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Published: Friday, July 20 2012 5:00 p.m. MDT

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Floyd Johnson
Broken Arrow, OK

Josh: Thank you for your years at BYU. We respect your abilities and your character. We will continue to be your fans, and we all hope that you are able to find what you are looking for.

Cougar Nation

Tom in CA
Vallejo, CA

Chris B:

How can you look at the BYU 2013 schedule, and say it's a WAC schedule. The 2013 Cougar SOS is much stronger than most other programs including yours. Grow up dude.

Bountiful, UT

Good luck young man. May your future be bright.

Murray, UT

Too bad that it didnt work out but good luck to you Josh where ever you go.


I don't understand people who say non-LDS kids can't fit in in Provo. I graduated from the USAFA and there were people who dropped out who father was a high ranking officer and lived on Air Force bases all of their lives. I also knew Cadets, some from the inner city, who had no one in their family in the military who not only graduated but are still serving in the USAF to this day. To stay a person leaves Provo simply because they are not LDS is silly. When a athlete or a student leaves a college, it is a very difficult decision. Some people need to stop judging this guy and move on. There have been several failures at BYU that are LDS.

Billy Budd
Saint George, UT

Many players "decide" to leave programs over playing time or academic issues etc., but it seems few actually follow through.
120 FBS teams X 85 scholarships = 10,200.
Out of approx. 10,200 players, how many actually transfer?
3 to 5%?
Whatever the number, it's especially disconcerting, at least for fans, when the transfering player has never been/had a problem not to mention the fact that he has been a bona fide producer/contributor, even when playing through nagging injuries.
1 of the 4 mentioned replacements will have to step-up.
Good luck to Juice as he moves forward with his life.

Frisco, TX

@utahcountyute - "And I thought the U bball team was bad."

No thinking required, they are bad. But what does that have to do with this article?

There is no doubt that Josh will be missed. He and Alisa would have made a nice 1 - 2 combo. Hopefully, Alisa will stay healthy and one of the young backs will step up. I have to admit, I'm very excited to see what Adam Hine can do. It feels like I've been waiting for his debut for five years since he fist committed in high school. I thought he would have a limited role behind Alisa and Juice, but this could thrust him into the spotlight.

Salt Lake City, UT

Josh was my son's dorm advisor for camp this summer. My son said Josh was the best thing about his experience at bball camp. We waited an extra hour on the last day so my son could give him a hug.

Good dude. Wishing you all the best bro.

Salt Lake City, UT

@Tom in CA
"The 2013 Cougar SOS is much stronger than most other programs including yours."

I wouldn't say "including yours" but I'll say that it's a quality schedule. The biggest question mark is that we just don't know how good Boise and Houston will be without their departing QBs, whether Stanford or Oregon will still be elite, or if any of the other schools on either teams schedule will step up and become a great team. Basically it's too premature to say whose schedule is tougher in 2013. Safe guess is that they're fairly equivalent in difficulty.

The Rock
Federal Way, WA

Josh had a brother pass away last year. Maybe he just feels the need to be closer to his family. I know I would.

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