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Published: Saturday, July 14 2012 8:00 p.m. MDT

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Salt Lake City, Utah

"We're playing to do great in the Pac-12," he [Chris Hill] said. "That's our goal right now."

So how does playing an OOC game against your natural rival affect your ability to do "great" in the PAC 12?

You're just going to have to live with the embarrassment of running away from your rival, because, as you said so yourself, Utah isn't good enough to play Michigan and BYU in the same season.

After all of the chesting beating and whining and excuse making, bottom line is, the Utes would rather be thought of as cowards, than risk losing to the Cougars and having their bowl hopes dashed.

Wendall Hoop
Murray, UT

Chris - Utah fans want to play the game. I'm sorry but you don't know what's best or else you would have byu on schedule every single year, regardless of the other games. Even with Michigan there are still two spots left. Thanks for diluting the rivalry and a great portion of what it means to be a Utah fan. You are wrong and there's no debating that. thank you for scheduling michigan, but you should man up and have done byu as well. weak.

Salt Lake City, UT

Unapologetic to whom Doctor?

BYU fans, who never sought an apology in the first place?


Utah fans, who are privately embarrassed by having to explain why Utah is too afraid to play BYU?

thunder struck
Murray, UT

I agree, I don't thin he is doing what's best. Utah's results against byu have nothing to do with the goal of winning the PAC-12 or going to the Rose Bowl. Even so, I think Utah would beat byu 4 out of 5 for the indefinite future.

Who am I sir?
Cottonwood Heights, UT

In your dreams, cougars. In 2014 we play 10 of 11 games scheduled agains BCS teams including; Michigan, USC, Oregon, Stanford, UCLA, Washington, Arizona, Arizona State, Colorado, Oregon State, and our in-state rival Utah State. And in desperation to imporove your schedule you play the "afraid to play BYU card"?! (In 2014 the Y schedule, as of now, is Texas, Boise State, Hawaii, Utah State, UCF, Houston, and Southern Mississippi.)

Dr. Hill, as a Utah fan, I say schedule any team in Texas and tell Sam Tevi, and other recruits, the game is for them.

Palmdale, CA

Agreed Dr. Hill! Enough said.

Salt Lake City, UT

So it seems like the Utah basketball is taking a page out of the BYU football scheduling procedure. Schedule as many winnable games as you can. Then, at the end of the year when you have battled through your schedule which consisted of mostly cupcakes, you can fool the rest of the country into thinking you were actually a decent team. It worked for BYU. Let's see if it works for Utah basketball.
"BYU seeks out the best to play." Ha! I may be way off here, but I don't think I would consider Idaho St, New Mexico St, and Idaho East Community College the "best." No wonder BYU is desperate to play the U.

Morgan, UT

Right Dr. Hill..."wink, wink"

Orem, UT


More hysterical hyperbole from the hill crowd completely divorced from reality.

BYU's temporary scheduling of teams like Idaho and New Mexico State was only done to deal with the short-term scheduling crunch BYU faced after declaring Independence in August 2010. For proof that it was only a short-term, two-year fix, look no further than BYU 2013 schedule:

(records from 2011)
Boise State(12-1)
at Utah State(7-6)
Georgia Tech(8-5)
at Houston(13-1)
at Notre Dame(8-5)
at Hawaii(6-7)

Show me ONE single game on that schedule that offers any evidence whatsoever that BYU is scheduling as many "winnable" games as possible.

The truth is, Utah fans only use this "scheduling as many winnable games as you can" distortion of the true facts to conceal the embarrassment Utah fans have felt for how pathetically weak Utah's schedule has turned out to be in Utah's first two years in the PAC 12.

The Deuce
Livermore, CA

BYU has gone independent. Their schedule is dismal at best, so why would the Univ. of Utah not jump at a chance to improve their standing against a proven program with relevance. Unfortunately for BYU, they have worked their way out of the picture. The Univ. of Utah is working it's way into a bigger picture. This decision was not that hard to understand. This is from a neutral fan not taking sides as so many on this site do.

Gilbert, AZ

I guess we now can better understand Casteel's comments about the rivalry not being so important from an article last week. He was trying to lock up a job at the U. Way to trade your honesty for a paycheck. I am sure that your integrity is worth that concierge gig.

Gilbert, AZ


"at the end of the year when you have battled through your schedule which consisted of mostly cupcakes, you can fool the rest of the country into thinking you were actually a decent team"

For team that FAILED to fool the rest of the country into thinking they were actually a decent team,

see mirror.

Let's review:

Utah only played four PAC 12 road games in 2011
Six of Utah's nine PAC 12 foes finished with losing records
Four of Utah's PAC 12 foes only won 4 games or fewer
Utah didn't have to play two of the three best teams in the conference - Oregon and Stanford
Utah's only legitimate competitor for the PAC 12 South, USC, was on probation

and yet, U couldn't beat pathetic 3-10 Colorado to win a gift-wrapped golden ticket into the first PAC 12 championship game.

And then U whined incessantly about the rest of the country not recognizing Utah's perfect storm win over BYU as thing since sliced bread.

BYU earned its Top 25 ranking by NOT LOSING to any of the cupcakes on its schedule.

Utah fell short - own it!

Gilbert, AZ

The Deuce

"BYU has gone independent. Their schedule is dismal at best..."

2012 includes
at Utah
at Boise State
at Notre Dame
at Georgia Tech

2013 includes
Boise State
at Utah State
Georgia Tech
at Houston
at Notre Dame
at Hawaii

It's laughable how Utah fans constantly twist reality to support their crimson-glasses shaded view of the world.

A team that couldn't even beat 10-loss Colorado and barely beat 8-loss Washington State last season, wouldn't have a prayer of beating Boise State, Notre Dame, and Georgia Tech on the road this season, and would be lucky to finish with a winning record against BYU's 2013 schedule.

Salt Lake City, UT

Neither BYU nor Utah fan.


...Utes u finished in the cellar in almost every sport in the Pac12. Other schools blogs are still questioning why Utah and Coloardo came into the league. Dr Hill obviously is looking at this also and needs to lighten the load. 4-5 isn't goin to cut it in football. No wins means no recruits, season ticket sales (example Utah ball) no sponsors. No $. Gotta win now, and BYU isn't a gimmee so they are dodging them understandably.

BYU has the worst that believe they are deserving. Why? BYU is maybe a 25-30th program in the Nation. Not that important nationally and that's the facts. Fans are demanding and think they are entitled. BYU doesn't carry much national prominence anymore and fans run around beating thier chests with a las Vegas bowl victory over a 5th place PAC 12 team. Enough.

Utah win the Rose Bowl them you can talk. Or even get there. Being one of the worst schools in the PAC doesn't mean u have arrived.

BYU get to a BCS BOwl game..until then quit acting like u are great.


Uteanymous "Risk Losing to the Utes" Sorry but the Utes have owned you guys in the last 10 years...... BYU beat Utah 3 times in 10 years and Utah humiliated BYU last year at LES...Get real.


Phoenix --- Too bad your team can't seem to beat the Utes.. That 3 point loss was against Colorado was tough for the Utes but I couldn't imagine how hard it must have been to get beat by 44 points on your home field! Oh and if you look on rivals.com The Utes have the 28th best recruiting class in 2012 and BYU has the 61st best! Good luck though.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

I was actually one of the Ute fans who wanted to keep playing BYU regardless of 9 conference games and the now defunct PAC 12 / Big 10 pact.
But I must admit, reading the pathetic comments from whiny BYU fans on all these articles has me thinking Utah should leave BYU high and dry. Lets just let cougar fans drown in their sea of irrelevancy in return for their incessant whining and overinflated egos.
Play USU every year instead.


What is lame about either fan that speak ill of the other is simply this - both programs have been very good - not great - but very good for a long time. Their has been great parity between both teams (last year aside) for the last ten plus years.

It is good for the State to see both teams excel and we should all hope that both teams do excel.

Sadly for all of us the game we love to hate the most is being passed on. It is a great rivalry born of the fact that both teams have been strong and played each other pretty even for a while.

What bothers me is that many of you don't seem to want to admit this. After all what made Grant a great General was the fact he fought Lee.

If we are no longer to be rivals I will wish my old enemy farewell - But I for one am sad to see this end. I do believe that neither one of us will ever find someone that we really love to hate as much as each other.

That to me is sad.

West Jordan, Utah

What Utah is doing is very common from top schools in BCS conferences. The conference schedule is hard. The body doesn't need wear and tear games in the non-conference schedule. Having one or two cupcakes is fine. Make them recruiting games. BYU has half their schedule as cupcakes.

AT sports fan. You listed 8 games for 2013 on BYU's schedule. What are BYU's other games? Also, Utah State and Hawaii aren't world beaters are they. Houston was good last year with a Heisman QB candidate. Expext them to be lousy again. Boise State has proven themselves consistently, but I wonder about life without Kellen Moore.

Don't get me wrong, the games you mentioned are decent, just not bragging material. They are like Utah's bottom half of the PAC 12 schedule. In the years to come, Utah will be playing Oregon, USC, and Michigan in the same year. Where is that big name BYU? I guess it's Notre Dame.

South Jordan, UT

Muchos gatos enojados! Waaaaaaaaah!

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