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Published: Wednesday, July 18 2012 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Salt Lake City, UT

Mr. Teerlink apparently is not aware of Japanese industrial governance. The Japanese were the first modern welfare state and their industries, including automobiles, are controlled by interlocking directorates indlucing government officials. So Mr Teerlink's depiction of Obama union cronieism vs free enterprise Japanese hides a whole lot of facts. Over the short term Obama did the right thing in competing with the Japanese.


The auto bailouts are just one of many reasons why we will be voting in a NEW president in November.

November can't come soon enough.

Mike Richards
South Jordan, Utah

Obama Motors is not competing well most "big name" car companies. They're loosing big time.

G.M. domestic car sales is up 4.3% from last year.

Ford, is up 6.6%

Toyota domestic car sales is up 44.9%

Honda is up 25%

Nissan is up 12%

Korea's car makers are competing very well against Obama Motors.

Hyundai is up 13.2%

Kia is up 36%

Mercedes-Benz is up 16.8%

Volkswagon is up 40%

Audi is up 16%

BMW is up 11%

Ether Obama doesn't know know to sell cars, or Americans are refusing to buy cars from a company that was seized from its bond holders and given to the unions.

salt lake city, utah

So saving 1 million jobs in the middle of a recession is a) a political manuever, and b)a bad thing, because maybe 20% of those jobs were "union"..ooooooooh, jobs?

1conservative..Romney really can't win the election without winning Ohio, the state that benefited most from the auto bailout, so do you really think Ohio is going to vote for Romney who opposed the government action? Check the polls, not going to happen.

CHS 85
Sandy, UT

"My economic advisers believe that such a collapse would deal an unacceptably painful blow to hardworking Americans far beyond the auto industry. It would worsen a weak job market and exacerbate the financial crisis," he said. "It could send our suffering economy into a deeper and longer recession."

- George W. Bush, December 18, 2009

CHS 85
Sandy, UT

I have purchased two new American cars since the bailout, both Fords, both built by union workers in American factories - one in Warren, Michigan, and the other in St. Paul, Minnesota. Thanks, Ford, for pulling yourself up by the bootstraps and making yourself profitable.


Every president has done this. My bet: If Romney is elected he will do it to. Flexing the muscle of the office (POTUS) for your own gain is as American as apple pie.

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

By that logic, Bush's free money to the banks and Wall St did nothing but give money to his buddies.


"pragmatist.." Are you referring to the same "polls" that showed Scott Walker LOSING in Wisconsin? Most of the "polls" are useless in that they are generated by the Obama pep club (the mainstream press).

Even union members (and other beneficiaries of the Obama largesse)know that we need someone who can actually create jobs WITHOUT the use of public funds. As much as union leaders would like to accompany their members into the voting booths - they can't!

Casa Grande, AZ

Nothing compared to 9/11, Afganistan, Iraq and no bid contracts helping Bush and Cheney's friends. Obama is a mere amature at helping his "buddies".

Farmington, UT

Americans are the reason the bailout was necessary. If folks had been willing to purchase GM cars PRIOR to the bailout, you'd not have seen it happen. Cash-for-clunkers should have been limited to US automakers. Insead litterally hundreds of millions of dollars went to Japan because people had to drive a Toyota, Honda, Subaru, etc. I've purchased a few cars in my time, but never a foreign one, with a single exception. The big issues IS NOT who builds the vehicle, but which companies get the huge PROFIT from each vehicle and in which country is the company making those rip-off gains located. Get a clue, consumers!!!!

J Thompson

Google "G.M. bailout" and you'll see that giving a large percent of the company was the LEAST of the fraud committed against America.

G.M. got about $50 billion in TARP money.

G.M. got another $30 billion from the government who now has "stock" in G.M. Who gave the government authority to "invest" that $30 billion in G.M.?

G.M. got a tax CREDIT of $45 BILLION, which was illegal. Section 382 of the tax code doesn't allow that credit, but that didn't stop Obama. He had the Treasury Department head, Timothy F. Geithner (who was caught by the IRS for evading taxes), issue a series of "Notices" declaring that section 382 did not apply regarding G.M.

Last year, when G.M. had its largest profit in history, $7.6 BILLION, it received a check from the IRS for $110 MILLION, as part of that illegal tax credit!

Dig deep and see the fraud committed in just that ONE AREA. Everything Obama touches smacks of "Chicago Politics".


Where did you get your figures?

General Motors, the nation’s largest automaker, said that its sales increased 15.5 percent in June, to 248,750 vehicles, which the company said was its best monthly performance in nearly four years.

Chrysler reported a 20.3 percent increase over the previous year, its best June sales since 2007.
(NY Times 7/3/2012)

Wayne Rout
El Paso, TX

Certainly the main motivation of Obama was to protect Union wages and jobs. Keep in mind that Obama stole the investments of GM bond holders who would have been first in a bankruptcy settlement in favor of protecting the political donations of the UAW. At one time I would only by USA cars, now I will never by a union made car because I know a part of the price I pay goes directly to the DNC and to support causes I oppose. Obama lies...GM has not paid back all they "borrowed" and do not consider their obligation to the bond holders in their statements of profitability. They produce the Volt only for Obama and loose money on every one. The media fails to cover the true story of the Volt fires and pretend that the sales are terrific. Much of the sales of Volts are government and large corporations like GE. They do make great boat anchors.

Eugene, OR


I don't recall a single poll saying that Walker was going to lose in Wisconsin. Most gave him a slight lead through the recall campaign and it wasn't until the day of the election that it was supposedly tied.

I know it may be hard to tell in Utah and that the media loves its' the-race-is-neck-and-neck story, but look at the state-by-state polls and the electoral math you'll see that Romney has a real uphill climb to winning. Take Ohio, Virginia, and Florida: all Obama has to do is win just one of those states and he wins a second term. Romney has to take all three.

salt lake city, utah

1 conservative.."Even union members (and other beneficiaries of the Obama largesse)know that we need someone who can actually create jobs WITHOUT the use of public funds."..There were no private funds in '09..there were no private funds in '09..ther were no private funds in '09..there were no private funds in '09..and by the way..there were no private funds in '09. Show me where that is wrong then we can have a discussion about whether the government should have saved 1 million jobs, not until.

LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

Today we own a Toyota Avalon with over 130,000 miles on it and it runs like a fine watch. It replaced our Cadillac.

J. Rulon Teerlink

Salt Lake City


If what you say is true - then,
You are without a doubt confirming that vehicles --
made by Japanese and German UNION workers,
in SOCIALIST countries,
at TWICE our dollar rates,

are inf act better than the Capitalist, Free Market, Anti-union vehicles made in America?

Beware --
Remember when all those cheap Japanese items hit and flooded our markets?
The Communist Chinese will be next.
They are following the sucess of Japan to an economic tee....

LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

Wayne Rout
El Paso, TX
At one time I would only by USA cars, now I will never by a union made car because I know a part of the price I pay goes directly to the DNC and to support causes I oppose.


As opposed to buying what?
Union made cars by SOCIALIST or COMMUNIST countires?
Japan, German, Italy, British, Korean,

I know I know,
Because you feel it's better that ALL your money goes to Socialists and Communists rather than a few pennies finding it's way back America and the UAW - everything you oppose.

This is the pathetic illogic I see from ultra-Cons.
Cutting off the nose to spite the face.

Directly supporting Socialists and Communists,
While accusing some blue-collar Americans of becoming or even hnting a trace of any form of Socialism.


lost in DC
West Jordan, UT

Ernest T. Bass.

Please be honest - you may have a difficult time with that if you listen only to the Obamamania media.

The money spent on wall street was not free; it was in the form of preferred stock purchases which required a 5% dividend to the treasury for the first 5 years and 9% thereafter. Most banks retired their CPP money (the bank capital purchase portion of TARP) and also had to retire warrants, which the treasury profited thereby.

Of the money spent to buy bank stock, treasury has made AT LEAST $13 billion. Of the TARP money spent on Gm and Chrysler, pre-bankruptcy, none will be recovered. The April 2012 SIGTARP report to congress says treasury lost over $9.3 billion of TARP investments in the automakers - signed off by bush, but BO voted for and supported.

Table 2.3 of the SIGTARP report shows estimates by the CBO and OMB that treasury will GAIN from $7 Billion to $17 Billion on the CPP.

Please stop with the untruths that wall street got free money. my source is not your hated Fox news, but the Special Inspector General for TARP - appointed by your beloved BO.


Claim by Romney: The President gave the auto companies to the UAW.

Fact: What tips Romney’s claim even further from reality is the fact that the union itself does not own any GM or Chrysler stock. The trust that manages health benefits for retirees is the stockholder, and it is independent from the UAW. It is not a majority shareholder in either company, nor does it have a vote on the board.

All the experts we talked to agreed that Romney’s statement is just flat wrong. Our ruling: False.

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