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Published: Wednesday, July 18 2012 9:00 p.m. MDT

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Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Told you so! Byu players are not "athletes" and therefore dont belong with the big boys(bcs leagues, nba, nfl).

Iowa City, IA

Jimmer will be just fine. It will all come together. It's not like he has a ton of pressure on him. He knows there are people like Chris B. out there cheering for him to fail.

Jimmer will get his Jimmer on.

Granstville, UT

Hey, cut Jimmer some slack. Afterall, he went to the school people love to hate, and he can't get that out of his system. Perhaps if he does, he may be able to fit in on another team, he's done in Sac Town, so maybe he'll become a jazz man.

Salt Lake City, UT

I sure hope the Kings trade Jimmer. Send him to a team that could actually use some shooting, not just a team that keeps drafting more guards.

Salt Lake City, UT

I wonder, what kind of an athlete is Chris B? Enough of an athlete to call out the former consensus college player of the year? He's right, that was all just luck. He knows way more than all those coaches and journalists. Only Chris would have the audacity to talk trash about a dude that ran his team off their own court. He can't be older than 14 with how he reasons. Now to truth. Jimmer needs to get out of Sac. They've destroyed his confidence, and he let it happen. Dude needs to be a shooting guard, not a point. He's a spot guy that can create when necessary. It just isn't the right system, too many egos and insecurities from his teammates. He needed the green light last year, but with half of his teammates getting in his face when he shot too much, he was bound to lose his edge. I would like to see him here.

West Jordan, Utah

Where would Jimmer fit on the Jazz?

I understand the love for Jimmer but think it through. Do ya'll want Jimmer playing over Mo Williams, Alec Burks, and Gordon Hayward?

Jimmer was a legendary college player. That ship has sailed and he will be fighting for the NBA journeyman role from here on out.

I will eat crow if I am wrong, but things are turning out for Jimmer the way I thought they would. I do think he could be more productive on a new team, and he might light up the scoreboard on occasion, but Jimmer is a low minute guy who can give a team a long range spark off the bench from time to time (a la Eddie House).

Southern Born

I completely agree with gdog3finally. I'm not a BYU fan and I'm not a Utah fan so I'm completely unbiased. I'm a basketball fan therefore I loved watching Jimmer play in college but I'm realistic about his limitations in the NBA. Ironhide makes me laugh with his comment that Jimmer needs to be a two guard... seriously? In the NBA? Jimmer shouldn't be slotted for a position other than a solid role player/shooter. He is too short and too slow to ever be a legitimate starter in this league. You say, we (Jazz) need him... no thanks. I can think of no less than 10 "shooters" I would rather have on my team than Jimmer.

U 90
Corona, CA

Jimmer can and should play the point, however he needs to pattern his game after pass first point guards like Nash & Stockton. While he scored points in bucket loads at BYU he's not going to do that in the NBA. If he wants a long NBA career he needs to put up numbers like 9 assist and 14 pts per game, not 2 assists and 25 pts.

provo, utah

Given time and the right situation (not Sac) Jimmer will be fine...

Layton, UT

Jimmer needs the minutes and the patience of others for success. When he gets the consecutive minutes he gets hot.

Morgan, UT

Chris B.

I love your predictions...tell me, will the earth end on December 21st.

I am hopelessly waiting your reply...I know its pure gold.

Cedar Hills, UT

Jimmer better return to having the swagger he used to have otherwise he will find him self without a team to play on. Jimmer can play - and play well in the NBA - but you only get so many chances to prove yourself.

Bountiful, UT

Jimmer is a perfect off the bench zone breaker. Have him ride the pine until the opposition goes to a zone, bring him in to work the seams and hit the three. They go back to man to man, out comes Jimmer. Think a shorter, quicker version of Kyle Korver. ..

By the way Harmon, what is a "back-step three" is that the same as a "step-back three" or is the back-step something new Jimmer invented?

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

Oh bull. He's one of the most talented players to come along in probably 40 years. You have to go back to Danny Ainge to find a player as talented.

Lincoln City, OR

Smart's history with young guards stink... Just ask Jeremy Linn... 2 years ago he was burried at the end of Smart's bench, last year he was staring for the NY Knicks and this year he is a 3 year $25M contract free agent heading to Houston...

The Kings simply aren't the NBA Team best suited for Jimmer... IMHO, they have both the worst ownership and coaching in the League.

Cottonwood Heights, UT


"Jimmer needs the minutes and the patience of others for success. When he gets the consecutive minutes he gets hot"

I keep hearing Jimmer fans say this ... here's the problem with that:

If you're the coach of an NBA team would you honestly let a guy go in and jack up 15 shots in the first half just to get him in his rhythm even though he only makes 3 to 5 of them? The team would be down 20 points real fast with the odds of a win stacked against them.

Those that say Jimmer needs to be a shooting guard have it right. Think Hornecek in the Jazz's system. Jimmer's best chance to succeed would be in a system that runs through the low post options first with Jimmer looking for space when defenses cheat.

The problem is his height will always be an issue in terms of playing the 2-guard spot in the NBA. But as long as Jimmer is expected to run an offense and create his own shot, he WILL fail. And no NBA coach can afford to patiently allow him to "heat up" on a nightly basis.

Home Town USA, UT

Give the Jimmer a break. He is on a team that does not have the dynamics (or Coach) he had before. It is a new team, and they need to work together. The Kings are not the Cougars. Far from it. There is so much competition working against him than in his favor.

It doesn't take much observation to recognize that. We ALL know Jimmer has what it takes. He will stand on his own merits. Maybe he needs a new team where he can be himself. ??

Lincoln City, OR

Hey Chris B... How is it that you always get to be the first one to make a comment? Do you work for the DN? Or is it that you just don't have a life outside of making insignificant cotributions on internet forums?

Since you are ususally the first poster I usually end up reading your baloney and then wish that I hadn't... You have made some ridiculous comments in the past, but this one is one of your most ridiculous...

Here are some names to think about...

Jim McCahon, Marc Wilson, Gifford Nielson, and Steve Young, you know what these guys have in common besides being NFL stars and BYU grads? That's right, they were all NFL Team starting QBs at the same time... A first in the NFL...

If you don't know who these guys are, maybe a trip to Canton, OH might help you...

A couple of more names to think about... Austin Collie, the Denney brothers, Paul Howard, Vai Sikahema, Todd Christianson, and so on...

Want to switch sports? Danny Ainge, Shawn Bradley, Fred Roberts, Greg Kite, Paul Ruffner, John Fairchild, Dick Nemilka, Kresimer Cosic? Need I go on?

Salina, KS

Jimmer will not last in the NBA, should not even be there in the first place. To slow, small and weak.


After watching Sacrament play, it's all about ME. There were numerous times that Jimmer came down the floor and never touched the ball. The don't play team basketball in the NBA. It's all about ME. Hopefully Jimmer will be able to step up, get a little more playing time and receive the ball from his team-mates more often than he did his freshman year in the NBA. Chris B would have found fault in him if he had made the All-Star team and Baseball Dad, stick to baseball.

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