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Published: Thursday, Aug. 2 2012 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Farmington, UT

I agree with Reid show us your birth certificate already! :-)

Eagle Mountain, UT

"I don't think the burden should be on me," Reid told home-state reporters. "The burden should be on him. He's the one I've alleged has not paid any taxes. Why didn't he release his tax returns?"

No Senator, the burden doesn't fall on Mr. Romney until you can substantiate your claims. Otherwise, your just spitting into the wind and hoping that something sticks. Also, I'm tired of this rhetoric about a tax return requirement for Cabinet nominees. Romney's not a cabinet member nominee, he's running for president, and he's done what was initially asked of him by releasing two-year's worth of returns. I understand why he doesn't want to release more, because if he gives and inch, then his opponents will ask for a mile in return.

Rigby, Idaho

Now that the so called "affordable" health care bill that Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi crammed down our throats with limited study and debate has been declared to be a "tax" by the Supreme Court,how much will this raise the tax bill on all of us in the next few years? Answer me that, Harry. Particularly since we hare already been taxed so that our congress people already have free medical insurance better than any of the rest of us have.

Madison, AL

It seems that Harry Reid is trying to hide something about himself. The only problem is that everyone with real American moral values can see it already. Harry Reid is a shill for the left and is know to parrot the mantra when given the cue. Harry Reid's suggesting that Mitt Romney may have in the past not been totally on the up and up is propaganda from the Dems, they really have no basis to impress the electorate.

Durham, NC

Harry needs to take a chill pill.

I am trying to support the dude because it takes some guts to be LDS and a Democrat. But really Harry, if you have proof or compelling evidence, put it forward for us all to see. Otherwise shut it because your looking as stupid as Trump and Limbaugh and crowd.

Do I think Romney is hiding something? Yup. But I am not about to make accusations about what it is because I have no idea. He is just hiding something - perhaps not illegal, but probably pretty politically damaging.

Salt Lake City, UT

So, Harry Reid makes up a charge that he can't begin to substantiate, and says the burden of proof lies with Romney? And you repeat this on the floor of the U.S. Senate? Seriously? Good grief, Senator. Say, I've heard you've been having an affair. Yeah, got a call about it from a friend of mine. Can't tell you who it is, and I don't have anything substantive, but the burden of refuting my claim is on you, because you are the one I've alleged hasn't been faithful. See how it works?

Cinci Man

Harry Reid is gossiping. That's not very representative of the Church of which he is a part. This may yet be one more time that he does not let his religion, faith, and proclaimed morals to interfere with his political agenda. How sad. We must forgive him. I wonder if Mr. Romney can have an unbiased person see his returns and simply disclose that he has seen them and that Mr. Romney did indeed pay taxes. And then, it seems that an ethics hearing is in order for Mr. Reid for being the lowest of the lowlifes in participating is gossip. Remember how Mr. Reid chided those who doubted Mr. Obama's birthplace and gossiped? Is this the same with the grass calling the lawn green?

Far East USA, SC

"Remember how Mr. Reid chided those who doubted Mr. Obama's birthplace and gossiped?"

Not exactly the same thing there cinci.

Obamas Birth Certificate has been out there for years. It is not like he chose to NOT release it. It has been out there, verified and still the right wanted more.

On the other hand, Romneys decision to NOT release is causing him quite a bit of trouble, even with those on the right.

Which leads me to believe that what he is hiding is more damaging than his refusal to release.

Very different situations. I think they will show that he did not break any laws, but the taxes he paid were very very low. Just a hunch. We may never know.

Temecula, CA

Harry Reid should worry about the inept Senate he fails to lead! He should worry about passing a budget just 1 time in 4 years. And Harry Reid should put up his source or shut up!


Harry Reid ought to have the character to defend attacks against his religion or is he walking the political fence which is his religion?

If there were issues with Romney's finances the last time around in 2008 or when he ran for the Senate or when was Governor? What was it?

This election is about 4 things:

1. A collapsing economy lead by a deceptive President.

2. Hungry families, woman, children and men who are citizens of the United States.

3. Obama's lies which number in the hundreds now.

4. Corruption in lobbying, government grants, loans, graff and pay to play politics!

P.S. The polling companies have started polling the 51st to 57th states in Obama's America. Romney is carrying them all!

How Bad Does it Have to Get to Vote Obama Out? People are starving. American children are hungry! If you live in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Florida, Michigan and Wisconsin please think of them!

Centerville, UT

Harry Reid is as red a Communist as they come. I make this charge and it is up to him to prove me wrong.

I say this because he obviously fails to uphold the US Constitution and Federal Laws as he has failed to lead the Senate and provide a budget for 3 years. So he must be a Communist, or perhaps a terrorist.

I am waiting for his report disproving my accusations.

lost in DC
West Jordan, UT

Harry, like all good soviets, believes the accused is guilty until proven innocent. I bet he has a photo of uncle joe stalin haning where he can reverence it frequently.

Why are Romney's tax returns even an issue?

They are not - just harry trying to detract attention from the abysmal failure of the current misadministration and his own ineptidue as senate majority leader.

I used to think no one could be more partisan than Tom Daschle, then along came harry

Tooele, UT

Re: "Harry Reid repeats tax accusation . . . ."

Poor Harry! He's been a DNC lapdog for so long, he doesn't even realize he's now senior enough that he could get away with occasionally telling the truth and thinking for himself.

It shames me to admit I'm among those that have voted for him in the past. I'm considering moving to Nevada in 2016 long enough to undo that mistake and vote against him.

Mcallen, TX

Obama spent hundreds of millions for vacations. Did he pay taxes on that Harry?

ute alumni
Tengoku, UT

this guy is utterly a joke. he doesn't release his and no one really knows about his buddy obama. harry is a real trip.

Mcallen, TX

Romney can become richer by publishing a book called "Seven ways to fool the IRS, and become President".

Clearfield, UT

I wonder what Mitt has to hise. I wonder what is on his tax returns that looks worse than his not producing themat all (unlike the pattern followed by most candidates for the White House). His father released 12 yeas of returns when HE was running for President. Too bad Mitt isn't the man his father was.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Clearly Mr. Romney is under no legal obligation to release the returns, but lets be real, if he could take political advantage of releasing his returns he would do so in a minute. Why isn't he releasing them? There is something he doesn't want the American public to see.

If you want to be the candidate of integrity, then be the candidate of integrity. What President Obama or any other candidate releases is not relevant. The republicans always profess to be on a higher moral ground than the democrats, if that is the truth then release the tax records.

Mcallen, TX


"but lets be real?"

Did Obama pay taxes on the millions spent on vacations? Don't we the employer need to see his college transcript, and application. I'd like to know what information is on his application.

Why did Obama out source eighty percent of our stimulus? Billions to China and Japan for windmills, and Australia to build a windmill farm in Texas? Billions more to Finland, and Mexico to build auto plants. Billions more to the Muslim Brotherhood, and Brazil for off shore oil drilling.

Explain Fred44! You think Romney's tax returns are more important?

Romney's taxes? John McCain verified that it's clean. Nuff said.

There You Go Again
Saint George, UT



John McCain looked at Romney's tax returns and picked Sarah Palin.

Nuff said.



Tax experts, looking at clues from the one tax return Romney released say he probably paid less tax in 2009. With the economic crisis, he very well could've had losses in 2008 and 2007, wiping out any tax liability for those years. Probably the other years are problems because of the investments he had.

Bottom line is, Romney knows his returns would be a political liability. It is hard for Romney to promote policies of more tax cuts for the rich when his return illustrates he already pays little income tax.

That said, Harry, chill out.

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