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Published: Saturday, Aug. 4 2012 5:00 a.m. MDT

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Provo, UT

What a really fascinating study of an equally fascinating man!

Farmington, UT

While this article emphasizes the benefits that may be derived from an analysis of his speaking pattern one might want to consider the advice he gave to those who have heard and read what he stated. Following that would produce great benefits, too. It's more important to study what he said than how he said it.

Twin Lights
Louisville, KY

Interesting study. But I just loved to listen to him. As toosmartforyou said, his advice was great. But he also just had a great voice. President Faust too. I loved listening to both of them.

Fern RL

I would hope they would continue to study this topic, not just for one or a few men but for a good sampling of men and women too. I had noticed my vocal pitch rising with Graves' Disease and lowering again with treatment of it, in spite of a general lowering trend as I was aging.

Henry Drummond
San Jose, CA

I'm not LDS but I did meet him a couple of times. I believe this was before he became the President of the Mormons. He had a wonderful sense of humor that I remember well and that was reflected in his voice. I think he was a genuinely positive individual and that never hurts.

Sandy, UT

The research assistants for this study are lucky- getting paid to listen to Gordon B Hinckley's sermons. What a privilege.

American Fork, UT

Would be nice if the DNews did a follow up article talking about what things we can do to maintain a healthy voice.


As an apostle, before he became a counselor in the First Presidency in 1981 at the age of 71, Hinckley would bear the most uniquely and profoundly personal and powerful testimony I have ever heard in the church. After his elevation to counselor it became remarkably bland, common and formulaic, hardly distinguishable from dozens of others. This was also at the midpoint of the range of ages for his voice change was noted in this study. The things I noticed were not just a change in his voice but in the content, depth and personal resonance. I have no idea what that was related to but the loss was a big disappointment for me.

Draper, UT

As a former speech pathologist, graduate degree holder from the University of Utah with an MA in Communication Disorders, and as a former missionary in the Northern Far East Mission (1962 - 1965) when President Hinkley was in charge of the Asian missions of the Church, I found this article immensely interesting on several levels. I am also approaching the age that President Hinkley's voice began to change. I suspect that the researchers were graduate students in the program at the U and were therefore unpaid. However, it would still have been very interesting and rewarding to have been able to take part in the research. I very much would have enjoyed participating.

Salt Lake City, UT

The NCVS, who did the research, has lots of tips for maintaining a healthy voice. Just Google National Center for Voice and Speech.

And, we are still doing lots of related research so Earl1066, just go to the NCVS website and send any of the researchers a note.

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