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Published: Friday, July 13 2012 10:00 a.m. MDT

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Rock Of The Marne
Phoenix, AZ

Y be a little brother in Sandy once again obsessing about the Utes, how cute. Your handle is ironic to say the least based upon this being soley a Ute story as your team is not in The PAC 12. Your continued obsession with Utes is appreciated and understood as they are the best team in Utah. As to the BIG 10 deal going by the wayside I say the Utes can still schedule home and home games against premire programs (i.e. Michigan) without a formal legue to legue arrangement so no need to schedule the common-law WAC team in Provo; Utah does not owe BYU any favors.

Springville, UT

All the hype about the Big 10 coming to town and now this?

Too funny and the spin to the abyss of mediocrity continues.

Without an agreement who would want to voluntarily come to Uteville, play in a rinky dink stadium and have it televised on KJZZ?

Big 10 found out something and has decided to run the other way. Hilarious!

Farmington, UT

This isn't the first time the PAC 10 (10.2) has had to reverse course. (Remember when they wanted to get the Big 12 to implode and form a 16-team conference? They had already invited Colorado and had to get to 12 teams somehow so they invited Utah, who lost to Colorado---as in #12 losing to #11), and presto--they had 12 teams. Nice save, Larry.

This just reinforces what Dr. Hill has said all along--Utah can't afford to lose to BYU. Period.

Syracuse, UT

What's up with little brother's fan base posting about something that totally has nothing to do with their mid-major program? Obsession?

Fans of the other mid-major programs in the state aren't continually obsessing over PAC-12 news, why are you? Mid-major trolls, go comment on your own WCC and WAC articles.

Iowa City, IA

How embarassing for Utah. Now there is zero reason to not schedule BYU ( as if this were a reason to begin with). Utah has shown it's true colors, so have the ute fans, and it was ugly.

Iowa City, IA

What's more embarassing than this for Utah? Check out their pre-season basketball schedule, I mean I can understand a few patsies, but this schedules screams weak.

Chris from Rose Park

Why is it that some people think BYU fans only want the BYU-Utah game to happen for scheduling purposes? Sure, it helps BYU's SOS but that's not why I want them to play the game. I want them to play because, I love the game year in and year out. Please don't pretend this is only Y fans opinion, because there have been plenty of U fans posting they also wish the rivalry can continue.

Ogden, UT


To heck with tradition!

Who care's about natural rivalries?

Let's go for the money!

Orem, UT

Good. Maybe this opens the door for out rivalry to be played. The ball's in Utah's court.

Sadly, I think Utah finds a way to dodge out of the rivalry still. I guess only time will tell.

Bluffdale, UT

On the national scene they were saying that the PAC would certainly have to go to an 8 game conference schedule to keep the Big 10 deal. With the new final four contest this may still have to be the case.

I am sure they didn't want to just swap the ninth PAC-12 game for a required Big 10 game. Shows that other teams in the PAC were also having difficulties with the tight schedule.


Johnny Triumph "I hope BYU doesn't give them the time of day when they come crawling back looking for games."

Me too. It's fun to watch the Y overreact every time the U makes a move.

Cowboy Dude

So, the 2017 rivalry game is still up for grabs. Oh, it was up for grabs yesterday too. This didn't change a thing between Utah and BYU for the next five years at least. Our we really that desperate to comment about 2017?

Bountiful, UT

Wow, that's embarrassing. Now we see where Utah gets the whole turning tail and running move from. I'm sure this is so they can be sure to schedule enough FCS and DIV II cream puffs.

And they call themselves "COC", the Conference of Champions. You know what else COC stands for? Conference of Cowards. Way to duck and run!

Spanish Fork, UT


We Ute fans don't recall the PAC 12 TV network to be affiliate with KJZZ...nice try though. With or without the Big 10 agreement, the Utes will do just fine if not better. Thanks for your continued obsession and jealousy of the Utes. Keep it up!!

Wally West

It just means that partnership won't be "official" Regardless, the alliance was set to kick in until 2017 anyway.

Orem, UT


We BYU fans don't recall seeing the PAC 12 TV network available on any cable or satelite systems. Call us when that happens, especially the PAC 12 "regional networks" where we can expect to see most of Utah's PAC 12 games.

Promises about the availabilty of the regional PAC 12 networks sound suspiciously like the promises we heard about the MTN - long a promises, short on delivery.

Fortunately, BYU doesn't have to worry about such minutia with its ESPN partnership and BYUtv available to pick up the one or two games that aren't nationally broadcast on ESPN or NBC.

Cottonwood Heights, UT


"Without an agreement who would want to voluntarily come to Uteville, play in a rinky dink stadium and have it televised on KJZZ?"

Have you STILL not opened your eyes to the Pac 12 television contract? I've never seen one person remain in such denial over something so completely and obviously incorrect for such a long period of time.

I'd suggest moving past the tv topic if you want to have an ounce of credibility to your other thoughts/comments.


AS BYU and Utah are no longer rivals - because Utah felt they had a better road to travel. I am sorry for the Utes and the loss that this bring to their University.

It would have been nice for my former rival to have enjoyed such big games with Big Ten foes. Unfortunately that will not happen now.

That is just a disappointment for the Utes and I am sorry for the loss of revenue that tis will bring to the State.

As I will continue to say - now that we no longer play one another - it would seem classy for us to hope the best for the other. I hope you find good games to replace it with in the years to come.

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA


"And I do not believe larry scott's excuse. It was the big10 much more than the pac12 that decided it was not worth it."

According to BigTen commissioner Jim Delany, "...the complications associated with coordinating a non-conference football schedule for 24 teams across two conferences proved to be too difficult."

Larry Scott said, "...the Pac-12 came to the conclusion that it's in our best interests to maintain our nine-game conference schedule and maximum flexibility in out-of-conference scheduling."

Since schools like USC and Stanford have annual matchups with Notre Dame, that would leave their scheduling flexibility to ONE O.O.C. game/season. All you Indy-WACey fans pointing to USC's and Stanford's rivalries with Notre Dame as reason why we should continue our former rivalry are now being shown that THEY don't want to do it either. Only in THEIR case, they'd rather dump the B1G opponent than ND. The UTES would rather dump the Y than a B1G. And that probably hasn't changed. I think we'd still rather play a B1G team than you. I know that'd MY preference anyway.



You write "I have no doubt Utah "fans" will be seeing a steady dose of northern colorado's instead of big 10 teams going forward."

I'm sure that one game compares favorably to BYU's steady diet of Idaho, Idaho State, San Jose State, New Mexico State, Central Florida, etc. each year

@phoenix, bluto


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