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Published: Friday, July 27 2012 7:00 p.m. MDT

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Maple Valley, WA

Beat Washington State in week 1 and I will like our chances of going 3-0, but beating Boise State in week 4 won't be easy. I seriously hope though that after week 1, that Bronco has the team use both weeks to prepare for Utah and take this game as seriously as Utah does.

Maple Valley, WA

Beat Washington State in week 1 and I like our chances of going 3-0, though beating Boise the week following Utah won't be an easy task. I hope Bronco takes this game as seriously as Utah does and uses week 2 to start preparing for Utah.

South Jordan, UT

BYU does take the Utah game serious. Just don't have the horses to hang anymore.

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA

It's clear that the slow start vs. fast finish the Indy-WACers have been experiencing over these past 7 yrs is due front loaded schedules vs. good teams, and followed up by embarrassingly weak SOS. Bronco's 15-13 record in his first 4 games really should be viewed more closely. For example, 2 of those wins were vs. FCS teams (E. Illinois and No. Iowa). Versus FBS opposition, Bronco is really 13-13.

Of his 13 wins (vs. FBS competition), his opponents posted a collective record of 59-101, or .369. That average is actually quite similar to their total postseason record. Coincidence? I don't think so. Only 4 of those teams posted winning records, and only 5 were from BCS conferences.

Of his 13 losses, his opponents posted a collective record of 112-56, or .667. Not surprisingly, nearly 62% of those losses came vs. BCS schools.

With Wash. St, Utah, Ore. St, Ga. Tech, and Notre Dame on the Y's schedule, the cougs 38% W/L percentage should statistically net them 1.9 wins.

Salt Lake City, UT

Wow thanks for spending all that time on breaking down BYU's wins Naval Vet. It's even more interesting that such a weak team as your insinuating has finished in the top 25 more times than your stunningly dominant team. And spare me that the u plays or beats more better teams than BYU does, because you know there is no argument there. The u smoked the cougs last year, spend your time on that since that's all you have.

Sandy, UT

Naval Vet I am also impressed with your statistics. Here is another statistic of interest.

On July 23 two stories appeared in the DesNews one about the Ute’s John White. The comments to that story included ONE comment from a BYU fan (a complimentary one). The other story was about BYU's scheduling Wisconsin to which there were over 60 comments posted by UTE fans (all that I read were derogatory).

Whoa Nellie
American Fork, UT

Win or lose BYU still commands the attention of all kinds. They are the focal point of football in the state of Utah.

Frisco, TX

Looking forward to Fall camp starting this week so we can read some real stories. I don't think there's much to the "trends" in college because each year is a new team.

BYU has the chance for a great year. I think our defense could be the best it's ever been. I don't think any team will blow us out, because Van Noy and company will give the offense many chances to succeed.

On offense, there are question marks. Will Nelson be able to stay healthy and deliver consistent, accurate passes? He has three outstanding receivers in Hoffman, Apo and Falslev. WR are probably the only position without question marks. Will one or two of the Tight Ends step up and deliver crushing blocks for the running game and soft hands on passing downs? With Quezada gone, will Alisa be able to carry the load and be an every down back? Will Foote or Hine or Jamaal step up and make an impact on the running game? Will Pritchard stay healthy and play as well as Bronco says he can? How will the OL hold up? And finally, can BYU keep their helmets on?

Syracuse, UT

Naval Lint is one of the biggest fans of BYU I have ever seen. He will spend all his spare time reading and studying anything BYU. I am beginning to think that he may be locked up somewhere and just can't get out into the world. He just can't get over hate. This is just a perfect example of BYU fans concentrating on their team and the many, many ute fans who brag about being in the mighty pac whatever but have a Peter Pan syndrome, they just can't leave the past and are forever going to be little kids reliving their Jr. High School days.

Springville, UT

Naval vet

Could you break down last year's Colorado game with the Utes while you are at it?

Salt Lake City, Utah

Thank you for that detailed analysis, Naval Vet.

Now maybe you can analyze why Bronco has been able to finish in the Top 25 FIVE of the last six years, including THREE Top 15 finishes, while wunderkind Kyle with all of his "big" wins, has only been able to crack the Top 25 THREE times, including only ONE Top 15 finish.

Take you time; if you're objective, you'll eventually be able to figure it out.


BYU starts out 2-2 with losses at Utah and Boise State. But I think they can win out after that, including getting a victories at South Bend and Georgia Tech. The cougars will have a solid year, it will just take a bit to get it together. I think this team will be similar to the 2006 squad under Bronco. Two tough road losses early in the season, but then finishing strong with 10+ wins.


The time coming to either put up or shut up. I love it when all these blogs yammer away at one another. Now that we have heard from the peanut gallery, lets fouces on the athletes and what they need to find and there collective hearts and individual commitment.

The team that quickly finds its mental tuoghness, team tempo, collective and individual drive to push themselves will see success early. Enough of the sideline, arm chair quarter backing of all these never was and wanna-be's

I love it when you see any team, any young man or young woman give all they have, leave it out on the field so to speak, and walk away content with themselves and there effort.

This strange funny football will bounce alot of unprodictable directions, and the team that adapts will win. Its not always the better team it is the team who is better in that moment

Palmdale, CA

kokua, right on! tired of teams and their fans talking smack. just put up, or shut up! do it on the field, not with your mouths!

OC Fan
Orange County, CA

@ CougarFaninTX wrote: "I don't think there's much to the "trends" in college because each year is a new team."

Problem is that each new team is coached by the same staff. The staff needs to put together a game plan and play calling that gets the team out of the gate faster.

Santa Monica, CA

I am certainly no BYU fan--but I have to say that Riley Nelson is a really sharp kid and a fine QB. It's great to hear a college player who doesn't speak in sound bites and cliches.

Danbury, CT

What about our slow finish? BYU has a deplorable record vs. quality opponents in bowl games going back to the Edwards' era. Meanwhile, TCU, Boise St. and Utah have all gone to and won 2 BCS bowls. It's about time we stepped it up and made a whole season of it.

Raleigh, NC

I am happy that the team will have more game situation work in Fall camp. We no longer start the season with cupcakes that allow us to gear up to the tough games that came later. Three of our first four games will be challenges to win. Lets go out and win them. As for dingy boy who loves to troll BYU articles, would you please apply your vast statistical knowledge to explaining how u lost to colorado with the conference title game on the line.

Lehi, UT

They start slow and need to beat teams that have a winning record. I respect and admire all that Bronco has accomplished but his record against teams that are .500 and above still needs to improve. They seem to be in some of the games but still lose. I admire Bronco's stability and enforcement of rules. BYU needs more players with a Riley Nelson heart, the one's that eat adversity for lunch.

Surfers Paradise, AU

Question for Directv owners, sorry for posting here, but does anyone know when BYUHD will air on Directv?

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