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Published: Wednesday, July 25 2012 6:00 p.m. MDT

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Cottonwood Heights, UT

Kim and Joe,

Too much wishful thinking.

Although now independent, BYU still has a LONG way to go to sign agreements with several bowls and then wait to see who wants them the most, a la Notre Dame. Until then (if ever), it'll be a continual series of Helicopter/New Mexico/Poinsettia/Irrelevant Bowls if they don't go undefeated over a really strong schedule.

Good luck with that.

West Jordan, UT

Okay, so the Poinsettia is not the most attractive bowl game, but it is far from the worst and this is only year 2 of independence. I think Holmoe has done an incredible job of lining up opponents so far, including bowl games. Is there room for improvement? Definitely! But ask yourself, would their bowl situation be any better if they were still in the MWC where if you go 12-0 you are in a BCS bowl, but if you are 11-1 you are in the Vegas Bowl. Personally, I prefer the Poinsettia Bowl over the Vegas Bowl as San Diego is a much more attractive destination than Lost Wages, and it is the worst they could possibly do as long as they are bowl eligible, while in the MWC they could get an even lesser bowl if they have a 6-6 or 7-5 record.

highland, utah

lets be honest BYU fans....you lose money going to san diego $500,00 is a very small pay out..1 loss and thats your bowl game...Utah can lose a game and still play for the NC!! BYU needs to beg the big 10!!!

Highland, UT

More utah "fan" stupidity

1st it was BYU can't schedule anyone good, but then BYU went and scheduled Texas, Notre Dame, Boise St, Georgia Tech, Nebraska, West Virginia, Houston, Wisconsin,

In otherwords utah "fans" were wrong.

Then it was "BYU can't schedule anyone good in November but then they got Notre Dame in November, and Wisconsin in November, Boise will sometimes be in November.

Now it's "BYU can't get good bowl games".

Well utah "fan" predictions have not had a very good track record of turning out the way they wish they would. I won't worry about this "prediction" either.

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

Spokane Ute

Reasonably fair comment. But even if you ARE in a BCS conference, REAL BCS bowls are few and far between. Uncommitted bowl games, ie bowls that can make a commitment to a single team, are few and far between. I'm not unhappy with this arrangement. If we finish 11-1, that could change, but hard to be too upset if we finish 11-1.

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