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Published: Friday, July 27 2012 12:00 a.m. MDT

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liberal larry
salt lake City, utah

The British press has been ripping Mitt over a SERIES of gaffes. He also publicly spoke about meeting with the head of MI5, which in England is considered poor form. Only DNews could create a headline putting a happy face on this debacle.


If Mitt is to win support from relatively "friendly" nations he needs to be more diplomatic. I want to like Mitt; I do like him a lot, but dare I suggest that Mitt still has, in common with most of us, some "growing up" still to do.

I understand how and why he reacted to Obama's obsequies to nations hostile to the US by going too far to the other side with his "No Apologies" title to what may have been otherwise a book with some merit. This superior attitude is not going to win any friends; Romney is not the only one to have it; in fact Obama was far more obvious with his immediate return of the "permanent loan" of the Winston Churchill bust upon taking office and his chintzy gift of an MP3 player to the royals. Romney is at least rather condescending to Britain and needs to regard his visits and the high ranking hospitality extended to him with more humility, regard it as a spiritual mission and get used to resisting the temptation to be patronising and a poor guest.

Deseret News will you publish this comment to the web this time?

Columbus, OH

Kudos, DNews, that is some incredible spin with that headline. Same story everywhere else has titles referring to his blunders. Here? He's a golden boy.

Iowa City, IA

Brits are funny. Very negative about themselves until someone mocks them. Don't anyone tell them how funny the guards look at Buckingham palace.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Re: liberal larry salt lake City, utah

An 11-year-old British boy didn't have a passport, didn't have a ticket, didn't have a boarding pass, and somehow managed to fly all the way from England to Italy. Sounds like Romney may have touched a raw nerve.

Salt Lake City, UT

They rallied because of Romneys poor performance.

If this was China we would already be in another conflict.


When Romney or any other person speaks about obvious facts and they are denied by the media, then the media exposes themselves AGAIN as puppets of the European banking dynasty promoting an agenda of international socialism.

Farmington, UT

This is a funny story because England, herself, just said the exact same thing Romney said. Their security is staffed at one-fourth of planned.

But the truth is, a prominent American should not go out of his way to be honest, especially considering he isn't even at the table discussing what's been accomplished in the past two days of Olympics preparations.

Despite having more experience and capability in foreign relations than Obama had when he became president, this is going to set Romney back a bit. Romney needs a near-perfect campaign from here on out, because those who like the free money are starting to settle in...


Really this is ridiculous. Every news outlet is mentioning how bad he's doing over there. Heck, British newspapers are calling him a wannabe president and calling him Mitt the Twit.

Leave it to DNews to spin for their agenda ... pushing a Mormon president while remaining politically neutral.

Tooele, UT

Sounds like someone should tell the Brits, "You Can't Handle the Truth."

St George, UT

This story is not newsworthy. But very predictable that the libs would try to use it for their anti Romney propaganda.

Murray, UT

great job Mitt; offend our biggest ally
What are you going to do next? Tell the Australians you do not like the accent?
and tell the Canadians you hate hockey and beer?
if you can not say something nice, do not say anything at all.

UT Brit
London, England

Romney really needs a lesson in diplomacy. I think people in the UK would have respected him more if he had stuck to his guns but instead he instantly backtracked.

Henry Drummond
San Jose, CA

It appears that either Mitt Romney is being poorly advised, or isn't heeding competent advice. I believe Israel is up next on his agenda. I think we'll all be holding our breath until he get's out of the Middle East where an uncivil tongue can spark riots.

Salt Lake City, UT

It's an AP article. I assume the headline came with it so technically that wouldn't be Deseret News's decision.

Salt Lake City, UT


"What are you going to do next? Tell the Australians you do not like the accent?
and tell the Canadians you hate hockey and beer?"

Nah, he's going to Israel. He can go play warmonger neo-con and that should play well to Netanyahu's group.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Re: atl134 Salt Lake City, UT

In 2011 a little-known Republican businessman from Queens Bob Turner, channeled Jewish voter discontent with President Obama into an upset, and won election to Congress in a heavily Democratic district in New York City. Obama offended Netanyahu in 2010 and now Romney is going to take advantage of his mistake.

Henry Drummond
San Jose, CA


You are correct. This is the same title that AP used. Sometimes papers change the title I've noticed, but apparently not in this case.

Salt Lake City, UT

If you recall that special election was because a Democratic congressman disgraced himself via images sent on twitter. Besides, I can easily say Democrats picked up a New York Congressional seat Republicans had held for over half a century because she ran against the Ryan budget and made medicare the central issue. Of course it can be said that that seat was a special election because a Republican congressman disgraced himself via less disgusting images of himself.

Shreveport, LA

To liberal larry, OHBU, LValfre, and others:

As some have already pointed out, It's a story from the AP, you know, the Associated Press, so quit blaming the DNews for spinning the story. Next time you might want to check the by-line for the article before commenting.

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