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Published: Thursday, July 19 2012 11:00 a.m. MDT

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Springville, UT

That 2013 schedule is shaping up to be awesome! It will be really interesting with a new QB, too. That's why they went independent, though, for a chance to prove that they could play with the big boys. Exposure is a double-edged sword. Gotta win those games. It'll be a baptism by fire for whoever starts at QB next year. Luckily, it looks like the D will be really good, and that always helps.

Syracuse, UT

So your saying that Big 10 teams will even play BYU too, and Utah thought they had the only home and home with a big 10 team in the state.

Salem, Ut

See you later, Utah. I'll take the Badgers over the "cowardly" Utes any time.


Ute fan here. Credit where it's due: props to BYU on scheduling a solid opponent. Here's hoping the scheduling keeps improving, as I'm sure it will.

South Jordan, Utah

I'll be really disappointed in Holmoe and BYU if we simply sit by and "wait" for Utah to determine when it is ok to continue the series. Utah doesn't want to play us - then CANCEL the series. It is clear based on how 2013 is shaping up that BYU is not afraid of playing as many quality teams as possible.

Go away Utah.

Tom in CA
Vallejo, CA

I remember a long time ago, Johnny Come Lately (aka Chris B), when we played Michigan. Anyone else recall that year??

South Jordan, UT

Congrats to BYU. Tough games for sure.

Bluffdale, UT

Utah cancels and runs scared so what does BYU do? They schedule Wisconsin. Huge upgrade.

Woods Cross, UT

Yeah, I remember that year. Wasn't Michigan unranked and hovering around .500?

Iowa City, IA

Awesome schedule for year three! Great time to be a Cougar fan!! When teams like Wisconsin start scheduling us, I can see why Utah is afraid to play BYU. Utah isn't ready to hang with the big boys. They need some softies.

Hey Tom is CA, didn't BYU beat Michigan for the National Championship? Oh, that's right they did. Hey Chris B. If you lose four games and your still inches away from the Rose Bowl...Your conference stinks!!!

bountiful, ut

Ute trolls wake up and smell the coffee! The Deseret News has a staff member once again guilty of citing an article that only cited a nameless source.... The announcement hasn't been officially made as a visit to the uwbagers site and byucougars site will both confirm.... Until it comes from Tom it isn't official and I will bet you my entire week's salary that when it comes from him we will have both the 2013 date and the visit to Provo date within that short 30 minutes of talk.

Salt Lake City, UT

Tom in CA
I am pretty sure Michigan will be better than 6-6 this time around.

Orem, UT

Another Ute here, this is exciting news for the Y. Not only is it a top tier game, but it is a top tier game in Nov. That 2013 schedule could tops the nation in SOS. Though I wouldn't trade places with the Y for the world that schedule could be exciting if BYU can match up.

Farmington, UT

"Disagree? Please provide evidence..."

BYU beat Utah State and Tulsa last year who both had winning records. In 2010 BYU beat Washington and San Diego State. Not sure where you came up with 0-8. But by all means don't let facts get in the way of a good rant.

Provo, UT

Wow, I really hope the reports of our current QB situation change. Our starting QB is a senior and so is his backup. That means that whomever gets the nod as the key slinger next year is going to get pounded. I REALLY hope our O-Line is solid or we're in for a very long season. Love the idea of playing all these storied and up-and-coming opponents. I just hope we do something more to prepare for it.

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

Here's to our newest, best and only rival, our friend and partner in going independent - Utah State. May we be in a position in the future to return the favors.

As the Aggies improve their program, and Utah shows their colors, on the Cougars ever-improving schedule may there always be room for THE (other) UNIVERSITY OF UTAH - Utah State! I even like your colors.

Columbus, OH

"We lose 4 games - are still just inches away from a BCS conference championship game with Rose Bowl on the line."

Not only does this illustrate what a sad-sack conference the PAC was last year, it seems to imply that had you made it to the game, there would have been a chance of winning. There wouldn't have been. You would have been there only because USC was on probation, and you would have gotten destroyed, just like UCLA did. This is a terrible argument for why Utah is better. Hilarious.

Bountiful, UT

Tom, I think the Michigan game was in 2008.

Salt Lake City, UT

@Chris B.
"1) Your record against teams within winning records over the past 2 years: 0-8"

That's false. They won a bowl game last year against a team over .500.

And uh... the final Sagarin rankings last year using the rating method (the better one to use since it accounts for scoring margins as well as win/loss) had BYU 34th and Utah 39th. The year before Utah was 26th and BYU 45th. Another year prior had BYU 15th and Utah 24th. Then of course in 2008 Utah's undefeated season had them ranked 5th while BYU was ranked 32nd. In 2007 it was BYU 17th Utah 34th.

So the 5 year average has it at Utah: 25.6 BYU: 28.6

Two things from that: 1. Both teams are more than qualified to be among the 60 or so BCS schools. 2. It's a rather small difference and as a Ute myself it'd be silly to pretend there's any real significant gap between the two programs.

U 90
Corona, CA

Props to BYU for putting together a strong Indy schedule for 2013. Regardless of the significant improvements they're making, I still think it would be a lot more fun to see them in the Big12 but their commitment to BYU-TV is probably the wedge that prevents an invitation (the BIG12 would probably make concessions on the Sunday play issue).

Wouldn't it be more fun if there was a conference championship to play for every year.... even if there were a couple of early season losses?

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