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Published: Saturday, July 14 2012 8:00 p.m. MDT

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CO Ute

I agree and support the decision made by Dr. Hill. The schedule next year (all in state teams for OOC games) is not going to help us recruit and needs to be a one time event.
There are a few Ute fans that have been vocal about not liking this decision but the overall commentary is heavily supporting his decision.
There are a number of Y fans that make some pretty amusing posts showing their jealousy. You are certainly entitled to your opinion but your lack of class, jealousy of Utah controlling this decision, and hatred to your rival is very apparent.

Ex Pat
Salt Lake City, Ut


Am I wrong? Isn't the problem with BYU joining one of these programs that they won't play on Sunday?
I hate to see it go. I'm a fan of both teams unless they play each other. Then I cheer for one, oh yes it is the same one every year and my household is completely divided.



Unfortunately for BYU fans, the strength of a school's recruiting class isn't based on who has signed through July.

BYU historically signs a larger percentage of their recruits early, while Utah signs the majority of its recruits late in the process.

According to the Rivals, Scout, and ESPN, Utah has won the recruiting battle with BYU over the last 5 years, particularly in the last 3 years.

I recommend that you wait until signing day before bragging about BYU's recruiting class. You may be counting chickens before they hatch.

Sandy, UT

Who am I sir?

Sagarin's final rankings had Utah's SOS 49th and BYU's SOS 90th.

Unfortunately for U, Sagarin's Final Rankings take into account the entire season, not just one game

BYU #34
Utah #39

Utah's best win was #34 BYU
BYU's best win was #35 Tulsa

Utah's worst loss was #107 Colorado
BYU's worst loss was #39 Utah

Provo, UT

Dr. Hill, you doing a fantastic job. You don't have to apologize for anything or anyone for suspending the rivalry. Keep up the good work!

Salt Lake City, Utah


It's truly amazing how incredibly shortsighted so many fans are when it comes to predicting future competitiveness based strictly on recruiting class rankings.

Utah fans beat their chests about having slightly better recruiting classes than BYU, then pretend that the MASSIVELY better recruiting classes of the PAC 12 teams Utah is now competing against are realitively insignificant.

Based strictly on recruiting class rankings, Utah will NEVER have a chance of beating USC, so why even play the games?

Here are ESPN's Top 25 Recruiting Class Rankings for the last 8 years:

#6 USC
#21 Wash
#24 Stan
#25 Ore

#12 Stan
#13 USC
#18 Ore
#19 UCLA
#22 Cal
#23 Wash

#4 USC
#14 Ore
#18 Cal
#21 Stan
#24 Wash

#7 USC
#10 UCLA
#15 Cal
#18 Stan
#20 Wash
#22 Ore

#4 USC
#17 UCLA

#7 USC
#14 UCLA
#17 ASU
#24 Colo

#1 USC
#23 Ore

#2 USC
#19 UCLA


Utah joins Arizona, Washington State, and Oregon State as the four conference bottom-dwellers who haven't had a single Top 25 recruiting class during Kyle's tenure at Utah.

Salt Lake City, UT

trueblue87 bragged "I just looked at the 2013 recruiting class on rivals.com and BYU is ranked 41 while Utah is ranked a dismal 70."

I'm sure you looked at 2012 as well. This time last year, BYU's 2012 class was ranked #38, because BYU does their recruiting earlier than other programs. At the end of the day, Utah ended up at #28 and BYU faded to #61.

Be excited about #38. It's all downhill from here until signing day.



My intent was not to brag about Utah's recruiting, but to point out that: 1. Recruiting rankings in July don't mean nearly as much as they do on signing day. 2. BYU and Utah have different recruiting chronologies. 3. Utah had recruited better than BYU over the last 5 years.

Please don't put words in my mouth. I didn't say anything about the caliber of talent in the Pac 12 in my recent post. But since you brought it up, you're right - playing in the Pac 12 will be very challenging for the Utes. There is more talent in the conference.

As you know, there's more to building a quality program than just signing highly sought after recruits. That is what has allowed our programs to beat more athletic teams in the past. Here's one Ute fan that hopes that Utah can continue to get a lot out of their players, and become one of the better teams in their new conference.

And I wish the Cougars luck, but hope the Utes beat them in September and in 2016!

cedar city, UT

Its a sad fact, but the fact of the matter is that if Utah plays BYU, and beats them, it really wont make a difference as to how they are looked at by other teams and other conferences. BYU is a potentially good team, but them being an independent team, who hasnt made a name for themselves yet, wont really show that Utah is a good team if they beat them. I know that they dont have super duper hard teams lined up, but as of right now, BYU hasnt had enough time to establish a name for themselves. Utah needs to play big time teams, who will help them gain respect by winning. We need to realize, that once you get into the bigger leagues (pac 12 for example) that traditions and fans opinions matter less and less. The schools start to worry more about having a big name, having big tv deals, and other things. Utah playing BYU ultimately wont help there imagine in any way shape or form. I really do love the rivalry, but until BYU gets a set name or Utah gets more coverage, it just wont happen.

Virginia Beach, Va

I dont have a dog in the fight. The Utah AD sounds like he is looking after his program. He cannot have football and basketball at the bottom of the well. As others have said its not Hill's job to look out for BYU. BYU fans should accept it and move forward. Afterall the Aggies are no longer a automatic win and we all know the great and mighty BYU- Utah fan would lose face if the lowly Aggies end up the best college football team in Utah.

Las Vegas, NV

A couple thoughts:
1. I remember when AZ and ASU joined the Pac 8 in 1978 (after a couple of ASU football undefeated but non-#1 seasons, similar to Utah's). AZ and ASU have been low level most of the time since. Non-BCS BYU won a NC and Utah has been to two BCS games.
2. When USC or ND has a down year it can be "salvaged" by beating one's primary rival, each other. ND is independent and USC is Pac 12 but they are main rivals, point being not in the same league. BYU and UT now won't have that opportunity for at least a couple of years. BYU won 10 games again last year with a painful loss to Utah. What would Utah have had without their win over BYU?
3. I honestly exptect BYU will be just fine down the line while Utah will struggle for awhile, although I hope both do very well. I hope BYU will not refuse to play Utah when the tables are turned via Big 12, undefeated seasons, whatever.
3. I still hate the BCS.

The Deuce
Livermore, CA

To: phoenix Gilbert, AZ: BYU's 2012 schedule is dismal.You have correctly pointed out 4 games that mean something. The remaining 8 are worthless for rankings or moving up the charts. If you are telling is that the following 4 games makes a schedule, I will agree that this looks good.

2012 includes
at Utah
at Boise State
at Notre Dame
at Georgia Tech

Why didn't you show the remaining schedule? By the way, I am not a Ute fan not a BYU fan. I follow college football. I hope that I bring a voice of reason and reality to a discussion that seems to be filled with fans with poor understanding of the situation that BYU has put themsleves in to. BYU was once a great program and I for one would like to see them return to this status. They need a new AD and a new coach along with a new direction towards a conference affiliation.

Qwest Perfected
Salt Lake City, UT

Utah put the rivalry on hold for two years to make room for a home and home with Michigan. That was a great move and I can't wait to see Michigan come to Rice Eccles.

For all of you coug fans whining about this, have you forgotten that the y has done this a few times to Utah State when you were going to play Notre Dame. Why was it ok then? Have you also forgot how Bronco down played the rivalry when the cougs announced their independence? At the time, he showed very little concern if the rivalry continued.

Now that byu has realized how hard it is to put together a good schedule, they complain about the game being put on hold for a couple of years. We all know that the cougs would have done the exact same thing if they were in the same position.

I along with most Ute fans, would love to see the rivalry continue. It was weird enough last year to not have the game in November, however with only 3 non conference games, they had to take the opportunity to play a home and home with Michigan.

Highland, UT


BYU plays Texas, Notre Dame and Boise St next year. Every bit as good as what you want to claim for utah. At least try to not look at things through the crimson shades you wear.


Highland, UT

@the deuce

Fail on your part.

No one plays all great teams so how is it that they "move up the rankings" by beating those other 8 teams? You move uyp the rankings by winning whoever you play and if you play a few really good teams along the way you will probably move up just a little bit more.

Beating arizona, oregon st, washington st, colorado, arizona st, ucla and northern colorado will do nothing to "move utah up the rankings" by your illogic. That's if utah actually wins those games. Beating utah won't give anyone that much of a boost either other than it is just another win.

No one plays a schedule of nothing but top 25 teams, no one. Not even close. So how do they "move up the rankings" when they probably only play 4 ranked teams?


Mcallen, TX

There are many people in the country who believe Utah schools don't play good football. Time for BYU and Utah to part their ways and prove them wrong. Wins over Oklahoma and Alabama was impressive.


Let either one of them play a regular SEC schedule and see how good they are.



Of all the posters, here, I am most amused with your continual pro-"byu", anti-Utah posts. At 6:13 P.M. you posted "BYU plays Texas, Notre Dame and Boise St (and Utah) next year."

Why stop there? As I look at the schedule, besides these four good games (Boise will be down, though), "byu" plays the following: Weber State, Hawaii, Utah State, Idaho, San Jose State, and New Mexico State.

Sounds like a match made in WAC heaven.

Riverside, CA

The USC - Notre Dame rivalry is set in stone every year. It's about as big a game as the USC - UCLA game no matter how well each school has done comparatively in recent years. The BYU - UTAH rivalry should be honored easily as much. Incredible to me that Hill doesn't see it that way. You don't mess with tradition like that.


I wouldn't mind if the Utes continued to schedule teams other than the team down south. I like watching the Utes play other teams in different stadiums more than I enjoy watching the same old WAC/Mtn. West teams we played in the past. I think the rivalry has run it's course, fans deserve more home games, so go get 2 for 1 arrangements where we can Chris.

Go Utes!!!

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