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Published: Sunday, July 29 2012 8:00 p.m. MDT

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Mcallen, TX

Rich people pay eighty percent of income taxes, while the lower half pays nothing.

Obama has accused the rich of not paying their fair share. They didn't build their businesses, they think they're smart, and worked hard. They've accomplished on the backs of others.

This is not unifying comments and strains relations between people.

Mcallen, TX

Salt Lake City, Utah,

You don't think class warfare exist?

Just read some of the posts in the DN.

A? You didn't build that! You think you're smart? You worked hard? Let me tell you, there's alot of smart people who work hard.

Those bitter words of anger didn't come from Shawn, Rush or Glen. Nope! Obama himself.

Since when does a leader assume success as arrogant, then criticize them for it?

Salt Lake City, Utah

Lost in DC,

The Occupy movement was not about class warfare and looking for a handout. The occupy movement was about the need to regulate Wall Street so that managers of big banks couldn't play fast and free with our money and make risky investments to try and increase their bonuses. It was about shining light on the unethical and immoral, but technically legal practices of many of the big operators on Wall Street. Did some people hijack the movement and make it look bad, sure. Did the Fox News Channel find those who wanted their 30 seconds of fame that were protesting for the sake of protest, and put them on tv, sure.

In terms of the Bush tax cuts I agree, they were the first republican tax cuts in the last thirty years that did anything for the middle and lower class. To be honest you must include the massive Reagan tax cuts for the wealthy. In thirty years CEO salary has gone up over 400% and the average worker today adjusted for inflation is about even. If class warfare will get me a 400% increase in my salary over 30 years declare it on me right now.

Mcallen, TX

Salt Lake City, Utah,

Your bitter class warfare against the rich is glowing. Who do you think pays the most taxes, and create the jobs? You've been brainwashed by Obama.

This is like a failing student complaining of someone on the honor roll. It's not fair.

Remember, half the people don't pay any income taxes, and they're the one complaining.

Xenia, OH

No, they are worse. I never would have believed that the U.S. attorney general would refuse to prosecute a race based hate group- the black panthers-smacking a night stick in front of a polling place if I hadn't seen it myself.

Then the president decides that existing laws should not apply to large classes illegal aliens- mostly Hispanic; hurting legal Hispanics, blacks and all Americans.

His race and ethnic based preferences have hurt the country.

Salt Lake City, Utah


I am the one blinded? Sorry but virtually every American pays taxes? See we have local taxes, state taxes, FICA, sales tax, all kinds of taxes. As a percent of their total wealth poor and middle class people pay more in total taxes than do rich people. I know there are many on this board that don't like to talk about that. Believing that the ultra wealthy could pay a little more in taxes doesn't constitute class warfare, sorry. The class warfare argument is made by republicans to justify their desire to continue lowering taxes for the wealthy.

For your information I did not vote for Mr. Obama last time, and I probably won't vote for him this time, so I really don't think I am blinded by him. I prefer to look and decide for myself. I don't automatically hit R or D. Oh by the way I don't have any problem with people who have accumulated wealth honestly, I applaud them.

The job creator argument for the ultra wealthy doesn't wash unless you are talking about jobs created in China. Small businesses create most of the jobs in this country.

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