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Published: Saturday, July 28 2012 12:00 a.m. MDT

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tucson, AZ

I thought it only appropriate that the outright promotion of England's national health care system quickly combined with a celebration of fantasy and horror themes.

South Jordan, UT

The lamest opening ceremonies ever!!!

There You Go Again
Saint George, UT

Mitt, all by himself, coulda, woulda done much better.

If Mitt fails...again...in becoming the POTUS, he should open an Olympics Rescue Corporation.

Maybe, outsource the public relations...

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Gotta go with the reader1234. After the spectacular and culturally appropriate China Olympics opening and closing, this looked shallow and uninspired. Promotion of a bunch of celebrities with embarrassing life stories. Guess this is what you get with the movie industry running the show. I did like the cute bit with the Queen. She is so quaint I get misty eyed. Listening to Sir Paul's sickly warble mimicing the inane music from the Barry Manilow era sent me fleeing to my bed. Sad commentary on a once great empire that this schlock was the best they could do. Truly World War I and World War II sapped their gene pool. Liked the fireworks, they just didn't last long enough.

UT Brit
London, England


Had much dealings with the NHS? Thought not.....

Us Brits are rightly proud of the NHS as it has served us very well since its creation in 1948. What you were seeing is a tribute, as Cameron is trying his very best to make it into a US health care system. Most of us are horrified by that prospect.

Fresno, CA

I was watching from a loud sports restaurant and so didn't hear the NBC commentary explaining everything. So, the bit with the sick kids in hospitals without the explanation looks like these nurses are giving these poor kids awful hallucinogenic drugs which give them horrible nightmares.

I liked the Olympic rings of fire, the James Bond bit and the Chariots of Fire bit.

Maricopa, AZ

Thought it was "ok", but Sir Paul's rendition of HEY JUDE was just sad.
And not because he doesn't have the voice he once had.
I still love the guy.
It was the choice of songs and the lyrics of the song....and when, you get it under your skin, then you can make it better?
Dang! How about something "good" or upbeat? He had a hundred songs to choose from, but Hey Jude??? Fail!

I also thought it was interesting that local news stations were commenting in England that Mitt Romney's comment was exactly right. That the media and many local groups have been heavily criticizing the committee's poor security preparations. Saying again, Mitt Romney was exactly right.

Amazing what happens when some of the media let's you see an even and balanced news report.

Mesa, AZ

The opening was pretty much as expected from the Brits, good but not overwhelming, a little too message driven. It lacked the dazzle and precision of Beijing. I liked the Queen's entrance and Mr. Bean's bit on the piano, but even that went too long.

But my biggest complaint was the NBC commentators reading their obligatory explanations of what was going on. Do they think we are idiots, or do they just want to hear themselves yap? They wouldn't shut up. Let the program speak for itself.

Ex Pat
Salt Lake City, Ut

I must admit I didn't see the whole thing so I hate to criticize. I liked the lighting of the caldron, the fireworks. Didn't see the nurses, but it sounded dreadful. Came in in the middle of the texting(?) or whatever that was and the zombie dance(?). No bagpipes, no Scots, no Irish dancing, not what I expected, I guess.

Hamilton, IL

very unimpressive is all I can say. Didn't even bother to watch all of it.

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