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Published: Friday, July 13 2012 10:00 a.m. MDT

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Bluffdale, UT

Johnny Triumph "I hope BYU doesn't give them the time of day when they come crawling back looking for games."

I look forward to that day too. The Utes will be so sad in 2017 when BYU gets to say the rivalry is over before the Utes.

Gilbert, AZ

All this did was save Indiana and Minnesota trips to RES in 2017 and beyond. One of the things that brought this deal down was the reluctance of premier B1G teams to be forced to play on the road in little stadiums in SLC, Pullman, Corvalis and Tucson...they don't want to play in RES when they could beat cupcakes at hom in front of 100,000 or more fans.

Spanish Fork, UT

@True Blue

"Fortunately, BYU doesn't have to worry about such minutia with its ESPN partnership and BYUtv available to pick up the one or two games that aren't nationally broadcast on ESPN or NBC."

OK, congratulations from this Utes fan for the 400 millionth time on your TV deal. But who cares about that when you play nobody. Any BYU "fan" that wouldn't trade the Utes places, is a liar! I like watching the Y, but I think they are really heading downhill. I would rather appreciate the quality of teams the Utes are playing and conference affiliation than BYUtv or ESPN late night Friday games.

The PAC 12 TV deal will take off in a huge way. It may or will most likely take some time to get everything ironed out. But it will all work itself out eventually. Yes, it is not currently on Direct or Dish yet, but tell me how you know it won't be?? I hope you're not using that same crystal ball predicting BYU's NC for the last five seasons, or Heaps for Heisman. Again, thank you for letting us expose you on ESPN last season. GO UTES!!

Park City, UT


"Congratulations from this Utes fan for the 400 millionth time on your TV deal. But who cares about that when you play nobody"

U do,

because you're probably intelligent enough to figure out that Texas, Nebraska, Notre Dame, Georgia Tech, Boise State, West Virginia, Hawaii, Houston, and Utah (when they're brave enough to play us) aren't "nobody".

Congratulations from this BYU fan for the 500 millionth time on your invitation to the PAC 12; it would be more impressive if the Utes actually did something in the conference - like finish with a winning record in something besides women's gymnastics.

Meanwhile, 11 of BYU's 13 games last season were televised by ESPN, and 5 games have already been scheduled for this season, so quite obviously, the BYU-ESPN partnership isn't simply a BYU fan pipedream.

Highland, UT

@naval vet

The sincerity in Delaney's comments was obvious, it was just to difficult to convince the majority of the BIG 10 teams to play down in miniscule pac12 stadiums like utah's every other year, but Delaney calssily just said it was 'logistically' to tough for everyone involved and left it at that.

On the otherhand the whiney insincerity in scott's comments were just as obvious. He immediately tried to claim that it was the PAC12 shutting things down and that they alone just couldn't find ample scheduling space for the BIG 10.

Hilarious spin by scott, and you.


Holladay, UT

Even though Utah beat BYU badly,

they still do not consider BYU a patsy, and refuse to play them fro two years.

Ponder that.

IA Cougar
West Des Moines, IA

I would like to understand how Hill thinks the 9 games in the Pac12 are so difficult. It's a down conference with a few good teams, like most major conferences. But, the Pac12 is NOT difficult from top to bottom, that is for sure.

Iowa City, IA

Soooo...this is how Utah fans react when they have egg all over their face.

Springville, UT

I seem to recall a recent comment. It's appropriate for this latest development of the Big 10 backing out of this supposedly 'done deal'...

'Need a tissue?'

Bwaaaaaaaah! LOL

Cottonwood Heights, UT


It's laughable how from the comments in the article you can determine it was the Big 10 who wanted out of the deal and not the Pac 12. And then you go a step further and pretend to know that Larry Scott's comment was a lie and only to save face.
It sounds a lot like you were sitting in a conference room and were privy to the entire dialog between commissioners, AD's and coaches. I wish we could all be so lucky.
Or wait, maybe you just have the same predetermined opinion of things that you like to accuse Utah fans of.
Come on man, if you want to be "the balance" then try thinking without your cougar hat on once in a while. The truth is, no one on this comment thread knows if one conference or the other wanted out of this arrangement more than the other. PERIOD.
Now there's some balance.

Morgan, UT

Good news...it would be tuff to play Minnesota and the College of Eastern Utah in one year...

Farmington, UT

@ Wallbanger

So you're calling me a liar.

Well, here's a true statement: I'd rather have a National Championship and a Heisman Trophy Winner than two BCS Bowl vistories and also have a Top 25 Finish as an independent than being in the PAC 12 and losing at home to Colorado, the worst road team in America the last 4 years until visiting SLC.

The BCS is going down---so congrats on putting all your eggs into that basket (and the "we will play the Big 10 annually" basket). How's that crow taste?

Remember the UNLV 0 - 27 debacle a few years ago in Vegas? That's the one where your head coach said he "didn't know why they lost." That was humorous to be sure!! Conveniently that never gets mentioned, only the 6 - 9 BYU record against San Jose State.

I'd be careful about who you declare to be a "liar." Keep the rhetoric somewhat believable, at least.

Spanish Fork, UT


Yes BYU does play some pretty decent teams this year. But what about November? That is mainly what I meant. A few decent/good teams mixed with a bunch of weak WAC teams. And yes, Utah isn't brave enough to play the Y. I can see why that is. Because we all know what happened last year. Let me end with the same thing quackhunter always ends with.
Oh and...LOL!

Spanish Fork, UT

Toosmart for you

Too smart for who? Your "NC" is considered one of the the worst ones in history by many, many people outside of Utah and in the world of college football. Google The most undeserved National Championships in NCAA football history. BYU is right up there near the top. And it perfectly explains why. And your Heisman didn't do squat in the NFL. So what has the Y done lately? You guys always have to bring up the CU and UNLV games to makes yourselves feel better. Which is pretty ridiculous. And a top 25 finish in the coaches poll by beating nobody. No top 25 in final BCS standings.

The BCS is going down, but the Utes will still be tied into the Rose bowl, and it will most likely be even harder for the Indy-WACers to get into the NC without any conference affiliation. So you guys keep your "NC" and your Heisman, because we live in the now, like this century. Be more proud of what you've done lately, not thirty years ago. Have fun playing the Idaho States and the New Mexico States to get into the top 25 again.


flynn is the coolest

I wouldn't be suprised that Texas tries to opt out also. Absolutley no reason to come and play nothing that belongs to nothing, your last 20 years are no big deal.

Highland, UT


"The truth is, no one on this comment thread knows if one conference or the other wanted out of this arrangement more than the other. PERIOD."

So you doubt larry scott? SACRILEGE!

larry scott said it was the pac12 that pulled out and yes I tend to doubt guys that have to claim it was all them and no one else had anything to do with it. Delaney stated it was just to tough logistically for everyone, scott proclaimed it was just the pac12 that couldn't fit in the big 10.

But whatever the reasons are, now, several days later, it is still hilarious. After all the boastful utah "fans" proclomations and pronouncements over the last year it is incredibly funny.


m.g. scott

As a USC fan and from just a football point of view, I wish/hope that this will apply to the Rose Bowl game. As long as we have the BCS system, I want all the Bowl games, including the Rose Bowl to have two of the top 8 teams in the nation playing. I don't want the bowl to have a weaker Big 10 or Pac 12 team playing because of tradition.

Also as a tweek to the Ohio State people, I think that OSU does not want to play a Pac 12 team early because it could upset their quest of undefeated record. They would rather play Ball State, or Akron rather than chance an early loss to SC, Oregon, Cal, or Stanford.

Springville, UT

Ducky... it's just as funny today as it was a few days ago.

Tomahawk Red
North Salt Lake, UT

Springville, UT

Without an agreement who would want to voluntarily come to Uteville, play in a rinky dink stadium and have it televised on KJZZ?

Big 10 found out something and has decided to run the other way. Hilarious!"


Your posts certainly are, indeed, hilarious. To be sure.

If the Big Ten doesn't want to play the Pac 12, they certainly won't ever consider playing a mid-major cupcake like Brigham Young. And having to watch their games on a totally invisible channel like BYUtv. Ha ha ha.

The funny thing is BYU fans don't realize that by bashing Utah they are actually slamming BYU as well.

THAT is hilarious. Chew on that for a while Sammie.

Highland, UT

One week later and it is still hilarious. LOL!

Oh and tomahawk pink, BYU is finalizing a home and home with wisconsin. Kinda disproves your "point" now doesn't it. LOL!

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