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Published: Sunday, Aug. 5 2012 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Salt Lake City, UT

This is not that complicated an issue.

Looking at candidates' tax returns is a time-honored tool the public uses to measure candidates' statements about public financial policies against their personal financial behaviors. Do they really "walk the walk," or are they "Do as I say, not as I do"?

Ronald Reagan released six years of his tax returns when he ran for President. George W. Bush provided eight years' returns.

Romney is the first presidential candidate in history to have a Swiss bank account. We are justified in asking why.

Romney has a 401(k) retirement account valued at more than $100 million, when contributions to 401k's are limited to $6,000 per year. We are justified in asking how a $100M 401k is possible.

Mr. Romney, if you want to prove that Harry Reid is a terrible person, there is a simple and 100% effective way to do it - release several years of your tax returns.

Failure to do so absolutely dooms Mr. Romney's candidacy.

liberal larry
salt lake City, utah

At first everyone thought that Mitt would stonewall on his taxes for a while, and then when the pressure got too great he would reluctantly release them and face the music. After all what could possibly be so bad that Mr. Romney would let his tax returns become the central issue in his campaign? We have seen the Cayman Islands accounts, the Swiss bank accounts, the Bahamian offshore accounts, and the huge tax breaks that Mitt claimed for his beloved olympic horse Rafalca, what could possibly be more embarrassing than what we had already learned? Either Mitt is pathologically passive aggressive or there must be a real doozy somewhere in those tax returns!
Harry Ried may be off base with his accusations, but Mitt could put all the speculation to rest very easily, and the guessing game won't go away until Mitt releases those tax records.

Far East USA, SC

I believe that Reid crossed the line with his unsubstantiated accusation that Romney has years where he paid no taxes.

That said, it would be an easy thing to refute. And would really damage the democrats if Romney released many years of tax returns and PROVED Reid to be wrong.

As George suggested, "Even if it were true that accounting circumstances of gains and losses permitted avoidance of payment of taxes in some years....."

So, George is agreeing that it is possibly true. And that it would be no big deal.

So, then why not release them? Even some GOP leaders are calling for that.

It is damaging for him not to release. And I am betting that Romney believes that it would be MORE damaging if he did release them.

Now I REALLY REALLY want to know whats in them.

omni scent
taylorsville, UT

Well, there is an easy way to disprove the claim of Sen Reid, assuming it's not true.


Do you really think Reid came up with this on his own? Or do you think he was told to make the attack by others in his party? Just as Mitt won't make birth certificate attacks, nor will Obama suggest Mitt has tax issues. Take it a step further, and be ashamed of the whole process.

Baron Scarpia
Logan, UT

Typical blame the messenger response... bottom line, if Romney is hiding something in his tax returns, including the fact that he paid virtually none over many years, it will not be acceptable to the American public.

Romney owes it to both the GOP and the American people to be transparent in his taxes. Yes, it may expose all sorts of legal tax loopholes and schemes, but the American people deserve to know the facts and the privileges of being wealthy.

Hayden, ID

Excellent letter Mr. Jackson. If Reid is so concerned about Romney's taxes, he should have the IRS handle the investigation. Reid is only trying to deflect attention away from the miserable Obama record! Democrats didn't care a whit when their man Bernanke cheated on his taxes! Democrats take hypocrisy to a new low!

Springville, UT

There's no innuendo. Reid spoke based on a source he deems highly credible. Everyone wants to go after the source rather than the substance. Romney can clear this up in short order. What's he hiding? What financial activities and entities with whom he has had dealings might be an influence on him if he were to become president? Why is he so secretive? The nation has a right to full disclosure for the person who wants to take control of the government. All I see in response from Romney and his supporters are excuses and rationalizations. The "kill the messenger" tactic won't make this distraction go away and only leads to more questions. We deserve to know, Mitt, if you want to be president.

Sandy, UT

I would have preferred not to see Sen. Reid not pull a right winged stunt like that. The stunt that is played almost daily by Fox and friends. The ones that "bear false witness". The ones that start off "It has been said...." The ones that call 70 plus members of Congress, communists or the one that accuses an esteemed government official a spy for the Muslim Brotherhood. I don't remember your outrage before George. Is something new you are trying?

Salt Lake City, UT

Reid never said Romney broke the law... half the point of all this is Democrats want to expose just how ridiculous the tax code is that rich people can pull all sorts of legal accounting tricks to get out of paying a lot of taxes.

The Real Maverick
Orem, UT

So in other words, Reid is using the same tactics that the GOP has done for 3 years and 8 months?

Clearfield, UT

To Midvaliean 7:49 a.m. Aug. 5, 2012

Do you really think Reid came up with this on his own? Or do you think he was told to make the attack by others in his party? Just as Mitt won't make birth certificate attacks, nor will Obama suggest Mitt has tax issues. Take it a step further, and be ashamed of the whole process.


No -- this is coming up because Mitt is trying to hide something. If he has nothing to hide, he should release his (complete) tax returns back to 1999, when he claims he left Bain Capital contrary to what is shown by his signed, filed financial statements for Bain after that date. by not releasing his tax returns for those years, Mitt is showing that there is something in his tax returns that would hurt him worse than his not releasing them. It's time for Mitt to come clean, and how the people of the Untied States how he handles his financial affairs on a regular basis, instead of just one year (come to think of it, he didn't release a COMPLETE tax return for 2010 either).

Steve C. Warren

Mitt Romney should announce that he will release his tax records a few days before the election.

Here's why: If Mitt Romney were to release his taxes now, people would strongly approve of what they see and would say, "What wonderful, generous people the Romneys are." As a result, Romney would surge to a huge lead in the polls. This in turn would cause wealthy people and corporations to stop donating to his campaign.

Clearly, that's why he hasn't released his taxes so far.

Of course, I've been wrong before.

Eric Samuelsen
Provo, UT

Was Harry Reid out of line? Sure. It was McCarthy-ite behavior.
So how about we make this deal? Harry Reid tells everyone who his source was.
And Mitt Romney releases his tax returns.
The best response to dirty politics is really just the truth.

Salt Lake City, UT

I agree with the previous comment. And I would like to add: Although two wrongs don't make a right, the GOP did request that the President produce his birth certificate (which he didn't technically need to do). But he did so to show has nothing to hide. He also has stated he is a Christian a number of times and told us that he goes to a Baptist Church in Washington (and that certainly doesn't need to be told) So, Mitt do the same and show everyone you have nothing to hide with your taxes and the suspicious people will start to go away. I hope you can.

red state pride
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Just as George Zimmerman found out, in America circa 2012 you are "guilty until proven innocent". Harry Reid has no shame so it doesn't really surprise me. The fact is Romney is a private citizen and his tax returns are between him and the IRS. If some of you posters want to change the law and strip more liberty from individuals then have at it. Until the law is changed you should just move onto another topic because just like Harry Reid you're out of line- unless you just don't believe in the rule of law.

lost in DC
West Jordan, UT

blue, joeblow, omni scent, Baron scarpia, esquire, furry, kimber
guilty until proven innocent. yep, BO and the dems are turning us into the soviet union.

Eric S.
harry should tell us who his source is - the one committing a felony by releasing confidential tax information. Then BO should release his college transcript.

even ABC News (ABC!!!!!!) said harry is irresponsible and out of line. ABC!!!! The All Barack Channel! said harry is out of line!

Far East USA, SC

"Just as George Zimmerman found out, in America circa 2012 you are "guilty until proven innocent"

Mr Martin would probably agree with you.

Unfortunately, he was judged and sentenced by mr Zimmerman. His trial is already over.

Saint George, UT

"...Harry Reid descends to lowest form of politics...".

On arrival, greeted by Republicans.

Eric Samuelsen
Provo, UT

>Lost in DC
Well, I called Reid's accusations McCarthy-ite. And SOME commentators on ABC News This Week agreed, if that's what you mean by "ABC said. . . " See, ABC news is a news organization--their newsgathering and editorial wings are separate entities. That's how news works, in real news organizations. Unlike Fox News, which doesn't really do 'news' per se, but instead serves as the propaganda wing of the RNC.
As for the college transcript thing, three reasons why he shouldn't release anything.
First and foremost, there's no information relevant to this election in his college transcripts. They'll show he went to college, got good grades, got into law school, edited the Law Review. We already know all that.
Second, the Right doesn't really want them. They're only trying for some false equivalency--Romney won't release his tax returns, well, Obama won't release his college records! No such equivalency exists; Romney is proposing changes to federal taxes, so it's fair to ask what his taxes show. Would he personally profit from his own policies?
Third, the Right wants those records. Reason enough to withhold them.

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