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Published: Thursday, July 12 2012 7:00 p.m. MDT

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Maricopa, Az

Frankly, nothing is sacred when it comes to college football. Someday, Hill will regret his move. In
History, when the verdict is out, when Hill's ugly footnote is written in stone. He will
Be mentioned in every article, telecast and post game analysis. Hill killed
The rilvary.

Mcallen, TX

Utah has been in the shadow of BYU for too long. Time to leave the nest and make a name for themselves.


Classic Lines...

The Utes went Hollywood faster than the Beverly Hillbillies.

The Utes got into the league because A) Texas didn't want to, B) BYU won't play on Sunday, and C) Kyle Whittingham runs the best football program this side of Tuscaloosa.

BYU had the better overall program. Any sports follower in the state knows that's been the case for decades.

Real Bass
Idaho Falls, ID

True, except for your conclusion about whits program. Have u ever been to Austin or Norman? Heard of Nebraska or Missouri? LSU or Arkansas are better programs, just to name a few this side of alabama! Two BCS games does not make the u a football powerhouse as demonstrated by their loss last year to their pseudo rival, Colorado, and lackluster showing in the weaker division of the once but not still powerful PAC.

Otis Spurlock
Ogden, UT

It's now official. The Deseret News has just "jumped the shark".

The only culture that the Utes have abandoned by not playing byu, is the culture of mediocrity.

Austin, TX

Good for Utah. Just move on...create a new rivalry with Colorado and never look back again.

Roy, UT

Utah/BYU rivalry was just getting rediculously intense...let them go their separate ways, and we can root for both to succeed, or neither, without the terrible hatred that seemed to be fomenting...

Sandy, UT

Utah ended up in the Pac simply because ...

1-The Texas-Oklahoma Six deal blew up.
2-It blew up because Commissioner Scott knew the Presidents of the Pac would never accept a Faith Based Institution like Baylor.
3-Therefore, he jumped the gun, and invited Colorado early and first....Hoping the remaining 5 would come along anyway.

When Scott realized the other 5 were not coming, Scott fell back to his last resort and invited Utah.

It had nothing to do with Utah's 6 good years of Football...

Nor did it have anything to do with Academics, as Utah ranks only 124th in the Country where BYU ranks #71.

Tuckett knew in the '80's that the Pac would never allow a Faith Based school to spoil their Socialistic-Utopia they had built for themselves.

And anyone who thinks that BYU had not long prepared for Independence, has just not been paying attention.

BYU could never have done in a few short weeks, what they did with Independence, without extensive planning.

BYU needs to build it's schedule and stay Independent in Football.
The WCC is perfect for the Olympic Sports.

And Utah will still won't win Championships.

Who am I sir?
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Utah is in fact abandoning their culture. They did so the minute they accepted the invitation to join the PAC-12. Before that Utah played no more than 4 or 5 "BCS caliber" opponents in the same year. The same goes for BYU. Last year 11 of 13 opponents were BCS teams. (Even then an 8-5 record with our injuries.) Looking ahead to the 2014 and 2015 seasons. For those two years Utah has scheduled 21 of 24 games. Of the 21 all games are agains BCS opponents except for Utah State in '14. Including Michigan twice, USC twice, UCLA twice,Oregon twice, Stanford, Cal, Washington, and the remaining PAC-12 teams. In contrast BYU has schedules 12 games of 24 games. Including one game with Texsas and one with Nebraska. As of now that is the only BCS teams scheduled. (Boise State (2 games scheduled) will join the Big East next year as well as Houston (one game scheduled) (I believe.) And yet fans point out Utah can play both Michigan and the Y. Can but understandably won't.

"The ball is in Utah's court". Hill's return - game, set, and match!

East Salt Lake City, Utah

The real question is who will stop crying first?

A) BYU fans
B) Deseret News and Salt Lake Tribune "journalists"

Tough call!

East Salt Lake City, Utah

"If any school deserved a call up to the next level, it was the Cougars."


Rumors are that the on-going 30 year "discussions" with the BIG 12 are getting close to wrapping up. BYU will be in the Big 12, mark it down.

If not then I'm sure the SEC will pounce and invite BYU.

Rico Suave
Santquin, UT

Inexcusable. Disappointing. The tradition of college football is being decimated by the almighty dollar.

Rico Suave
Santquin, UT

This has nothing to do with who's better or who deserves to be in the PAC 12, BIG 12 yada yada yada. It was a game that belonged to Ute and BYU players and fans. Part of the tradition for both schools. True, some of the fans have started to go overboard, but it's a big deal.

Uteology, not sure where you're coming from. You wouldn't be here commenting if it wasn't a big deal to you. In fact the many posters here, be they Ute or Cougar fans are here because this is an important tradition that has recently been violated by someone who quite frankly doesn't have the right to make that decision. He really doesn't. He has the power, just not the right. Big difference.

It just shows that nothing is sacred and tradition means nothing. It has been a blast and it was a good run.

Frisco, TX

It will happen - I'm not sure when it will happen - but it will happen. The PAC12 will get left out of the four team playoff and the PAC college presidents will convene to ask "what can we do to strengthen the conference?" Many answers will be debated, but in the end the decision will be made to vote two of the weak links out of the conference. The mighty PAC12 will once again become the PAC10.

Orem, UT

I'm a Utah fan and am definitely disappointed the rivalry is going away. I think it does nothing but hurt both schools and fan bases. the rivalry creates so much passion for each team that can't be replicated any other way. I'm a much more passionate Utah fan because of the rivalry and how fired up it gets me ever year...as I'm sure is the same for BYU fans. I looked on stubhub at ticket prices for Utah games this year and behind the USC game, BYU is the second highest priced ticket. This shows, despite what the obnoxious faction of our fan base says, it's the game we want to see most (with the exception of a huge pac12 game). Don't give me "we can't play 11 hard games"! We beat BYU by 44 points last year and have won 7 of the last 10! The rhetoric from Chris Hill makes me sick. It's about money, trying to ensure only one nonconference road game and a bowl berth every year...but it's counter productive because the program will lose money in long run by not playing the game.

JoCo Ute
Grants Pass, OR

Lee Benson needs to get a grip. This is not about culture or history it's about self interest. . . pure and simple. If the situation was reversed BYU would be dropping Utah like a hot potato. Bottom line, BYU cares about filling seats and filling their schedule with quality opponents.

It's interesting to see that basically all the complaint are from BYU and none from Utah. Let's see. . . Michigan (or any other Big 10 team) or BYU. Let me thinks for a second, oh never mind it won't even take that long. So long BYU football.

Salt Lake City, UT

WOW! So many tears are flowing. Except on the hill. We're having a great time! It's a great day to be a Ute! And it's just getting better and better!

Provo, UT

I am in agreement with you. I am a BYU fan and am disappointed in the fact that Utah is turning their back on what has created the interest and glory of football in the state of Utah. There were many years were both teams may not have been living large on a national scale, yet the rivalry game always had the "big game" atmosphere that makes sports great.

In the end, the fans who have supported the two programs through thick and thin are the ones who are the biggest losers.

PAC 12 loves U
Sandy, Utah

@ Bloated

Bringing up why BYU was left out of the Pac-10 expansion again, huh? Dude, that was over 2 years ago. Accept it and move on! You can make all the excuses you want about why Utah was included and BYU was not.

Here is the facts:

Pac-10 expands to 16: Texas, Texas Tech, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Colorado, Utah (Texas A&M will not follow Texas west, the Aggies would join the SEC instead)

Pac-10 expands to 12: Colorado and Utah (Original expansion plan)

Either way, Utah was apart of the Pac-10's expansion plans and BYU was not. GET OVER IT!

As far as academics go. BYU has great undergraduate programs. But the Pac-10 is looking for major research institutions. Utah has it and BYU does not!

"And anyone who thinks that BYU had not long prepared for Independence, has just not been paying attention".

Really? Then why was BYU's schedule so pathetic last year? The schedule looks like it was put together at the last minute. Hmm.... Doesn't it seem ironic that BYU would declare it's independence two months after Utah accepted it's Pac-10 invitation?

BYU = mid-majors forever!

I Still Can't Say It
Holladay, UT

Hey Lee, I'm a huge fan, season-ticket holder and Crimson Club donor, and guess what? I don't really care that the Holy War won't be played every year. Every few years is plenty. That is, I'm a fan and don't feel I'm losing a thing. The Utes have bigger things to worry about nowadays than BYU.

Ohh yeah, I'm sure you're exactly right that the ONLY reason BYU didn't get into the PAC 12 is because of Sunday play. LOL!

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