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Published: Saturday, July 28 2012 8:00 p.m. MDT

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Bravo, Doug. Really cool article. Excited to see the passion and energy BJ can bring to the team this year. In spite of the numbers, I was a fan of Coach Chow and the wisdom he brought to the team, but for anyone who's ever met Brian, how can you not love BJ and be anything but excited for him and the team? For any duck --err anyone-- who hasn't and tries to make unfounded criticisms about his coaching ability, they're obviously not in any position to judge that.

Qwest Perfected
Salt Lake City, UT

Brian is a true class act. He was a great QB and has always been a skilled play caller.

I will never forget the look on Nick Saban's face as Brian quickly put up 21 points in the first quarter of the Sugar Bowl.

I look forward to a great season with him as the OC! Well deserved Brian!

Go Utes!


A very nice article about a great young man. I totally agree about the assessment about Johnson having the "intangibles" to call the right plays at the right time. I saw this in person in these two games: against Oregon State, where the Utes rallied from being down by 8 with only one minute to go, and how he confidently led the Utes back to the TD, the 2-point extra point, then down the field again to set up Sakoda's winning field goal. Later, perhaps even more impressive, was his game against TCU where he converted that pass on 4th and 5 keeping the final drive alive, and then later threading the needle to Freddie Brown for the final go-ahead TD.

Brian, you've got one heck of a football mind. Good luck to you this year! We're in good hands with you as OC, going into what is shaping up to be another memorable year.

Richmond, VA

He's obviously a very special young man destined for much greater success. I hope he soars as high as he can and only have a hiccup when playing BYU...and I say that only because I'm a die hard Cougar fan. It looks like this is just the start of a great coaching career for him. Kudos to C. Whit for recognizing the great potential in that special young man.

So my hat's off to you Brian and the Utes! May you roar in the Pac 12 and whimper only against the cougs this Sept. To be honest I can't stomach a repeat of last year's epic beat down at our house. So on that note, may the game be a thriller with fortunes reversed in our favor.

Go Cougs! Are you up to the challenge?

Frisco, TX

I think Brian has a great future. The first year is always the toughest trying to get everything figured out.

Proud Ute

Good luck Coach Johnson.
Alot is expected of you but you've always been up to the challenge.

South Jordan, UT

Nice job Brian. Couldn't have happened to a classier person. Looking forward to a great season.

MoTown, CA

Great article and insight into Brian, can't wait to see it all in action in 4 weeks

Go Utes!

Cottonwood Heights, UT

First off, kudos to Doug, frankly as a Ute fan I have NOT been happy with the coverage of the Utes from the local press, but this was exactly the kind of work I want to see.

Informative without being either a "puff-piece" or an attempt to "stir-up" some controversy.

It acknowledges a legitimate and natural question (was a 25 year-old really the best choice for this position?) give information and viewpoints from those involved with the decision and lets the reader make up his/her own mind, but at least the reader will be making up their mind with more information than before reading the article.

As for how I personally answer the question, I am nervous and I expect some growing pains, but think Brian Johnson has a bright future, I just hope "the future starts now."

Go Utes!
Springville, UT

I was beyond excited when BJ got the job. Best decision coach whittingham ever made, it will define Utah football for years to come. Coach Johnson is an investment choice that will pay off for years to come.

Spencer W. Morgan
Riverton, UT

I remember hoping they would call a draw on that play :) Brian is going to be a great O.C. I think the only thing up for question is how soon, but I have high hopes and would not be surprised given his history to see the Utes tear it up this year.

Palo Alto, CA

Hope springs eternal for every football program before fall camp begins, but any Utah fan who thinks that the Utes are unique and will be able to seemlessly adjust to a brand new OC, who has absolutley no prior offensive coordinating experience, is going to be sorely disappointed. Be prepared for the unavoidalbe gafs that will inevitably cost the Utes a game or two or three this coming season.


"This kid has less experience on every single level than Doman had, and less talent."

Tell me, how is coaching "talent" measured, and what would convince one that either has more or less than the other? Experience, sure, spending a few more years around an NFL team would have been very valuable to him, but there are plenty of instances of guys who never even played college ball who are fantastic coordinators.

Palo Alto, CA


"spending a few more years around an NFL team would have been very valuable to him"

How about spending any regular season time around an NFL team?

West Jordan, UT

My youngest son has been involved in multiple sports for many years now, and we have had our share of great and terrible coaches. It wasn't the knowledge of the game nor was it playing experience that made the difference between a bad and good coach. Some coaches just had something intangible about them that raised them to a higher level. Brian Johnson has that intangible. I'm looking forward to many great years ahead!!


I love Brian. However, the NFL career doesn't add up for perhaps a top 5 quarterback. I still can't get the whole story.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Ducky's "experience" as a casual oberver of Pop Warner games played next to his mom's house must qualify him to be critical of BJ'. He forgets that Doman lost his last game to Lousiville in the Liberty Bowl, while BJ curb-stomped Alabama in his last game.

Get it all out, Ducky, the Pac12 Network is coming soon and you'll be gone.

midvale, UT

I must admit to feeling a great deal of shock and disappointment upon hearing about the hiring of Brian Johnson as our OC. I still find it highly dubious whenever I hear coach Whit say that he conducted a "National Search". That having been said I attended the spring game and was very impresed with the performance of the offense. They looked about as crisp as I've ever seen the Utes look in a spring game. Several big plays, multiple formations, getting in and out of the huddle quickly. But there is a big difference between a spring game and life in the Pac-12. My concern is in-game and halftime adjustments and the number of experienced and talented DC's he'll be matching wits with. Heres hoping it all works out but there will be growing pains.GO UTES!!!

Santa Monica, CA

Anyone who watched the unbelievable play of the Utes in the first two quarters of the Sugar Bowl and knows that Brian Johnson was calling the shots, would have to understand what kind of an offensive mind this guy has. The entire team played superbly, but it was Brian--pitching short and pitching medium--who had the Crimson Tide screaming at each other with confusion.
I don't claim to know what kind of OC he'll be, but I would never bet against this kid. That ain't healthy.

Hank Pym

re: Duckhunter 8:42 a.m. July 29, 2012

The only "advantage" Doman has over Brian is that his stay at the next level was somewhere between Hall's & Beck's.

Is K Whit taking a chance? Yes.

Is it a *legacy* pick in a pathetic grasp at trying to recreate glory days like In Utah Co? No!

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