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Published: Monday, July 16 2012 12:00 a.m. MDT

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FB Fan #2
Grantsville, UT

My top 10 Preseason for 3A :
1. Hurricane - Reigning 3A Champs, loaded with starters from last year. High scoring offense once again
2. Spanish Fork - Offense almost entirely new, but with a great new head coach, look for them to be a threat
3. Stansbury - Insane QB with stable full of running backs along with killer defense makes for a tough Stallion team. Not to mention insane depth in the program
4. Juan Diego - Coach always puts together an dangerous team, can't be counted out. Will be looking for revenge on the Dons
5. Pine View - Had alot of hype last year, but they have always been a danger in 3A, just got lumped in tough Region 9
6. Dixie - Returns QB, and alot of talent from last year. Darkhorse of 3A IMO
7. Delta - Small town toughness.
8. Grantsville - Loaded with starters on both sides of the ball, offense should be better this year with returning QB and running backs. One of the best defenses in 3A to cause headaches, look for them to turn some heads
9. Morgan - Nearly same situation with G-Ville, loaded with underclassmen.
10. Wasatch - Returns major contributors from last year. Another Darkhorse.

JD Books
Sulphurdale, UT

I am quite surprised that South Sevier isn't in the top five 2A teams with all of the talent coming back and another year of seasoning for a talented coach.


Bingham is a good pick as #1 in 5A. Great coaching, great kids, great support and they know who they are and what they do well. I don't think Lone Peak will be as good as last year without Hansen but will be #2 or #3 in Region 4 with Pleasant Grove pushing them. Alta is extremely talented again, but after watching them lose with all that talent last year I am afraid they'll fall flat again in the playoffs unless they figure it out offensively. I'd have to put Jordan higher than they are, lots of returning linemen and they could give Alta a run for their money in Region 3. I'd put Syracuse above Davis to round out the top 5.

Hurricane, UT

After 4 trips to the finals,good to see Hurricane getting the early props. what happened to all the love for PV no matter how they do. I thought it was a lock every year. Go TIGERS.

Syracuse, UT

Fremont and Davis are clearly the top 2 in region 1.

South Jordan, UT

Region one dont matter people.

We all know this.

Bingham, Jordan, Cwood, will be 3 of the 4 teams making it to the turf,
4th to be decided, but Im very excited for all the games this year.

Jordans got a weak preseason schedule, excited to see this team,
But not excited for the jordan fan base.

I dont see how people are giving lone peak so much, after losing about 16 senior starters from last years team, including the best player in the state at QB, he won state alone.

Dont know much bout Binghams new QB, but has TEs and d1 reciever, plus one of the top 4 defenses in the entire state. Just need to score some points.

Well see how it turns out,
Cant wait for Bingham alta game, then Bingham Cwood game against soon to be BAMA QB there at Cwood.

South Jordan, UT

Binghamalum, Don't know much about the QB because they haven't selected a starter yet. Was still 3 kids in the running going to camp last week. Think it's narrowed between 2. Could see them doing a lot of subbing at the QB spot and running some option with one of them. They've always had great TE's, but they never use them. RB's will be a different breed than we're used to seeing at Bingham this year. More of a quick slashing type running this year than the big bruisers they've had. Should be much better on the O line front. And their D will be very solid like you stated. Should be a fun season!

draper, ut

Its going to be a great year of football...I have to say that the Tigers are the ones to beat in 3A and with all their returning player are going to be a tough team.Although JD didnt make the turf last year, I think this year will be much different. They have a group of Juniors that have never lost a game since they were Freshman and saw playing time last year with the varsity as sophomores, they even went up to Cottonwood last year and won.I know for a fact that the JD Eagle will be playing for more then just a Championship...Rest in Love Adam Colosimo #2 RB for the Soaring Eagle..

Good Luck to ALL the student-athletes from all different High Schools, that will be playing football or any other sport this upcoming year...!!


Binghamalum explain how you think CW will make it to the turf, they'll be lucky to be better than Brighton for 3rd in Region 3. They still have no defense, they have an entirely new coaching staff and they weren't very good last year and won't be any better this year. Bateman is good but when they face a good defense he can't do it alone.
Jordan as always has a patsy schedule and only play three decent teams all year, Alta, Brighton, and LB Poly. They'll look great in their weak games and will get beat by the good teams who pressure their qb into throwing int's....same as last year.

South Jordan, UT

I dont get how a team with an SEC signed QB is not going to be very good????

with multiple recruits on there team, I do think losing the coach is the worst possible thing to happen to them.

But who else do I say will be there?

Im sure some region 1 team wil be there because of the bracketing of teams, and how bad region 2 is in football.

Again state tourney goes through region 3 and region 4. Nuff said.

I just am excited to see what type of Bingham we will get this year, instead of the last 6 years of giving it to a big bulky back and run it in the I-Formation all game, until somemone stops them, sounds like this wont be the way they run the offense this year.

PS who ever schedules for ALTA, good for you, because you go out and play anyone, and good luck against the 2011 HIGH SCHOOL STATE FOOTBALL NATIONAL CHAMPIONS, Don Bosco Prep, from New Jersey. who recruits kids from Florida to play high school football. They had 17 players sign D1 letters last year.

Herriman, UT

I am excited to get Herriman Football started back up this year. The #5 ranking in 4A seems about right. I expect Herriman to run the board in Region 7 and should compete for the state title...with Logan and East being the biggest playoff challengers. The Herriman defense, which returns 9 starters, will be a force to be reckoned with. The key games that will define Herriman's season will be Riverton, Highland, Skyline and Olympus. In the end, I look for Herriman to finish 5-0 in Region 7 and possibly 10-0 going into the playoffs.

Plain City, UT

Not sure if I agree with Davis in the top 5. I think Syracuse, in region 1, is the team to beat. Region1 will be very competitive, not sure who else in region1 will be playoff teams this year.

I'm buying the hype surrounding Cottonwood (to many D1 players to not be good).

What is your deal with region1? Region1 doesn't matter? I know it's been a few months but if my memory serves, didn't region1 replace the much anticipated (black and blue) rematch that was supposed to happen last year at RES?

Sports dominance is cyclical, I can assure you that everyone in Region1 (players, coaches, parents, and fans) are as committed as any other region in regards to competing and hopefully winning at the highest level.

FB Fan #2
Grantsville, UT

@binghamalum, wasn't it last year that Bingham got beat by a Region 1 team? That's why we let the football players and all others on the field do the talking. Region 1 will produce a state contender, and I believe Syracuse will be that team. As for Cottonwood, their QB had an amazing year last year stats wise, and will look for him to be better this year, but last year, they lost all the games that really mattered (Logan, Northridge, Bingham, Alta, and Jordan), so they have alot to prove, regardless of their QB being a SEC recruit.

Highland, UT


It was only a couple of months ago you were declaring Bingham a sure thing to win the state baseball title and saying they were so good that no one else could beat them, they could only beat themselves. So how did that work out for you?

I'm gonna take my prognostications from someone a little more unbiased, and rational, I think.


Before last year when was the last year a region 1 team beat Bingham? I think it was the playoffs in 2004. I wouldn't be talking a lot to Bingham Region 1. Probably won't get another win against em for another 10 years.

Washington, UT


The preseason love doesn't mean much, as PV found out. Preseason "props" ought to go to the champ, but now that you have what you wished for, better hope it doesn't come back on you. Homer has some big holes to fill this year, and even though he has good kids ready to step in, you never know until the game is played. Region Nine should be very competitive again this year.

Saint George, UT

I have a feeling PV will be pretty good this year, Hurricane does have returning starters but the stars are gone.

Ogden, UT

Before last year when was the last year a region 1 team beat Bingham? I think it was the playoffs in 2004.

They actually got beat by two region 1 teams that year. Fremont in the preseason and shutout by Davis in the playoffs.

I love reading the same comments every year from now until November about how great the Salt Lake and Utah county teams are and how worthles and pathetic the Region 1 kids are. Same old same old...people just can't get out of high school and grow up.



Thanks for repeating what i said 2004. 1 win and Zero state titles since. No one is that impressed. Yes you shut out Bingham in 04. Score was 3-0.

Ogden, UT

I didn't shut out Bingham in 04, Davis High School did. And you need to get your facts straight before posting on here because it doesn't make you a credible source when you don't know what you are talking about...Davis 7 Bingham 0...that is not 3-0 so you are incorrect again. And if you can count, you would see that they got beat by Fremont...another Region 1 school 27-20...hmmm...Fremont + Davis = 2. Where did you learn math? Let me guess, Bingham?

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