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Published: Tuesday, July 24 2012 9:00 p.m. MDT

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Can anyone say "TRAP GAME!" BYU had better be ready. Leach turned a loser around his first year at TT and there's no reason to believe he won't to the same at WSU.

seattle , WA

Leach has already said this team is more talented than his first Tech team and they were not a throwing offense when he arrived, WSU is. Tuel is the goods. He tossed for nearly 3000 yards two years ago and was sacked 51 times. Last season WSU finished 9th in pass yards per game with a Senior back up that was not a PAC 12 talent as were their coaches. Marquese Wilson along with Woods from SC are the pre-season first team all-americans by every rag in existence. Paul Wulff could not coach, but the guy could flat out recruit. Their speed and size at WR is shocking. Leach plays up to 10 WR a game and of the 1st 10 all but 2 will be shorter than 6 2. This could be a very dangerous FB team as Leach's offense is so simple to learn it was installed in 4 days. The previous staff was still putting in their ridiculous offense after nearly 4 years.

This is going to be a heck of a football game.

Omaha, NE

Amen wazzucoug. What better way to start a season??!!

Omaha, NE

Historically, BYU does incredibly well with a senior QB at the helm. Hall defeated #3 Oklahoma to start the season last time there was a senior QB. That team had the defending Heisman winner and that team played for the championship the year before. (BYU also defeated Utah) BYU held that team to 13 points.

WSU is bringing back their QB who has recovered from injury, installing a new offense, and hasn't found their identity yet. They play on the road in their first game in a stadium bigger than most PAC teams. BYU's D has a lot of experience and talent.

BYU, at home, vs a team not used to winning on the road, with a senior QB, and lots and lots of returning talent, should be a win. WSU hasn't won on the road vs. a non-conference foe since 2005 vs. Nevada. Still, this will be a great matchup! Let's start the season already.

Utah-Hawaii Alum
Dallas, TX

@ Bomb,

It isn't a trap game. Wazzu will most likely be giving points to BYu. Wazzu will torch BYu's lousy secondary and have serious speed on D.

Utah-Hawaii Alum
Dallas, TX

@ Bomb,

A true "trap game" would be Utah @ USU, where Utah will be a 14+ point favorite without question. This game really worries me because Utah plays BYu the next week..........If Utah doesn't "show-up," Utah State will shock Utah and win. That is a trap game! Wazzu will pound BYu. Mike Leach had far less talent the first year at TTech, whooped Big 12 teams and he knows his stuff. The odds makers know that. Wazzu may be favored @ BYu?????? I know I'm taking Wazzu for SURE! BYu's defense is way too slow and very untalented.......other than Kyle Van Noy, who I really respect...........but he has a very tender shoulder after his recent surgery.


@Utah-Hawaii Alum,

While I respect Mike Leach immensely, I think saying he “whooped Big 12 teams” is a stretch. He went 3-8 his first year with wins against Oklahoma St, Kansas and Baylor (none of which had more than 4 wins.) I also wouldn’t call BYUs secondary “way too slow” when Wazzu’s best receiver, Marquess Wilson, runs a blistering 4.67 40. It will be a close game, but BYU should pull out a win.

Sandy, UT

According to the article, Tuel doesn't sound too much different from Riley. I'm not saying that they aren't different but, they are both Davey O'Brien award watchlisters, they've both broken their collar bones, Riley only threw for 1717 yds in 2011 compared to Tuel's 2700 in 2010, but Riley had 19 TDs compared to Tuel's 18. Seems like the main difference between them is Tuel is a passer and Riley is more broad in moving the ball. Don't get me wrong, Tuel sounds like an great QB to have especially with Washington's set of WR's, I'm just saying I think Riley and BYU's offense will match up well. It's going to be a fun game!

Frisco, TX

One thing we know for sure, this is a great football game to kick off the season. I don't understand why so many teams choose to play cupcakes (i.e. Northern Colorado) on Week 1.

I think with the new playoff, you will see more and more teams choosing to strengthen their non-conference games with fewer games against FCS teams and cupcakes. This will be good for BYU.

(And please don't give me the line about BYU's cupcakes in November. Those games were put together on short notice, and if BYU could have put better teams on the schedule, they would have. And they will play better teams in 2013, as has been announced.)

Whoa Nellie
American Fork, UT

My money is on the Cougars.

Mike Leach would be a blast to have as a hunting buddy.

How is it possible to whoop another team? Must be something they do at RES where people start whooping and hollering at each other then think a team can be defeated by whooping (shouting) at them. I would prefer that the teams I cheer for would just whup their opponents. Shouting gets us nowhere.

Austin, TX


Leach was 7-6 his first year at Tech. Your numbers are wrong.

Unless WSU lays an egg...they will destroy BYU. I saw what Utah did in Provo last year...and Utah doesn't run the Air Raid. WSU Cougars will win big.

Salt Lake City, UT

RE: teleste

Yep...in 2000 TT went 7-6, with 4 wins to start the season. Huge wins over New Mexico, Utah St, North Texas, Louisiana-Lafayete (1-10). All loosing records. Their 3 conference wins over Baylor, Kansas and OSU were also huge. Those teams went a combined 9-25 (3-21 in the Big 12). I do think WSU will hit the ground running, but the only win they will get in Utah is at RES.

Tempe, AZ

"One thing we know for sure, this is a great football game to kick off the season. I don't understand why so many teams choose to play cupcakes (i.e. Northern Colorado) on Week 1."

Is WSU a cupcake or formidable opponent? Which is it? When you talk about Utah playing WSU they're a cupcake team, but when they're playing BYU it is a difficult team.

Seems like you're changing your story more often than John Kerry.

Utah-Hawaii Alum
Dallas, TX

Wazzu will beat the tar out of BYu.

Tempe, AZ

"One thing we know for sure, this is a great football game to kick off the season. I don't understand why so many teams choose to play cupcakes (i.e. Northern Colorado) on Week 1."

Is WSU a formidable opponent or a cupcake? When you talk about Utah playing WSU it is a cupcake, but when BYU is playing WSU it is a "great game."

Which is it, monsieur?

Utah-Hawaii Alum
Dallas, TX

NMSU, UI, ISU, SJSU are such great programs. Heck, Montana State would have beat BYu last year easily. At least they never quit, like some frail team at LES. BYu is a Ute cupcake game.........that is why they are gone!

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT


You know BYU plays Weber St. in week 2, right?

bountiful, ut

Can't wait to be the first to serve crow pie to all the trolls on August 31st... I am ever so hopeful that UNCO also provides the season best upset the first night of the season. More likely to snow in July than that happening though... So I will keep the dream and the hopes alive....

Eugene, OR

WAZZU 45, BYU 13

Cougar Claws
Lindon, UT

Mike Leach is a loose cannon. There are a number of things going into the game that fall in BYU's favor but one of them which is glaringly in BYU's favor is coaching. Coach Mendenhall might not be Mr. warm and fuzzy but he stays grounded and focused. I can see Mike Leach letting emotion get the best of him. He comes across to me as the Rex Ryan of college football.

Utah Hawaii Alum:

The more I read your posts the less and less they seem to have any logical direction or make any sense. Nothing against you personally, I just fail to see what you are trying to prove with what you say.

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