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Published: Saturday, July 14 2012 8:00 p.m. MDT

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Park City, UT

You know the PAC-12 has been much stronger in years past.
Today, that Conference is one of the weakest of the BCS.
I mean it is really on par with the MWC of a couple of years ago,
with TCU, Utah, and BYU at the top. They could play with
USC and Oregon.
Case in point is the first game of this season with Washington State
coming to play in Provo.
Too much is being made by Chris Hill about the quality of teams in the
PAC-12. Maybe in the future, but right now, LET'S GET REAL!!!

Charlotte, NC

It really is too bad that BYU couldn't have moved on with Utah. Everybody knows that it had nothing to do with the quality of BYU as a school or its athletic programs. As a Utah native and a BYU grad, I am a fan of both teams -- but the notion that Utah is "scared" to play BYU is laughable. Like Hill stated, intellectually people understand it but emotionally (the source of the "scared" comments) they don't. Now that the PAC 12 and Big Ten have scrapped their alliance, maybe it will become easier for Utah to fit BYU into their schedule down the road. I hope so.

Morgan, UT


I guess, as almost most do, that the Idaho East Community College is a much tougher match up than with the Utes...thank you for re-enforcing that premise...

Green River, UT

I'm not going to put my comments on one side or the other, but I have a question that needs to be answered in order to finish the debate. What are the qualifications for an "excellent" college football program? Is it number of players put in the NFL? Is it number of players in the college football hall of fame? Is it number of players put in the pro football hall of fame? Is it strength of opponents? Is it number of games on national television? Is it number of bowl appearances? Is it number of bowl wins? Is it number of wins? Is it amount of money brought it by the program? Is it ranking of recruiting classes? Just what are the qualifications? Someone want to answer that?


This all sounds like a bunch of Facebook status updates from girls who were recently dumped. A whole lot of blaming and whining, but not a lot of moving on. Get over yourselves. I'd like the game to happen every year, but I know it's not the end of the world if it doesn't. It's good to see your colors aren't changing, though. You'll always be blue from now on. So very blue.

Eagle Mountain, UT

The "Utes have too difficult a schedule" to play BYU argument would play a little better if the pac did not have 6 weak teams in it. Either way, I am happy knowing that Utah is losing face by admitting that they don't want to play BYU because they want to have a balanced schedule, i.e. want to play a weak team they don't want to worry about losing to.



It never ceases to amaze me how many BYU fans talk smack about last year's game against Utah. We all know that BYU played horribly in the second half, but it makes you sound silly to talk trash about a game your team lost by over six touchdowns!


Wow! So much bitterness from BYU fans! Truthfully, if your team had been invited to a major BCS conference, they would have jumped at the chance as well. But most of us find your jealousy and anger toward the Utes amusing and downright ironic, considering the "higher" values that your university claims to have and promote.

Mr. Moots
Salt Lake City, UT

When you hurt football by dumping 100 year old rivalry games then it is only a matter of time until people find something else to do.

Football is going to end up like baseball.

Bring on Lacrosse and Rugby!


There are currently 68 teams who play in BCS conferences. Notre Dame, BYU, Boise State, and Navy have played well enough to be considered BCS conference worthy. That makes 72 teams.

In 2011, only 10 of those 72 teams will be playing 11 of their games against BCS conference caliber opponents. And of those 10, only USC and Stanford have longstanding arrangements to play an out of conference opponent BCS caliber opponent (Notre Dame) every year.

The standard formula, the one followed by almost all of the other BCS conference members, is to play 8 conference games, 1 challenging (against a BCS caliber opponent) game, and 3 against historically inferior opponents.

Other notable annual out of conference rivalry games, Clemson-South Carolina, Florida-Florida State, for example, are played by teams that only play 8 conference games a year.

Unfortunately, conference realignment has killed several other rivalries - Pitt/WVU, Nebraska/Oklahoma, etc.

Don't blame Utah/Chris Hill for being reluctant to play 11 of their 12 games in 2014 and 2015 against BCS caliber opponents (yes, BYU, that includes you!), particularly in light of the fact that BYU has never played more than 6 in a season.

Cardston, Alberta

I really don't care one bit what the utes do. Does not concern me in the least.

NY BYU Guy in TX
Flower Mound, TX

I think Chris Hill is over thinking this one. The BYU - Utah rivalry is as important as any in the country. Whatever he thinks he might gain from suspending the rivalry pales compared to what is lost.
To me, this feels like the beginning of a downfall for Hill after he did so much to elevate the Utes to a place of national prominence.
I am sure he'll be more than happy to reignite the rivalry if the Utes' Football program slides the way the basketball program has done in recent years.

Window Rock, AZ

On any day the team that shows up to play wins. Number one doesn't mean anything. Both teams (utes and cougars) consistently chock against big competition. Too be a respectable team don't chock and find a way to win.

Peter Coyotl
West Jordan, UT


This year's Ute schedule is harder than the Cougar's 2013 schedule. USC is better than Texas. Stanford beats Boise State. Washington beats Notre Dame. Arizona State could beat Utah State (But I would cheer for the Aggies) Can Georgia Tech beat Cal on the road? Washington State can beat the over-rated Houston team. Hawaii? Come on, man. The Rainbows are Cupcake City!

Granted, the 2013 schedule for BYU is a challenging schedule, but Utah will face a challenging schedule every year due to its membership with a major conference.

Do you really think the rest of the BYU schedule will not be filled in with cupcakes?

BYU better hurry and schedule Discount Tires Tech before the "Raging Radials" fill their schedule for 2013.

Bountiful, UT

I am not a sports fan and am not emotionally invested in the BYU .. U of U revilary. That said, may I remind the U of U coach that football doesn't exist in a vacuum. It's value exists because people enjoy it. The people of Utah have for decades enjoyed watching BYU and the U of U play. This is a long standing tradition in Utah. The U of U belongs to the people of Utah.

How you have defined success of the U of U football program is at odds with too many of the people of Utah.

Mcallen, TX

For greater exposure, theses teams need to get away from each other. Cris Hill has got it right.

Salt Lake City, UT

I hope Utah knows what it is doing. Replacing BYU means scheduling a team that plays all 4 quarters. They've had a sweet deal with 11.75 regular season games.

Salt Lake City, UT

What gets me is the amount of people bringing up the Colorado game. I get it. The U lost. I guess I understand the need to piggyback on other teams when your team can't get it done against the U. BYU fans were TCU fans in 2010 because they couldn't get it done then. BYU fans are Colorado fans now because they couldn't get it done this year either. Keep telling yourself that the PAC is the weakest BCS conference. We all know BYU would jump at the chance to join. Or course you need to be invited first but that's an entirely different story.

Who am I sir?
Cottonwood Heights, UT


I agree with you to a point. The schedule you provided for 2013 does have some very respectable teams and I look forward to sollowing the Y performance. But you have to admit it's an incredibly light schedule - 8 games!! That's a lot of BYES or are you hidding something?

I also owe you an appology. You said, "... look no further than BYU('s) 2013 schedule. Well, unfortunately I did to BYU's 2014 and 2015 schedules. Without going into detail the 8 game schedule you listed for 2013 is significantly more difficult than the 5-6 games scheduled for 2014 or 2015. (With 2 or 3 major opponents.)

Finally, your comment, "..how pathetically weak Utah's schedule has turned out to be in Utah's first two years in the PAC 12." Utah's 2011 schedule was rated 33rd toughest bY Phil Steele while BYU's was rated 95th. (These were preseason ranking - end of season probably differed somewhat.) The gap has narrowed in 2012 to Utah 63rd and BYU 81. In '83. You've identified the Y's major opponents - Utah's USC, Oregon, Stanford,Washington and in '2014 add Michigan - a top 10 calibre schedule!

Provo, UT

@ jenny83

I just looked at the 2013 recruiting class on rivals.com and BYU is ranked 41 while Utah is ranked a dismal 70. can't keep winning if you don't reload.

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