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Published: Friday, July 13 2012 12:00 p.m. MDT

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Henry Drummond
San Jose, CA

As usual Vai is the best thing about the Deseret News.

I don't know how any entity, whether it is a Church, a University, a Business, or a Charity, can turn its back on a child in danger. Apparently Joe Paterno knew a sexual assault against a helpless child occurred and decided to protect the institution over the child. The student athletes who won Penn State's honors are not to blame for this, but their long time coach certainly is. It is with great sorrow that I have to agree that statues and honors for Joe must go. Anyone who thinks that football is more important than protecting children clearly doesn't deserve to be immortalized.

West Columbia, TX

I have read several articles including these types of opinions. I guess we need to help people learn to read and understand. The independant report was nothing more than blame. Each organization has to decide and how and what they chose to act on. Penn State choose to lay the decisions on it's internal leadership. If we blame anyone, it is those who choose the direction and those who had the power to do so. Leave Coach out of it. And then I ask the question so hard to anwser by many, should we find blame or it is better to just fix?

What Coach did so far out weigh anything he might have missed. And maybe his inflectous desire to see good, clouded is ability to see evil. I myself so wish that there were more that saw good, even more like him. The macro effects would be huge.


Sandy, UT

Long before current events came to light, I recall hearing a sportscaster who was familiar with Paterno stating that Joe would never retire. He related that JoPa had no hobbies, interests or activities beyond Penn State Football, and would die quickly if he were to leave the Happy Valley. At the time I thought if this is indeed true, what a sad indictment for this man to have nothing beyond football.

Now that we are beginning to peek behind the Paterno Football Legacy, I see that it's true, he was a shell of the man we thought he was.

No U Won't
Reality, UT


Are you seriously trying to defend Paterno? If you read any of that report, you would have read that his first thought when he heard about the assault was the football program. His last thought was on the child that was assaulted. No way that he deserves his statues or adoration. He may have been a great coach, but he was a terrible person due to his failure to act in defense of a child.

Spanish Fork, UT

Not only should the statue of Paterno be taken down, but it should be melted down the scrap be sold to help a worthy cause.

Paterno loved being head coach. Fans loved having him as head coach. As Head Coach the buck stops at your door. Paterno was negligent and lives were ruined. Yes, fix the problem but Paterno was one of several to blame -- and in our system of jurisprudence blame MUST be affixed and punishment delivered. Penn State will be greatly damaged for decades as part of their punishment. Their brand is ruined now. Their former President and AD who were co-equal in the failure to report a terrible crime have lost their job and future employment and will have criminal charges brought against their actions. If Paterno were alive today he too would have seen criminal charges and jail time. He's dead so the only punishment left is he must become a non-entity in Happy Valley.

South Jordan, UT

Nothing is more important than protecting the welfare and innocence of our children.

Bountiful, UT

Penn St. should not have a football program after this.

Draper, UT

Paterno is Penn State football. Removing the statue is the very least that should happen. The NCAA should disband PSU football program. If they won't, the Big 10 should kick the Nitany Lions to the curb and every Division 1 school in the country should refuse to play them...forever more.

Salt Lake City, UT

Anyone out there who is abusing a child or protecting an abuser is a huge menace to society.

We all should be outraged. Tear down Joe's statue. He did not step up when the moment counted.

I wish so bad that the Janitor would have had the courage to blow the whistle on Sandusky.

How many other programs around the country have that same culture of fear going on though? We need to stop treating football players and coaches like they are untouchable. If they are a clown then call them out!

Good Job Vai! Thanks for being bold and having an opinion and being willing to share it.

Williams, AZ

You all are quick to judge people and what should be done. So far they have just touch the tip of the iceberg in the cover up at Penn State. There still need to be an investagtion done by NCAA and leave them meet out what punishment Penn State should suffer for the years child abuse that fell by the wayside in light of the football program. I also wonder if you people from Utah would be as quick to take the football program away from BYU if a child abuse ever happen there. I could may some statement of some child abuse that has happen in Utah and the person who did wrong never pay any price. I also will remind you that you who is without sin cast the frist stone. That is what the bible says by Jesus himself. I am not defending Penn State or any of the people involed. Joe Paterno did do good and has paid the price for not doing more about the child abuse that happen on the school property. I at this time has no real responce about the statue. NCAA has to say on this matter.

West Jordan, UT

Sadly, Vai, I must agree with you. If the Freeh report is accurate then Paterno is fully complicit in the horrible and disgusting abuse of children that went on at Penn State and his legacy is damaged beyond repair. Penn State should act quickly and decisively to condemn Paterno and all who were involved in the cover up to not only save their football program, but also the reputation of the entire university. This means that the statue must come down. There will be some dark days ahead for Penn State, and I feel very badly for Nittany Lion fans, but there is no other way to come back from something like this. They will be lucky if the NCAA doesnt hand down a death sentence on their program, and the other Big Ten universities dont vote to kick them out of the conference.

Salt Lake City, UT

Ya, I'm a huge BYU fan. Season tickets for the last 7 years. Only missed one game. Although it would be horrible and leave a huge hole in my heart. If it was discovered that an assistant coach was molesting kids and the President, Athletic Director and Head Coach covered it up for 14 years and allowed it to happen continue to happen, on campus I would call for a 1-2 year ban on football, the immediate removal of ALL items related to the legacy of those administrators and coaches. I would hope that the NCAA also would blackball them the same way that they blackball coaches with recruiting violations. Except unlike recruiting violations I would want them blackballed from the NCAA for life. I love football, I love my team. Stopping child molestation is more important than that. Period, end of discussion, NO doubt in my mind.

Bountiful, UT

Trooper55 - Programs have lost their teams for a lot less than what has gone on at Penn St. I get it, you don't want us to judge people. I'm not judging a person - I'm judging the lack of regard for protecting young children by an entire public institution - all in the name of their beloved football program. So what is the best punishment for a group of people who regard their football program above the safety of children? Take the football program away.

Absolutely if this was going on at Utah or BYU, they should do the same thing. Who cares what school it is? A child is a child - and their protection is more important than football.

Alexandria, VA

I'm not sure PSU football should be disbanded - seems a bit harsh and punishing those that had nothing to do with the crime or hiding the facts. But, anyone that had any part of these terrible events should at the very least fired, then held accountable.

Taking down the statue seems appropriate - if this is in fact true.

Heber City, UT

Dear Marksman have you not been following this whole issue. Joe Paterno was told it was taking place and he simply passed it up the food chain and did not take the matter into his own hands. He is culpable with all the others.

Bountiful, Utah

The entire football program at Penn State needs to be shut down. The only issue to resolve is for how long. Yes, this will harm student athletes currently in the football program at Penn State, but in my opinion there is no other alternative. Every single school out there needs to know that if you don't report, your program is going to get shut down. Perhaps some damages should be paid for the students currently in the football program,although I would question the thinking of any student who has entered the program after this entire mess became public.

Boise, ID

I read another suggestion with regard to the Paterno statue, that I thought was a good one: Keep it, but turn it around, to represent how he turned his back on Sandusky's victims.

Mesa, AZ

So then, if something similar was happening at one of the high schools or universities in Utah then the program at the high school or university needs to be shut down? If a teacher at one of the charter schools was molesting children then the whole school should be disbanded? If some other heinous behavior occurred in a family then the whole family should be.......?

Are you throwing the baby out with the bath water?

Those athletes, those students, those family members are innocent of any wrongdoing.

Durham, NC

What a bunch of overreaching statements. Calls for Penn State to abandon football because of this are absurd. No more than should the church abandon seminary because a Utah Valley teacher took liberties with one of his students. How many years did the US turn a blind eye what was going on in Nazi Germany? How many of our own "founding fathers" turn a blind eye to the institution of human slavery - which many including Jefferson acknowledged at the time was a wrong practice.

How the school reacted to one of their own doing wrong was not acceptable. BUt it does not take away from those people, who are by far in the majority, did the right thing, and represented their school honorably. To tarnish an entire school, where thousands have come and left without an incident, because of the actions of one man, is a really bad president for society to take. It would be morally wrong to punish those young men on that team today, to punish those students enrolled in that school today, for the sins of another.

Ogden, UT

There is no more heinous crime than the abuse of a child ... none whatsoever!

Next comes the crime of allowing it to happen and simply stating, after the atrocities have come to light, to say no more than JoPa said: "I should have done more."

Ya think???

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