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Published: Tuesday, July 24 2012 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Mcallen, TX

Our country is over flowing with jobs, and money. When Obama said he was going to "in source", he meant bringing in foreign workers.

Obama, you're sure trying, but "You're No Mitt Romney"!

Salt Lake City, Utah

Just another slap in the face to the Legal immigrants.

Eugene, OR

And meanwhile the whole Republican debt ceiling fight cost taxpayers $1.3 billion dollars. I'm sure that that the DN will be running that story any time now...

Mcallen, TX


Explain yourself.

Eugene, OR

From today's Washington Post:

"Months of political squabbling last summer between the White House and Congress over how to spend and save trillions of dollars cost taxpayers at least $1.3 billion, according to a new report

The nonpartisan Government Accountability Office said Monday that the $1.3 billion in costs came as the result of increased borrowing costs for the Treasury Department. The final cost is expected to climb higher as multi-year obligations and other outstanding costs are added later."

Raising the debt limit used to be a standard procedure that Republican had no problem, but thanks to Tea Party tantrums and hatred of Obama...


Obama may be able to give them a temporary amnesty, but he can't legally give them work permits. That will be the basis of the lawsuit against his actions. With 8.2% unemployment, he mocks the citizens and laws of our country.

KJB1-"White House and Congress" do you think we can't figure out that the Senate and Presidency are 2/3's responsible?


It seems that every article tells us they "play by the rules" it's not true. at 18.5 they are in violation of the law, at 19 they can be refused re-entry for ten years. There is a program already if effect to help them become legal at 18. If they don't follow the law, they are here illegally, just as much as their parents.

From the Congressional hearings: "Napolitano revealed that approximately 1,000 illegal aliens have already been granted deferred action pursuant to her memorandum. She also admitted that while the parents of these aliens were not explicitly granted deferred action under her memorandum, they nonetheless are eligible for prosecutorial discretion."

And there you have the truth. Piecemeal amnesty for all. The 1986 amnesty claimed 300,000, it turned out that 3 million qualified. How many will qualify this time? For the price of re-election a kingdom was lost.

Murray, UT

Just the tip of the iceberg as we end up paying for their children's schooling, medical, (Chips, baby your baby) etc. If 11.5 million cost us 113 billion, a million will cost us 10 billion dollars a year.

Add to that the American they replace, the cost of their unemployment, welfare for their family and we see why smart countries control their borders. America can't support the third world on our shores anymore.

By contrast, a legal immigrant is not entitled to our social services for 5 years. The ACLU should be suing the government for the unfair treatment they have received. Maybe they will represent Americans so we can get our jobs back.

Taylorsville, UT

What kind of nonsense is this? $585 million dollars? It will be closer to $585 BILLION if you factor in the food stamps ($46,000/yr ea.), welfare, rent subsidies through HUD, and wage subsidizes given business and of course the trillions of Obama phones the foreign nationals are handed as taxpayers gifts as soon as the cross the border, or maybe even before swimming the Rio so they can set up occupation rondavou points.

And we haven't even touched on the losses to IRS and state income tax, SSA, Medicare, Medicaid, and public blinders.

This folly and cost lie is just the tip, and the further they penetrate our arses the more it costs us.

Salt Lake City, UT

This headline is misleading. If you read the article, it says that most, if not all the cost would be offset by fees. DN, I am disappointed.

Glendale, AZ

The real story is never told. While the costs are alledgedly offset by charging for applications, there are also unstated "waivers" that may be given. Translation: the taxpayers will get hit again. Second, the real costs are the additional jobs that will be given to non-citizens while millions go unemployed. We, as a nation, are broke. But no one seems to care anymore.

As to the comment on infighting has cost us billions and blaming the Republicans for fighting against further borrowing, remember, it takes two to cause a fight, and both parties are at fault.

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