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Published: Tuesday, July 24 2012 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Cottonwood Heights, UT

Be careful Mitt you were the one who said we should not be going into Pakistan after a bin Ladin without Pakistan's permission. Mitt has not shown he has a handle on foreign policy. His misstatements about the Chinese defector and a pending threat from Russia were untimely and inappropriate.


At a fundraiser Sunday night in San Francisco, Romney recounted his version of a conversation he had earlier in the day with Bob Carr, the Australian foreign minister. Romney claimed that Carr had told him in their private meeting that America was “in decline,” but that the situation could be turned around if an appropriate budget deal is reached.

Carr took issue with Romney’s characterization of the events. Carr said in a statement released by the Embassy of Australia that “his remark that ‘America is just one budget deal away from ending all talk of America being in decline’ was in praise of America’s economic strengths.”

American Fork, UT

These are easy shots for an outsider to take.

Clearfield, UT

Romney once again proves himself to be a cheap, crass, mendacious political hack. He should be ashamed of himself, but I don't think he's capable of that type of honor. Sad.

Hayden, ID

Imagine the outcry from the left if these leaks had occurred under a Republican President! As it is, all is pretty much silent from the left on these leaks, the Solyndra scam, the GSA debacle, Fast and Furious cover-up, the failed bailouts and all the rest. There seems to be no accountability whatsoever for the failings, blunders and cover-ups of the Obama administration, except blaming anyone who dares to ask questions about these scandals! Don’t blame the person who is in charge, blame those who ask honest questions; right out of the Democrat playbook.

There You Go Again
Saint George, UT

"...Romney noted Sunday that key ally Australia's foreign minister, Bob Carr, had told him during a private meeting that the United States was "in decline." However, Carr on Monday denied that he was criticizing the U.S....".

Why would a foreign minister of a key ally lie to an expert job creator?

metamora, IL

Furry says: "Romney once again proves himself to be a cheap, crass, mendacious political hack."

And therefore he is at least to rungs above our current president on the political ladder.

Happy Valley Heretic
Orem, UT

Romney is a weak little man like bush who did nothing

Johnny Triumph
American Fork, UT

If someone in the Obama administration was leaking info w/o Obama's knowledge it still falls on Obama's head for being the man in charge. Those in charge are held responsible for things they should have had control over but didn't, it should be no different in politics. Feinstein is accurately condemning Obama even while she thinks she's supporting him. This isn't going to go well for the Dems in this election.

a bit of reality
Shawnee Mission, KS

Would a president deliberately leak confidential information because doing so would make himself look *good*? I doubt it--the leak is having the opposite effect as anybody would have guessed.

The presidential candidate who is making the leaks political is Romney.


The facts:

"Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., who chairs the Senate Intelligence Committee, told a World Affairs Council forum yesterday, "I think the White House has to understand that some of this is coming from their ranks."

Feinstein absolved Obama himself; "I don't believe for a moment that he goes out and talks about it" (7/23/2012)

Attorney General Eric Holder has assigned a pair of federal prosecutors to investigate the sources of the news stories in question. (June 8, 2012)

Said Feinstein: "I'm on record as being disturbed by these leaks, and I regret my remarks are being used to impugn President Obama or his commitment to protecting national security secrets. I know for a fact the president is extremely troubled by these leaks. His administration has moved aggressively to appoint two independent U.S. attorneys. There is an investigation under way, and it is moving forward quickly.

re:Johnny Triumph
"it still falls on Obama's head for being the man in charge."

And Romney is responsible for anything Bain did as long as he was CEO, Chairman and sole shareholder.

Clearfield, UT

To metamoracoug 1:07 p.m. July 24, 2012

Furry says: "Romney once again proves himself to be a cheap, crass, mendacious political hack."

And therefore he is at least to rungs above our current president on the political ladder.


Rungs above? Only if you're judging by their deficiencies. I don't like and don't want Obama, but Romney is much, much worse.

Clinton, UT

Romney is right. People have to realize that there IS a conspiracy to bring this country down. The UN is part of it as well as MANY, MANY of our oldest families, big pharma and many of our members of Congress. If the idea is to discredit the US how better to do it than from the FRAUD-in-Chief who is currently in the WH? And his little dog HOLDER too? Romney really is our ONLY hope. If this FRAUD is re-elected, the US will be forever changed into something NONE of us want! VOTE ROMNEY2012!

Mcallen, TX


Forget the rhetoric. Give some specific facts.

Alpine, UT

If this leak is to be properly investigated, it should be by an independent investigation committee, one not assigned by the WH, which only creates a glaring conflict of interest in this case. Washington has proven itself not to be trustworthy of the people's best interest for a long time.

Kaysville, UT

President Obama his own staff and the Department of Defense and Secretary of State's staff and the CIA and other Intelligence agencies to provide him input and data. Governor Romney does not have access to that information and has said he would not play politics with that kind of sensitive and secret information. Leaks should not even happen as it is against the law and rules of law and order. A candidate from outside the government doesn't have that kind of access and even if that person is elected and then has some forms of information provided prior to inauguration isn't the keeper of that information nor the releaser. On 20 January 2013, whoever is elected is the then the keeper and releaser. Governor Romney is limited to information from the media just as all of us are. With that being said, he is very limited on the REAL information out there. That is the interesting part of the next 3 plus months as the President is able to show some potential reliability without much that a non-incumbent can do about it. Governor Romney is probably correct but cannot definitively have the classified information for months.

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

Mitt is desperate. Look how foolish he was to bring his own (paid for) cheering section at the NAACP convention. Can't get any more desperate than that.
And now he's trying to bring down The President for doing something repubs failed to do when it was really their only mission.
Obama wins this one big.

Bronx, NY

and romneys commenting on it would be..................? oh thats right political rhetoric.

Layton, UT

Obama's failure to stop intelligence leaks only demonstrate the need for his removal.

no fit in SG
St.George, Utah

Mitt Romney is evolving into a sad and desperate candidate. He has told the public a series of lies about his personal life, work history, not to mention his finances. He is frightened and making mistakes in serious areas. Heaven help the US when he says some outrageous thing in a foreign country. We are already seeing and hearing Mitt's crazy statements via foreign leaders.
On the DN and many other forums, we now observe how the public is having their eyes opened to this man. Must be a massive disappointment for Repubs and many other famous supporters, which, obviously goes far beyond anything their words can express. Particularly tragic for his family and close friends.
Transparency(or Mitt's lack of it) has not been a good thing for Mr. Romney.

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