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Published: Sunday, July 22 2012 10:00 p.m. MDT

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Orem, UT

If SUWA is against it, then I am for it.

embarrassed Utahn!
Salt Lake City, UT

A whole lot of Utahns rail at government intrusion and wasteful spending, and they'll quietly sit by and watch Herbert waste millions of taxpayer dollars. Hypocrisy?

Sandy, UT

Give the land back to Utah and it will be overrun with oil companies, SUVs, and ATVs.

ute alumni
Tengoku, UT

feds always do a better job of everything, just look at the financial condition of the country. it is UTAH's land. let them deal with it.

Salt Lake City, UT

If SUWA is against it, then I am against it. Now that should really clear up the issue.

aunt lucy
Looneyville, UT

Go Governor Herbert!! This Uthan stands behind you!

Ogden, UT

There is plenty of private land for developers to develop on. They want the land for free or very cheap. You need to see this for what it is; a land grab, by some very wealthy people. There is plenty of private land that they could buy, but they consider the price too high. The alternative, get the government to give you the land. Wake up Utah. When they say that they want to take the land back from the Feds and share it with the developers, what they are really saying is that they want to take it from you and me and give it to their rich partners or keep it for themselves.

King George, VA

Instead of focusing on lands tht are owned by all US taxpayers, Gov. Herbert should focus on the sound management of lands owned by Utah taxpayers. Let's hear some bragging about how great that's being done. Are the Utah state parks the best in the nation? Do folks from all over the country flock to them? The US taxpayer owned lands in Utah are among the most visited in the country. It's mystifying why Governor Herbert wouuldn't be exploiting those golden eggs. Don't kill the goose Gov. Herbert!

American Fork, UT

SUWA is extreme but I still support them. I feel like Gov Herbert is so far out there that you have to fight extremism with extremism, maybe then we will end up in the middle.

First it's unconstitutional.

Then, how much have the feds spent on fires this year alone? Add to that the 300 million spent every year managing the lands.... We should thank them for doing such a good job that we can sit back and benefit from the billions of tourism dollars spent here.

The state having full control would open the flood gates for corruption and crony capitalism.

ATV riders complain about the lack of access. If you think access is bad now just wait until the no ATV sign is replaced by a private property no trespassing sign.

The Wellsville mountains in Utah were once private land. The citizens below the mountains got so fed up with the erosion and flooding caused by poor management they pooled their money together and purchased the lands themselves, they then donated them to the Forest Service.

If you want to know what it's like without public lands move to Ohio.

Just remember Cooke/Rampton this November.

hymn to the silent
Holladay, UT

SUWA has gone way to far, closing off access to lands that were once open to recreational use by everybody: hikers, bikers, ATVs...since when does an organization made up mostly of out-of-state liberals know more about what the local public wants than the local public? SUWA has been an economic disaster for the state. Time to get back to fair and balanced. I enjoy all forms of outdoor recreation, have generations of ranchers in my family line, and I'm sick and tired of Clinton, Obama, Bush (designated military training zones) and all other federal politicians kicking our lands around to make points with special interest groups. The state managed things just fine for hundreds of years. The federal government in Utah has a long history of gong against the will of the public. I'm certain we can find solutions that keep everybody happy, employed and enjoying the incredible place that Utah is...without politicians who have never even visited here!

Roosevelt, UT

I am guessing Gov Herbert has run out of things to govern, so he is suing the federal government. No wonder people sue McDonalds for spilled hot coffee.

By suing the fed government he can fight unemployment by keeping the lawyers busy and working. Like other elected people from Utah Gov Herbert is out of touch with the regular taxpayer, money means nothing to him.

By the time this washes out expect another 12 million to be kicked in by the losing party, that being the taxpayer.

When I go in the backcountry I do not care if the state or the feds own it. It does cost money to maintain so I am guessing Herbert can pay for it out of his never ending supply of state funds

Salt Lake City, UT

The funny thing about eminent domain is that you need to pay for the land first. I see our budget every year and we are just scraping by since our budget must be balanced by the end of each legislative general session. We can't afford to buy the land even if it was constitutional, which it isn't. So, now we spend money on legal battles we cannot win.

Even if we got the land we cannot afford to maintain it. One wildfire could cost our entire discretionary budget for a year or two.

This issue was not thought through very well. It is a money pit either way it goes.

Mapleton, UT

Utah should manage their land. They were doing fine until the feds took it over. Why wouldn't we be fine now? From what I see in the news there appears to be much more illegal stuff going on in the land than were ever going on before.

With the costs of Common Core (Education) getting more and more visible, the Governor has to have some resource of income if we can't currently get it. Supposedly the current changes in Common Core isn't going to cost Utah a dime., but those who are watching the costs know that it does cost and will cost. I don't see managing our own lands as a problem.

one old man
Ogden, UT

Utah lunacy is frequently demonstrated in the Governor's office and, of course, in our infamous loonislature. Thank goodness there are organizations like SUWA to try to stop it with occasional doses of sanity.


SUWA is wrong on this one, as they usually are. The responsibility for public lands in Utah should rest with those who reside here and stand to lose or benefit the most from any regulations. SUWA simply wants the federal gov't in control because then every other liberal crony in the country will determine what is right for us in Utah. We need to get the Federal government out of everything that we can. We send the money to Washington in the first place and then get a small percentage of it back. The money should stay here in Utah where we as a state have control over how it will be spent. The federal government is nothing more than a huge black hole of bloated bureacracy and is the least capable organization when it comes to getting value for the dollars spent.

HS Fan
Salt Lake City, UT

Going to donate another grand to SUWA. SUWA exists because of politcans like Herbert. These are public lands and don't belong to Utahns. Proximity does not give us more rights than citizens living outside the state. Thank God to SUWA!!

DN Subscriber
Cottonwood Heights, UT

"5.7 million" environmental wackos are usually wrong.

SUWA folks need to take a good hike and leave land management to the grown ups used to dealing with responsible issues, nut just issuing outrageous press releases.

Gotta go with Gov. Herbert on this one, and with anyone else SUWA opposes on anything else.

Blanding, UT

Those of us who have seen the heavy hand of federal agencies spurred on by extremists are in a knowledgeable position to comment on the issue of the state receiving control of land now controlled by the BLM and the US Forest Service. I support Governor Herbert in this action. These lands belong to the people of Utah. The wealth that will come to the state when multiple use is properly implemented will more than make up for loss of federal funds. Besides, the federal government is rapidly going bankrupt and is not a good model for the state to follow. The current federal management plans are aimed at denying access to people who want nothing more than to see and enjoy. I have already been shut out of places I love to visit and each new plan from SUWA brings more restrictions and denial of access.

Centerville, UT

The Gov has got my vote and support with his stance of having Utah manage Utah! SUWA is a eco terrist group that would leave me out of access to lands my family and I have been using for generations. GO GOV!

Wayne Rout
El Paso, TX

Wow, so the federal government can do a better job than the state? I've never heard of that ever happening. The federal government can't afford to do anything, they just don't know it yet. The idea that things are best done by Obama is not working. Place the control with the state and it will cost less, be more responsive to all the people, and allow the citizens access to their public lands.

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