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Published: Sunday, Aug. 5 2012 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Salt Lake City, Utah

Opposes the Presidents plan but provides not details of his own plan, but elect him and he will create 12 million jobs. He then promotes one of my favorite republican lies about the small business person paying the same tax rate as the wealthiest Americans. Sorry but I don't know any small business persons in an individual tax bracket over $250,000. I guess it depends on what you define as a small business.

I am not a big fan of Mr. Obama and I didn't vote for him last time, but the more Mr. Romney campaigns the more likely I am to vote for Mr. Obama.

Clearfield, UT

Mitt says he wants something "dramatic. That's sad since Mitt's policies will have a type of "dramatic" effect on the economy -- a dramatic increase in the deficit and debt, a dramatic increase in benefits for the top 1%, and a dramatic increase in detriment and economic worsening to and for everyone else. Romney wants a "dramatic" return to the policies that got us in the mess we're dealing with in the first place.

Mitt is NOT what this country needs. Even my border collie would be better -- that's why I'll be writing Jillyan B. (for "Border") Collie in as my candidate for president.

Provo, UT

"Mitt Romney is calling for 'something dramatic' to help the economy recover, but he's not saying exactly what."

Isn't that the theme of Mitt's campaign? He says he can do better for the economy, but he can't say what.

He says "Government cannot create jobs", but he insists his business experience makes him best qualified for President.


He says Obama's record is a bad one, but he can't point to anything specific.

Sounds like Romney is full of hot air... at best!

Kearns, UT

Mitt needs to go back and watch the 2004 election if he wants any chance of winning.

When will he figure out that he's RUNNING for PRESIDENT, he's not writing an op-ed in a local newspaper? Mitt, if you win, you'll be in control. You don't have to leave things like "something dramatic" in broad terms because you would never be in position to implement those changes. Kerry never understood this. He figured Bush would do his work for him, which Bush certainly did enough to get voted out.

It's now August, the election is in November. I'd love to hear from Mitt what these dramatic changes are. Because to date, his only suggestions are to do what Bush did. I guess that can be considered dramatic considering those policies pushed us into a near Depression.

Time for Mitt to become a leader, not just a talking head. I've never seen anyone more content to play four-corners defense when they are losing by the margin currently is.

Salt Lake City, UT

Mr. Romney does not need to specify new programs or the failures of the Obama administration because any observer is very aware of the gridlock in policy making the President has led, illegal gun running that has killed government employees and US citizens, failed investments in private sector entities paid to political cronies, and on, and on, and on. Mr. Romney's prediction of 12 million new jobs is not program specific. It is simply a calculation of what the economy will do without the heavy hand of government reducing rather, than helping the recovery. All that is needed is to provide a known tax system with lower rates for all that reduces loopholes as recommended by President Obama's own bi-partisan commission on deficit reduction, which Mr. Romney has basically endorsed. With just that simple measure and the budget balanced, the economy will soar, provide employment to millions of educated citizens and massive new revenues to government. This as oppose to the current administration not adding one new job during its entire term. Under its policies, we are not to the level of jobs in the economy that there were when it took office.

Boise, ID

Obama's plan is "give money to those who produce the least and take it from those who produce the most". His policies will fail and have produced nothing good after 3.5 years. Obama has shown what he can do. Romney may or may not be he answer, we know Obama isn't. I would rather take a chance on something new than continue with someone who is a proven failure.

Draper, UT

"...but he's not saying exactly what."

And therein lies the problem with Romney and his candidacy. The economy is in a shambles but he has said nothing specific about he'll fix it. He'll never win with his current "I'm not Obama" strategy. He has to be FOR something. He has to have a plan.

C'mon, Mitt. Give this Independent a reason to support you.

Mcallen, TX

‘Mitt Romney wants 'something dramatic' to aid economy'

* first,--win the election.
* After giving details, some people lack the cognitive skills to understand. Romney needs to simplify and explain for those.

Park City, Ut

LOL, like what? Magic? Vote for me I will "magically" fix the economy..." ok sure. I guess "giving more tax breaks to the wealthy... and believe me that right there will work my friends" just wouldn't cut it with the rest of the campaign staff.

Clearfield, UT

to worf 10:44 a.m. Aug. 5, 2012

Mitt's explanation would be very simple -- give to the rich, take from the lower-class and the middle-class.


Mr. Romney, tell us what you are going to do.

Average, SE

Re: DonO (and others)

"The economy is in a shambles but he has said nothing specific about he'll fix it."

Why does he need to? He's in no position right now to do anything about it so why should he give specifics? Do you know what happens if he gives specifics? You end up with Democrats saying, "It will never work. He just wants to help rich people. He hates poor people. Mitt Romney is going to destroy this country..." and all sorts of similar nonsense. If he gives specifics, he has commentators and analysts and even some economists start dissecting his plan (without having all of the specifics of it). The media will do what it does best - misinform everyone by presenting the plan wrong and then his plan will be DOA. Or, at best if he announces his plan now people forget about it by November. Yes, it would be great if he could give specifics (and yes, he has them), there are just few upsides but many downsides to releasing his plan right now.

Mcallen, TX

Wow! Mitt has given much details to fixing the economy, and some uninformed people complain, because they didn't get it.

Doesn't speak well for our education. Pathetic!

Temecula, CA

Romney has laid out plans. Its your responsibility to read and understand the plans. Its not possible for Romney to get you to read the plan. Just saying Romney does not have a plan just shows a lack of understanding by those who think this.

Let me help you a little here: For example, Fred44 says he does not know any Small Businesses over 250,000. Any business under 10 million is concidered small business by some. By other Economists and Government Officials small business is under 100 million.

Now my point. We have been waiting to start up a new business. We have financing aligned, a plan, locations, distribution lines and sources of goods. What are we waiting on still? Repeal of Obama care. In this instance knowledge of who will be President in order to determine costs going forward. At the moment we don't even know what our tax rate will be in less than 5 months! HOW DO YOU START A BUSINESS WHEN THE PRESIDENT STONEWALLS? When he attacks small business daily!

253,000 Small businesses are gone since Obama came to office!

We're also facing 40 layoffs again waiting on the President's inaction!

Temecula, CA


You ask for Romney's plan. It is out there. It is on his web site it is printed in the Wall Street Journal and other publications and has been for a very long time.

Now I ask you for Obama's plan? There is not and never has been a plan to help small business.

Are you aware that the House has passed 36 Finance, Small Business, Regulation Limiting, Loan Reform bills many passed by bi-partisan majorities, but Predident Obama and Harry Reid(D) Senate leader refuse to bring them up for a vote?

Why? Because of politics and politics only! Harry Reid has been a politician his whole life practically and he has become a multi millioniare at the public expense! How?

We were able to start 4 businesses when Bush was President. Since Obama nothing has moved except for this. Having to let go of employees because of rising government costs through taxes, regulation and just plain stupid rules strangling America.

Don't think it is just small business owners looking to dump Obama. It is those employees of small businesses who are aware of the costs Obama is saddling on small companies!

Midwest Mom
Soldiers Grove, WI

Mitt Romney is a big fan of "something," but, on policy specifics, he gives us nothing.

lost in DC
West Jordan, UT

Romney has given details, as Don17 has explained. I guess those who say he has not do not know how to read?

But even if Romney had given NO plans, it could not be any worse than what BO has given us. anything anti-BO would be pro-recovery.

Meadow Lark Mark

Thank you for the last few comments. It's nice to see some people who have reason. What exactly has our current President done to help our country. Nothing. The stimulus packages did nothing to help our economy. They only helped the specific people who the President wanted to help. We need to elect a new President.

Temecula, CA

To:Midwest Mom,

Again the Romney plan is readily available! Again, I ask where is Obama's plan? Four years of failure! Is that the plan he wishes for us the next four years? Again, saying Romney has no plan is either: 1, Because you don't know he has a plan and commented without realizing, 2. Said he had no plan because your a Democrat and don't care he has a plan. 3. Just want to say he has no plan. Which is misleading and deceptive especially if you read my prior comments and knew he has a plan.

By the way your town is a beautiful area of Wisconsin. Used to canoe down the Kickapoo river when I lived about 2 hours from there!

1. Romney's plan would allow the Energy Industry to expand and invest in American development. We can be energy independent within 8 years! Oil/Gas/Nuclear/Coal industry development as analyzed by independent evaluators show that in excess of 1.2 million jobs can be develped from this sector alone. Which increases tax revenue!

2. Small business is holding off hiring possibly millions of people. I know this is true!

And More!

Vaughn J
Kearns, UT

The issue with Romney's tax returns is a smoke screen by the OBAMA camp. For everyone that wants to see his tax returns let us see you publish yours first. I consider my finances to be personal and not to be shared with everyone. So Romney should have the same expectations. There is no law that I am not familiar with that requires the tax returns to be given to become the President. So why is this the biggest thing in the OBAMA campaign against Mr. Romney? OBAMA cannot talk about economic issues and plans., or his royal decrees, like the recent racist executive order directed to the black community. The president should be looking out for all American Citizens, not some minority group that he wants to coerce to vote for him because he is created in their image.

Come on Mr. President, Start finding answers to the problems that we face rather than making excuses or applying band aides to shore up your popularity.

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