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Published: Friday, July 13 2012 10:00 a.m. MDT

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Cottonwood Heights, UT

It is unfortunate that posters to this article think that Dr. Hill's explanations are excuses. To use such a pejorative term is unfair since it wrongly casts Dr. Hill being caught red handed doing something for which there is no explanation.

Dr. Hill's sole responsibility is to manage well the Utah's athletic programs, of which the football program is the flagship money earner. He is rightly trying to put together a schedule that best meets the needs of his program. One of his chief concerns is balancing his schedule so that it is reasonably difficult but not suicidal. The major football conferences have done this for along time. Since football games are scheduled many years out, it only now, after PAC12 membership that Dr. Hill is re-evaluating.

Dr. Hill is under no requirement to help BYU meet its scheduling needs, which seem to be great given that only the WAC wants much of an on going schedule with the Y. All other major powers are willing to play the Y only on a 2 for 1 basis. That's the Y's problem, not the U's. The Holy War in the future maybe collateral damage.

Utah-Hawaii Alum
Dallas, TX

Very interesting fact? We Utes will wait and see. Urban and Kwhit have been talking a lot lately. Utah is playing Michigan in 2014-15. I hope the mighty Utes play Ohio State after that. BYU is not even in the rearview mirror anymore. They have had the door shut by Utah.

Cottonwood Heights, UT


Nice try ... Utah's new agreement with Michigan wasn't remotely on the radar when the two teams last played which makes this new deal with them very much a home and home.
Start dealing with reality ... reality is that Utah has made enough strides as a program and has gained enough clout due to their new conference affiliation that big name teams are now considering the Utes with home and home series.
Keep looking for ways to spin things to keep your blue tinted world as pretty and happy as you can, but reality makes each of your comments look silly to anyone with a level head.

West Jordan, UT

Now that's funny! I would call that karma if I wasn't of a different faith. I will settle for ironic though.

Highland, UT

Well not to say I told you so....but I told you so,months ago. And I do not believe larry scott's excuse. It was the big10 much more than the pac12 that decided it was not worth it. They did not want to play in puny stadiums in front of puny fanbases. I'm sure a couple of the pac12 teams that are relevent, like usc, didn't want it either.

That said, this is a real kick in the gut to naval vet, hedgehog and co. LOL!

All the bluster was for naught. I have no doubt utah "fans" will be seeing a steady dose of northern colorado's instead of big 10 teams going forward.


What's Utah going to use as an excuse not to play BYU now?


It's all good - Byu fans need to get ready to watch all those fun WAC home games they will have this year! Enjoy that!

Who am I sir?
Cottonwood Heights, UT

I was looking forward to the B1G apponent each year. What this does do for Utah is give them three games to schedule each year. First, I hope we schedule one (or two) games each year in areas where we recruit! Secondly, Schedule a "C" opponent to provide an opportunity to develop the team prior to the rigors of conference play. Third, schedule a "top" opponent for other major conferences and independents (e.g. I'd love to play Army - just as I considered it a honor to play Air Force and Navy.

pocatello, ID

What's Utah going to use as an excuse not to play BYU now?


What is BYUs excuse for having a 6-9 all time record against San Jose St?

Layton, UT


You seem to have latched on to the BYU is 6-9 versus San Jose St. shtick. You find a way to weave it into almost every post.

While we're on the subject of rhetorical questions about losing records to WAC opponents, care to offer an explanation as to the U having a 4-5 record against Nevada?

Gilbert, AZ


What is Utah's excuse for being 0-7 all time against Washington?

BYU 23 Washington 17

Utah 14 Washington 31

flynn is the coolest
Salt Lake City, UT


"... reality is that Utah has made enough strides as a program and has gained enough clout due to their new conference affiliation that big name teams are now considering the Utes with home and home series."

I'd write more but I can't stop laughing! Utah. Clout. That's a good one.

Salt Lake City, UT

Good news for the Utah-BYU rivalry.

I don't think either Chris Hill or Kyle Whittingham want to destroy the rivalry. But I understand their worries about "over-scheduling" in the face of a tough, nine-game conference schedule plus another against someone in the Big 10.

I'd personally like to see Utah playing BYU and USU every year in addition to its PAC 12 schedule, then maybe throw in one of the old MWC rivals like Wyoming, CSU, Air Force, etc.

And for the grumbling BYU fans, maybe its well to remember how self-serving BYU has been in the past. Remember when BYU, wanting to upgrade its schedule, decided it could no longer afford a USU game every year? Did Cougar fans and administrators care much about Aggie feelings on the issue? And how about the decision to go independent last year, and behind-the-scenes maneuvering that could have pulled the rug out from the entire Mountain West Conference.

It's big-time sports, involving big-time money. Everyone - including BYU - is making decisions based on perceived self-interest.

East Salt Lake City, Utah

That's bad news, even worse than postponing the rivalry!

I was really looking forward to a Big 10 match up starting in 2017. Oh well, I won't cry about it. It just means now we have 3 more open games starting in 2017. Hopefully, we can get another series like Michigan.

Until then I'll guess I'll just have to be content with games against USC, Oregon, Michigan, Stanford, Washington, Cal, and my other alum-mater Arizona State.

Joe Schmoe
Orem, UT

Hill admitted himself that they didn't want to schedule BYU because that would make their schedule too tough.

Hilarious stuff coming from the Hill.

Maybe they can follow the basketball team and play Stonybrook farm. Oh wait, I think the Utah basketball team lost that game.

I think SUU has an opening.

Sandy, UT

Great timing for the Utes getting that 2-for-1 with Michigan scheduled before the BiG-Pac alliance fell apart.

Sandy, UT

No reason for Michigan to play Utah now.
Will they back out next?

Scott didn't want more losses for his Pac 11.1 teams.

With half of their tams under water, they can't risk even more beatdowns the Big 10 would have surely put on them.

Brave Sir Robin
San Diego, CA

Save your breath, Y fans...we're still not going to schedule you. We'll find another cupcake to feast on before we schedule you. Maybe an FCS school will prove to be a better challenge than an independent low-major that loses by 44.

You see, us dropping you really has nothing to do with scheduling issues - that's just a red herring that Chris Hill tells the media. The truth is, we just don't like you. We hope you understand.

Sandy, UT

Interesting that an independant (Notre Dame) brought both conferences to their knees. Stanford and USC no the value of a qulity rival Hill does not.

Y's little brother
Sandy, UT

Brave Sir Robin


A few more years of 4-5 conference finishes and a couple of years with losing seasons and no bowl games, and the Utes will be begging the Cougars to return to RES to help them fill their crackbox-sized stadium.

Utah fans have completely misread the tea leaves.

BYU fans aren't angry or frustrated, simply disappointed in the arrogance and cowardice of our little brothers wanting to run away from the rivalry.

BYU doesn't "need" U - never has, and never will!

Unfortunately for U, the significant portion of Utah fans who are really just BYU haters - you know who you are - are totally dependent on BYU to be their foil.

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