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Published: Thursday, July 19 2012 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Centerville, UT

Something is wrong with this father.

Midwest Mom
Soldiers Grove, WI

Something is wrong with this story. Family problems are complex and personal. One can just as easily vilify the mother for publicizing her daughter's family dysfunction. Whatever the real issues, the child loses when parents paint each other in an unsavory light.

Cedar Hills, UT

This is ridiculous. I agree with the father. If the kid wants to go to Disney World that bad, but isn't terminally ill, and the mom thinks she should go, the mom should start finding a way to pay for it instead of expecting it to fall into her lap.

South Jordan, UT

No, I'm sorry, the father is the problem here. This is a trip that was postponed TWICE because the little girl was too sick to go. Now she is finally well enough to travel, and dear old Daddy, who just got visitation rights, decides he wants to take out whatever frustrations he has on his ex-girlfriend and little girl by denying them this trip. This is a total power play by the father, and indicates that HE wants control.

Make-A-Wish trips are not just for the terminally ill; they are granted to children with serious illnesses as well. It is not the place of this man to dictate to ANYONE how those donations will be used. Kudos to the community for stepping up in place of a father who won't.

Florissant, MO

How much has this little girl suffered??? Of course she could not go when she was terribly ill, but what is wrong with letting her go now when she feels better. When someone has the stomach flu, they don't eat much food, so you don't take them out for a birthday dinner if they have the flu on their birthday. So should you not take them later when they feel better and can eat? Good grief dad, get over yourself. But I am not sure that it is right for mom to bring a family matter to the public, what is more wrong, a father denying his child an activity or the mother making it a public matter. I think mom is worse then dad.

hunter gal
Kaysville, UT

Make-A-Wish mission is to grant wishes to children with life threatening illness; regardless if they are really sick or in remission. They don't say if you go in remission or get feeling better than you can't go. This father's reason for denying his daughter this wonderful experience, is something other than what he says. There is some underlying reason. It is truely sad, that he feels the need to deny his child, that he barely knows, this opportunity. Kudo's to the community that is stepping in to send her on her wish.


tholyoak: Have you ever had a child with cancer or a life-threatening disease? Ever raised a child with a disability? If so, then I guess you can complain. Your comment is very callous and unfeeling.

Des Moines, IA

I'm with Z. This dad is totally making a power play here, and he is completely off base doing so. The truth about the little girl is that remission is just that, remission. It doesn't mean cured, it doesn't mean out of the woods, it just means on hold for an unknown amount of time. This little girl has gone through so much, and the dad is just trying to throw his weight around to prove that he has the right to say no. Just because you legally can put a stop to something doesn't mean you should. He is completely out of line here and should put his differences with his ex-girlfriend aside and do what's best for their sick child.

Cedar Hills, UT

twinfallsid, I apologize if I came across as callous and unfeeling. I do actually have a child that died of a birth defect, but that's beside the point. The impression I got from the article is that the mother felt entitled to something that the father thought would better serve a child in greater need. I thought that was very considerate of the father.

Canada, 00

This is a sad loop hole in the Make a Wish Foundation policy that is being exploited. Visitation or having your name on a birth certificate does not give you the legal right to make decisions on behalf of a child, generally you need at least partial custody.

This little girl is in remission and won't be deemed cancer free for five years. She could have active cancer again any time and become once again too sick to travel. Make a Wish is not just for terminal children and if this little girl qualifies under their policies that should be good enough. She has been looking forward to this trip which has been postponed twice because she was too sick to go. Why deny her the opportunity now?

This "father" appears to have a gift for saying things that on the surface sound logical but under closer inspection smack of emotional abuse and control. I suspect there are good reasons he hasn't had visitation until recently.

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