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Published: Monday, July 23 2012 9:00 p.m. MDT

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Park City, UT


I have no idea what you are talking about here. The last three free agents we just signed hit more 3 pointers than the entire Jazz team last year(Mo, Marvin, and Foye). Our outside shooting will be much improved next year. None of the new players is signed for more than two years so we have not picked up any "bad contracts" from the Clippers. We will also still be one of the younger teams in the NBA next year with room to deal in the summer of 2013 along with Golden States pick. We replaced CJ, Bell, and Harris with much better players. I like the moves we have made this off season and think we will be better next year.

Tokyo, Japan

i have to partly agree with coleman51 but not entirely...the reason why i would agree is that the young guys on the team should get major minutes and get the most out of the plays to speed up their improvement and learning...D-League minutes wont help a lot due to the competition level...if this kids get to play a bulk of minutes...they would either crash and burn...or rise up and improve...but as we all know...its about continuity...being a playoff team...plus the difference between OKC and us...is Sam Presti and Luck...i won't agree on doing it entirely via draft...i think you should pick your spots...a mix of quality veteran players...is still better than going all young...

Orem, UT

The people who think that the players we are acquiring this summer is taking us anywhere are delusional. If one looks at the pre-draft camps, the athleticism of these young players are dramatically superior to those even five years ago. That is why the teams who are going younger will be much better than we will be because we have a management team that is stuck in the past and will not build for our future. You homers who believe that the crop of players we have acquired this summer are making our team better are also stuck with the same mind-set. Rather than improve our team, we have make it much less competitive. Oklahoma City is not the only example, look at the young guards for Philadelphia who are quickly becoming the backbone of their franchise. Other teams have woke up to that reality and are going young. The Utah Jazz are going in the opposite direction.

sandy, ut

I read your first comment and am starting to wonder if you even follow the NBA or know anything about it. Stating that the jazz got only players that nobody else wanted is rediculous. Lets just compare the players they lost, and the players that they gained and if you still think the jazz didn't improve then you clearly don't know basketball.

Lost: Cj Miles, Raja Bell, Josh Howard, Devin Harris

Gained: Marvin Williams, Mo Williams, Randy Foye

Now if you look at those 2 lists the first list of players lost is a list of players that no teams really wants. I wouldn't mind having Howard back, but the others should not even be in the nba. So yes, they have improved with decent players.

Farmington, UT

Note that the three new acquisitions--Marvin Williams, Mo Williams, and Randy Foye--are relatively solid from the 3--but they're below average inside the arc.

It just might be that this is the plan--if the offense needs a jumper from 15-20 feet out, AJ and Millsap should be shooting that; And now we're getting a few options who can hit from 22-25 feet out.

Foye is a good kid and will be a great fit with the Jazz. He'll take some pressure from Burks, who simply isn't ready to start 82 games at SG, and will provide some solid perimeter defense, something we haven't had for a few years.

Tokyo, Japan

coleman51 isnt really out of the point...but...sometimes you dont need athleticism...all you need is a very effective system...right now we dont have the system...the athletic guys we have...are the young ones...and they arent even starting..let's all just hope that we dont lose Favors, Kanter, Burks and Hayward through free agency...i think they should give them ample minutes next season...and more opportunities on offense...run plays for each position so that we wouldnt be too predictable...

Salt Lake City, UT

So this just re-assures utah's 7th place in the division?

sandy, ut

Johnson72 - your comment about the jazz being 7th in the division shows your lack of general and basic knowledge of basketball and the NBA. There aren't 7 teams in the division, there are only 5. You have to know what you are talking about before you bash a team.

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