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Published: Thursday, July 26 2012 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Salt Lake City, UT

If Romney can offend one of our longest allies with such ease...

I dread to think if Mitt Romney had to talk to China or Iran as a President.

Sandy, UT

A couple of comments. I've lived in both SLC and London, and SLC is a blip on the map compared to London. That's not necessarily a bad thing but for Herbert and others to take offense to a comment that most Americans also agree with demonstrates either lack of understanding or immaturity. I love both cities but they are very different -- London being one of the most amazing and vibrant cities in the world and SLC being one of the best for outdoors and peaceful living.

I really want to support Romney but there are just so many things he says or does that I do not understand and can only assume indicate he is trying to paint himself in a better light. If he did such a great job with the Olympics in SLC, why be critical of the efforts of others, particularly on the most national stage in the world. It boggles the mind the things this man says and does sometimes.

Draper, UT

We're all so thin skinned and easily offended. Chill! Just not a big deal!

Salt Lake City, UT

What is everyone so upset about! Gather some info before being so embarrassed. TheTimes columnist had it right. He didn't say anything that wasn't true. like gbo stated above. So thin skinned and it wasn't even a controversial opinion, it was the truth! I think it shows nothing but insecurity and cowardly attitudes to not be able to admit real shortfalls. Mitt has nothing to apologize for, and I won't even be voting for him!


It's been interesting to note the immediate rush to condemn someone (Cameron) who sought to defend his country against what did seem very much like a slap at Britain's security. It's true surely that a town like Salt Lake City with maybe a third of a million population would be easier to secure than a city which, the last time I took any notice, had in excess of ten millions population.

There are other reasons too: I think that it's much easier to commit an act of terrorism in the relative anonymity of a megalopolis full of bustle and confusion, than in a smaller town.

I think Mitt was better off when he stressed the common Anglo-Saxon heritage of England and the United States. Unfortunately I think there was a little too much of the Mitt who sees all "foreigners" as individuals to whom one does not apologize, manifest here not only in Mitt but in Governor Herbert and those other partisans; those who daily serve up that goop that passes as news with all their "shoot from the hip" reactions that today, as so often, made a mockery of objectivity and "journalitic integrity".

Red Headed Stranger
Billy Bobs, TX


make up your mind. What part of what Romney said wasn't true? Many people say that Romney is a "pleaser" and just says what he thinks others want to hear so he can get elected. So, when he forthrightly answers a question he gets hammered. Europeans are already primed (they went gaga for Obama) to be contentions towards Romney. So make up your mind, does he just pander to his audience, or is he a straight talker? Or do you just reserve the right to criticize him no matter what he says, by always taking the opposite. By the way, I think Romney knows how to run an Olympics, because he has, you know, already done one.

People get offended when they choose to be offended. Europeans don't like to be unfavorably compared to Americans; I KNOW, I am married to one and lived in two separate European capitals, not on my mission. My wife after a decade of living here is disgusted with her former country and has fully and happily embraced her Americanism. I wish more Americans would.

Too bad Cameron lacks the grace of Thatcher. At BYU she spoke about the lovely mountains.

Mad Hatter
Provo, UT

Perhaps not exactly the "middle of nowhere", but certainly not the economic and social center of the United States. Perhaps a few levels above Alaska, Nevada, Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho but well below most other states. And nowhere near any of the Eastern Seaboard, California and Washington, and, of course, Texas.

Perhaps the British press should have said "backwater" along with the rest of the South! Truth be told, it is the only Southern state north of the Mason-Dixon line!


Didn't I read somewhere that the GOLD mined in UTAH was being used for the medals that are to be awarded in the Olympics?

Not sure about the silver and bronze medals but hey they could be from UTAH as well.

It's funny how a few words can get so blown out of proportion. Must be a slow news day over there.

Sandy, UT

@Red Headed Stranger - That's just it. Romney doesn't understand when to be candid and when to be equivocal. When asked directly about HIS policies and what HE will do, he equivocates. When asked about the efforts of OTHERS in what should be one of the most proud moments for OTHERS, he insults.

Thatcher understood this, which is why she talked about the lovely mountains. Can you imagine her providing criticism of her hosts as Romney did?

In your words - Do you reserve the right to praise Romney no matter what he says, you know by always taking his side?

lost in DC
West Jordan, UT

we ARE in the millde of nowhere. So what's the big deal?

I'd rather have a president who can throw a friendly barb at an allie than one who appeases despots and tyrants and throws away tacticle and intelligence advantages for political gains at home.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Re: Pagan Salt Lake City, UT
"If Romney can offend one of our longest allies with such ease..."

A tempest in a teapot.

Romney will be warmly received in Poland. Unlike Obama he won't refer to "Polish death camps".

Bountiful, UT

British Prime Minister David Cameron probably doesn't understand that Mitt Romney isn't even from Utah, although he did come here to rescue our Olympics.

I felt embarrassed for Mitt Romney for his dumb 'slip of the tongue'. The British Prime Minister clearly felt slighted, he had a chance to be the better man but he choose the lower road. Now I also embarrassed for him, even more so, because he said what he had ample opportunity to weigh his words before speaking.

Glen in the Bronx
Bronx, NY

It was a very unfortunate and visceral comment made by someone under a lot of pressure from his home team to strike back. Of course, Mr. Cameron at least had the decency not to say it while actually in Salt Lake City. The same could not be said of Romney's mean spirited jab, made in the heart of a city that has just spent seven years and untold billions in preparation expenses. To paraphrase Carl Lewis, "some Americans should not be allowed out, and Romney is one of them."

Columbus, OH

re: Read Headed.
The thing is, Romney was still pandering by ticking off the Brits. They aren't the ones voting for him. He is pandering to his conservative base in London the same way he was pandering to them at the NAACP. When your base is rabidly anti-European, nothing could be more pleasing than appearing critical and unpopular in Europe.

Kaysville, UT

The comment by Mitt Romney and the response by the Press that wants to make everything Mitt says a national and international incidents shows the world, they don't care about substance but politics.

On September 11, 2001, Mitt Romney had a big responsibility for the Olympics and the safety and security of all people, foreign and domestic. He didn't just have the Olympics, he had national security to worry about. The United States of America isn't just the City of Salt Lake City, Utah and the Olympics were a potential for a national incident that would be international in a micro second. Remember the Olympics in 1972 in Germany?

Where is our President in defending what the Federal Government, State and Local governments did to ensure the safety and welfare of our and other people, including government leaders?

Mitt Romney is correct in what and how he said what he did. For the Prime Minister, who was influenced by what the media said with all his advisers and public affairs people, was a bad thing to do. He was not hitting at Mitt Romney, he hitting our country and our President who speaks bad of mother Britain.

Salt Lake City, UT

Mitt made a major blunder. I don't know how he will recover from this one. At the same time it was petty and childish for Herbert and Becker to respond. This isn't kindergarten guys! Grow up!

Craig Clark
Boulder, CO

It used to be athletes who trash-talked each other before the contest. Now it seems to be moving off the field of competition and into the board rooms.

Brave Sir Robin
San Diego, CA

Don't read too much into the PM's comments. You see, they're a bit geographically challenged in the UK: For example, they don't know the difference between North and South Korea.

Salt Lake City, UT

Romney's prediction that things can go wrong was validated when they hoisted the South Korean flag for the North Koreans. His statement was to let the Olympic Committee know that things seldom go perfectly despite good preparation. As Churchill said, "Keep calm and carry on."

Danbury, CT

I was born and raised in SLC. It IS definitely the middle of nowhere, especially when compared to London. How ridiculous of your governor to join in this silly exchange. How unfortunate of Romney to not just reply diplomatically when asked about London's state of readiness. We've seen these questions before in soft interviews. They weren't looking for a detailed response - just say: "I'm sure they'll do a great job" and leave it at that.

I agree with others that this was a bad way to start off Romney's foreign tour and raises questions (along with other negative comments he's made about Europe, China and Russia) about his ability to think through his comments about other countries and build bridges. We're seeing what kind of leader Romney will be...

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