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Published: Monday, July 23 2012 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA

Interesting that this kid's final three are Duke, Kentucky, and Michigan St. I would have thought he'd have substituted North Carolina in for Michigan St. Don't get me wrong, I love Michigan St, but if I were a basketball player, I'd have viewed MSU as more of a football school, and one who academically, doesn't hold a candle to Duke or UNC. With Duke and UNC, you get a great rivalry, great basketball, and superb pipeline into the NBA. With UK, you just get the pipeline to the NBA. And in my opinion Duke, UNC, and UK have been more successful than MSU in putting players into the NBA.

Ann Arbor, MI

Naval vet,

As much as MSU wants to be a football school...they are a basketball school. MSU is only 3 hours from Chicago so I'm sure that played into it.

Once bYu fans get wind that Jabari rejected their school they'll turn on him...just watch.

Chris Barkdull


I guess that is where you are wrong. I hope all the best for Jabari, he will play one maybe two years at the most. It would have been great for him to come to the Y. I will follow him in the news but if he is not a Cougar, I won't lose any sleep.

Good luck Jabari and he can still come to the Y. Even Thomas Monson is a BYU fan :-)


Most BYU fans don't think there is any chance that Parker would go to BYU. Sure, there's a few that do, but why would their disappointment be treated differently than fans of other schools.

Boise, ID

Maybe I am naive but I am not giving up hope yet for Jabari becoming a Cougar legend.

If not, I look forward to following Jabari wherever he goes.

South Jordan, UT

As if....

Good luck Jabari.

The only time he sets foot in this state is on an NBA floor one day.

rock springs, wy

I would like to see Jabari at BYU and think it would be a good fit for him. I don't really think it matters where he plays his first and only college year; he'll be a top five NBA pick anyway. I will be a fan of his no matter where he goes-unless of course it was Utah, but then that really isn't likely is it?


I really don't think he'll be coming to BYU, but I read the actual Roy Schmidt article and I'll wait till Jabari Parker personally announces what schools he is considering before I give up hope :)

Brownsburg, IN

I don't see him going to the Y. I'd loved to see him there but for better career training he should go somewhere else.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

I think this is the most baseless article I've read in awhile. Is Parker coming to the Y? Probably not. But the fact is that this is an article written by someone who covers Illinois recruiting saying he think that his top 3 are Duke, MSU, and UK. Nothing more than that. And what would make him an authority is beyond me. He knows the Parkers, as do anyone who have interviewed them during the recruiting process. That makes him have an 'inside track' on this scoop? Not likely

IA Cougar
West Des Moines, IA

I'm not hoping he will come to BYU at all. Sounds like a great kid, but ultimately will play for whomever for one year and that is it. BYU needs four year kids who can help build a program. I don't see him as fitting that mold at all. Don't get me wrong, it would be cool if he came but I'm not into one year wonders. They play for Kentucky and Duke, North Carolina and those type of schools. Great for them but hard on the fans who want to cheer for people year in and year out. I wish him well but really feel BYU has NO shot at him anyway. Doesn't deter me though. GO COUGS!

South Jordan, Utah

The kid is a stud - both on and off the court. I will watch and pull for him wherever he goes.

Go Cougs!

Idaho Falls, ID

I'm shocked that no school was mentioned from that basketball power conference - Pac-12.

Cedar Hills, UT

I look forward to watching him at Duke. I really like this kid and hope he does well.

Salt Lake City, UT

@Naval Vet
Michigan State's a really good school with one of the best coaches in the nation. They've been to 6 final 4's in the past 13 years under Izzo. True they aren't quite as consistently top tier as UNC but remember Michigan State is probably the closest elite school to him (Kentucky is probably second closest).

Pleasant Grove, UT

Love the Y however, I am a big time Duke fan and that is where I have always hoped he would go.

Please update me if anyone else has left the U basketball program. I heard Jabari had Utes in his top 165 behind SLCC, Dixie, and Snow and West Minister.

Wendall Hoop
Murray, UT

EdGrady - nope no mention of it. see you in september.

CO Ute

Hard to argue with any of the schools listed.

Springville, UT

All this speculation regarding Parker is interesting, but probably won't really matter in the next three to four years. Some kids who are highly touted coming out of high school don't do well in the college environment. And the same goes for highly decorated college athletes who transition to the professional arena (Fredette comes to mind).

Will he be a great NBA player? Maybe. But, maybe not.

And for what it's worth. Though Dick Harmon likes to encourage the gossip and rumour mills regarding BYU, Parker would be wise to pick a school that will work him the most and get him a better opportunity long term. And under that scenario, BYU doesn't cut it.

It's like a high school graduate with offers from Stanford and BYU. Which school will help propel you best?

BYU's a good school--and even great in some areas (their accounting program is among the top three in the nation). But they won't help Parker as well as the three schools listed.

West Jordan, Utah

@Naval Vet

Michigan State more of a football school? Uh, wrong. Spartans aren't Wolverines. Michigan State has been one of the best basketball schools the last ten years. Tom Izzo would be a great coach for Jabari Parker to play for.

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