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Published: Wednesday, July 25 2012 12:00 a.m. MDT

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West Jordan, UT

LOVE the great games Holmoe is scheduling but I dont see BYU winning more than 6-7 games in 2013 since they will be breaking in a new QB and rebuilding most of their defense. Bronco better figure out a way to get his younger players plenty of playing time this season to prepare them for the buzz saw they will be running into the next season.

Provo, , UT

Yes! Hmmm and there goes the arguments about a weak November schedule. Wisconsin and Notre Dame in November. Looking good Cougs!

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT


Notre Dame and Wisconsin are now your "rivals"

Too bad they don't feel the same way.

Either you are in a BCS league and thus part of the national discussion(except Notre Dame) or you are not. Simple as that.

BYU loses one game(which always happens within the first two games of the season) and your season is over. No BCS games. No conference title. No national championship talk. No national attention. Nothing. Over.

byu 7-6

utah 11-2

byu fans,

remind me what your record is against the best 7 or 8 teams you've played the last 2 years?

0-8 right? LOL LOL LOL

Mildred in Fillmore
Salt Lake City, UT

Wisconsin better hope to just be able to compete with BYU, let alone win.

Utah-Hawaii Alum
Dallas, TX

Rival, or daddy? This is a one and done warm-up game for Wisconsin. They will just pound BYu relentlessly.


A new rival? That's a bit of a stretch, considering that they've played exactly one time, and the people of Wisconsin are hardly aware of who BYU is.

Nice try.

Provo, , UT

The coach is the one saying rivalry. Not BYU

Utah-Hawaii Alum
Dallas, TX

This game was leaked on Twitter two weeks ago by BYu people. There is no return game at LES. That is fiction. Wisconsin needed a cupcake and returned Holmoe's frantic call is all.

Salt Lake City, UT

If byu fans think Utah fans are drunk and hostile, wait till they go to Camp Randall. If you dont believe me look up The Chant aka P vs O. Good luck with that rivalry cougs

Salt Lake City, UT

"I dont see BYU winning more than 6-7 games in 2013 since they will be breaking in a new QB and rebuilding most of their defense. "

As fun as it might be as a Ute to taunt and agree, I'll be a voice of reason and note that it's entirely possible some of those opponents that year that are good teams now could also be rebuilding that year. Something like 8-4 + bowl game is perfectly reasonable with the schedule assuming the remaining two games with easy opponents (I wouldn't even rule out something like 9-3 + bowl) though I'd consider 7-5 + bowl to be most likely.


Hey Ute Trolls...read the article again. It isn't BYU that's calling this a rivalry, but Wisconsin's coach:

"Wisconsin coach Bret Bielema told UWBadgers.com that he is looking to develop a rivalry with BYU."

BYU simply referred to them as a quality opponent. If the Badgers want to make it a rivalry, then more power to 'em. Would prefer them over our little brothers up north!

pocatello, ID

If read what is being said up in Wisconsin. This means nothing.
They expect BYU to be a cupcake, not a rival. They have plenty of rivals in the Big 10.

Utah-Hawaii Alum
Dallas, TX

Wisconsin threw a 2 for 1 bone to BYu like Utah, UT, GTech, ND, but Nebraska gave them a 1 and done for giggles. But, Wisconsin hasn't committed for a return game, nor will they. 2013 will destroy whatever BYu seems to think about who they are. It is BYu Idaho in the making. They will just get crucified!!!!!!

Idaho Falls, ID

Who is utah?

Salt Lake City, UT

I don't see Wisconsin being a rival. Notre Dame makes a lot more sense if they end up scheduled for more than half of the years over the next decade (that's why Colorado has potential with Utah, because they won't stop playing them after two years).

@Chris B
byu 7-6
utah 11-2"

We could wait til they play the games. Exact predictions are silly anyway. Too many variables, one of which is Wynn's health.

Just looking at the two schedules suggests that 8-4 or 9-3 is pretty likely (not guaranteed) for both schools. I think BYU has a slight advantage since their schedule is a bit easier than Utah's.

Even if one thinks it's more likely than not for Utah to beat ASU, UCLA, Cal, WU, WSU, and BYU... if they have 67% odds of winning against those teams that's still a predicted 2 losses among those 6 games (and I'd put odds closer to 60% than 2/3). That still leaves USC (likely loss) and the other 5 games (likely wins but hey, upsets happen). So predicting 3-4 losses is logical. Same concept for BYU.

West Jordan, UT


Did you even read the article? It was the Wisconsin HC who threw out the rivalry word.

"Wisconsin coach Bret Bielema told UWBadgers.com that he is looking to develop a rivalry with BYU."

Omaha, NE

"We did everything we could to make the 2013 schedule as good as we could."

That is what BYU is doing too. Look at 2013!! A certain team in Utah doesn't want to play BYU and has the SEC attitude of padding your schedule cuz the conference is too tough. I admire coaches and AD's who make great schedules, which makes for a great season. Kind of the Pat Hill and his "any team, anywhere" mentality. Props to BYU and Wisconsin for scheduling tough, and not playing it safe.

"the people of Wisconsin are hardly aware of who BYU is."

Ignorance and hatred at its best right there. I've been to Wisconsin many, many times, and those football fans are as educated as anyone else. They know exactly who BYU is. Get real.

Salt Lake City, UT

Wow... Utah-Hawaii Alum is giving Chris B as the biggest BYU article troll. 10 Comments on here and 3 are your comment. By the way, neither you or Chrissy read the article you would see it was Bielema who brought up the notion of it being a rivalry. Get a clue.

"Wisconsin coach Bret Bielema told UWBadgers.com that he is looking to develop a rivalry with BYU.
Im very excited because hopefully its something that will continue to grow from here, Bielema said. There have been talks beyond next year and thats very intriguing to me."

White Salmon, WA

Belema said in an interview with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinal that they were working on the date for the return trip to Provo. Sorry Utah-Hawaii Alum, BYU does not need the a conference to get big programs to come to Provo. (see Penn State, Miami, Florida State, Wisconsin, Notre Dame, Texas, and more to come). Utah doesn't get these games without getting into the PAC 12. And to Cris B...No such thing after next year as BCS. Sorry, but your PAC 12 isn't any more of an advantage to get to the National Semi Final than BYU future schedule. If BYU goes unbeaten in 2014 with their schedule, they would get in the playoff. For the record, I don't think they will. Utah would also have to go unbeaten to get their too.

Run to SOS numbers for the 2013 schedule. BYU's is higher than Utah's based on the teams they play and their current ratings. The further evidence that some (not all) Utah fans can't get over baby brother syndrome is the fact that they show up and post on BYU articles that have nothing to do with Utah.


@WACPaddingOurSchedule, wow, did you really go through the Wisconsin articles to gather this information?

"If read what is being said up in Wisconsin. This means nothing. They expect BYU to be a cupcake, not a rival."

I'm impressed you spent so much time looking this up. Shows how dedicated you are to all things BYU!

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