system some have flourished and some have floundered, wealth MUST be taken from the prosperous and given to the flounderer to correct some flaw in the system. That approach is wrong.

BO's approach ignores the effort, ingenuity, risk taking, effort, and yes - in many cases luck - of the flourisher. Because IF all is made possible SOLEY because of the government, ALL would flourish and none would flounder.

No, we should strive for equal opportunity, not equal outcome.

Far East USA, SC

"No one is suggesting we dismantle the government"

Unless you consider the FDA or the EPA or the NEA or FEMA or the , uh, what was that next one? Oops.

Maybe they are not suggesting that we dismantle the WHOLE government, but certainly some.

And, lastly, Why is no one suggesting we dismantle the government?

Could it be that it does some things that we need?

Hayden, ID

Somalia has no strong government? Baloney, they have a strong socialist government! So much for that lame arguement!

Park City, UT

lost in DC,

"government is the benevolen [sic] creator of all good and in its infinite wisdom has bestowed wealth on us all..."

I know absolutely no one that believes this. Our president and his party do not believe this.

Is your political foe the Boogyman?

Twin Lights
Louisville, KY

JoeBlow is spot on.

It is a partnership between people and businesses and their govt. The govt. in this case specifically formed and financed by the people and their businesses to help with the things markets cannot or will not do.

In the old days, a town sheriff or school was often financed by the local business community. Certain really big projects (damns, highways, etc.) are beyond the kind of investment paybacks that businesses need. Govt. does these better. Does the govt. do them all directly? Nope. It often hires contractors to do the actual work. Govt. is, in that sense, a financing mechanism for extremely large projects where the payback is diffuse.

Overall, it is simply not all or nothing. Do we feel the need to trim back our govt.? Great. Do we feel that there is something it should do it is not doing? Fine. These are the discussions free people should have in a free society.

But all of this all or nothing stuff is nonsense. Govt. is neither all good nor all bad. It is simply the collective will of the people to do certain things. That will is expressed via the ballot box.

Eric Samuelsen
Provo, UT

Somalia has a strong socialist government? What you're referring to, I believe, is the former Somali Democratic Republic, today known as the Somali Republic. They are, as you say, socialist. They also control almost none of the country. They control a small part of the capital, Mogadishu, and that's all. The Transitional Federal Government controls a small part as well. So does the self-governing northwest region called Puntland. 90% of the country isn't under the control of any government at all. So, sorry, Roland's right on this issue.

CHS 85
Sandy, UT


"Somalia has no strong government? Baloney, they have a strong socialist government! So much for that lame arguement!"

I know this letter is about the United States, but I can't let a bold-face ignorant statement like yours go unchallenged. According to the CIA Worldfact website:

"Somalia has lacked any internationally recognized central government since the fall of the Siad Barre regime in 1991. The current Transitional Federal Government is the seventeenth attempt to create a formal state, the most recent of which brought the opposition Alliance for the Reliberation of Somalia into the government in February 2009. The country is currently controlled by various political and regional factions as well as local warlords in the south and in two "republics" in the north."

I know many people who have served as peacekeepers in Somalia and their experience dictates far different than a strong socialist government. Their government is "survival of the fittest" in the most extreme sense of the term.

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