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Published: Wednesday, July 11 2012 1:00 p.m. MDT

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Syracuse, UT

BYU needs to stop scheduling Utah for basektball, since Utah thinks there to good for them now in football, I would concur that BYU is better than Utah in basketball and there is little to no reason to play that team anymore, they just hurt your RPI.

Spanish Fork, UT

Two losses max. Baylor and ND or whoever they play for the championship game in the Coaches vs. Cancer classic. Could win that one but not Baylor. Utes will pose a significant challenge... staying awake and up to watch the game.

Unca Bon

Utes will pose a significant challenge? Really? Come on now, let's come back to reality.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Wow, after seeing how pathetic Utah's schedule is this year I never would've thought BYU's would rival it. Turns out it does. It'll be interesting to see some preseason SOS rankings.
With where Utah's program currently is I can sort of understand why they scheduled the way they did this year. But for Rose to schedule like he has with a program that is supposedly humming along at a nice speed, well, I just don't get it.

Gilbert, AZ

I'm not sure how playing Utah in the preseason helps the Cougars. If you win, it hurts your RPI and if you lose, then it hurts your RPI and counts as a bad loss...we probably shouldn't schedule such an inferior team in the future.

Maricopa, Az

The Home schedule is pathetic.

Mesa, AZ

EDITOR: Error regarding Nov 28th game. Is it Montana State or Montana? Story lists MSU, while the schedule shows UM.

caleb in new york
Glen Cove, NY

as a NY resident I'm happy about the Brooklyn games, but I think its an underwhelming schedule. We don't know completely in advance how good each team will be, but Iowa State and Baylor both figure to be weaker than they were last season (based on who they lost to the draft). Definitely not a Gonzaga-type non-conference schedule. I don't think we ought to dump Utah completely from the schedule but we ought to play them in the Dec. 18th slot (instead of the D-II team E.N.M.) and find another quality D-I team to play while dumping the D-II game.

Farmington, UT

Thank you, BYU, for assembling what is easily the best NCAA basketball schedule in the state of Utah. I'm not a Y fan, but I'll certainly be watching several of the Y's games!

caleb in new york
Glen Cove, NY

not sure if BYU will be black-listed forever by MWC teams but one way to upgrade the non-conference schedule is if BYU could get some series with some MWC teams like New Mexico, UNLV, or SDSU. SDSU might be a greater possibility in the future because starting next season they are bailing on the MWC and will be playing in a weaker conference and therefore might need to find more ooomph for their non-conference schedule just like BYU does.

Salt Lake City, UT

This schedule is worse that the Utah b-ball schedule.....and that's saying something.

Orem, UT


"This schedule is worse that the Utah b-ball..."

Not even close, but you're welcome to believe whatever helps you sleep at night.

I Bleed Blue
Las Vegas, NV

So do we get two years off of playing Utah? That game does nothing for our stength of schedule. Would rather have a one and one with UNLV

Provo, UT

Lot of people here acting like someone turned them down for the junior prom. The fact that Utah chooses to play Michigan twice instead of BYU in those years in football should have no impact on basketball scheduling. Sure it's a gimme game and the whole schedule needs to be upgraded, but boycotting the Utes makes it seems like we are just reacting to what they did rather than just taking care of our own business in a proactive fashion. Why should we throw a tantrum over what Chris Hill did - especially because he is working under pressure from the PAC-12. Acting hurt by what Utah does looks like we are co-dependent, when in fact we have a pretty good program and should call our own shots.

Mesa, AZ

The BYU press release shows Montana, and not Montana State.

Orem, UT

BYU 2012-13

RPI Opponent Record
u/r SE Okla St 12-17
u/r Findlay 24-7
#106 Tenn St 19-11
#140 Georgia St 20-10
#11 Florida St 21-9
#39 Notre Dame 21-10
#69 St Joseph's 19-12
#197 UT San Antonio 18-13
#323 CS Northridge 7-21
#74 Montana 25-7
#33 at Iowa State 22-8
#143 Utah State 17-14
#274 Utah 6-25
#70 at Weber State 23-5
u/r E New Mexico 14-14
#8 Baylor 25-6
#338 No Arizona 5-24
#116 Va Tech 15-16

Average 17-13; RPI 129
Average w/o Utah 18-12; RPI 119


Utah 2012-13

u/r Simon Fraser 8-18
u/r Willamette 5-20
#314 Sacramento St 10-18
#280 Cent Michigan 11-21
#290 Idaho St 9-21
#224 Wright St 13-19
#219 SMU 13-19
#288 Texas St 13-17
#173 Boise St 13-17
#45 BYU 26-8
u/r Evergreen St 1-26
#219 SMU 13-19
#323 CS Northridge 7-21

Average 11-19; RPI 238
Average w/o BYU 10-20; RPI 259

Snack PAC
Olympus Cove, Utah

"This schedule is worse that the Utah b-ball schedule.....and that's saying something."


What you're saying is you don't have the foggiest idea what you're talking about.

BYU scheduled SEVEN OOC opponents that finished in the RPI Top 100 last season.
TWELVE opponents that finished with winning records.

Besides BYU, the BEST OOC opponent on Utah's schedule is #173 Boise St 13-17.
Besides BYU, Utah didn't schedule a single opponent that finished with a winning record.

BYU RAISED Utah's average opponent RPI by 21, from 259 to 238.
Utah LOWERED BYU's average opponent RPI by 10, from 119 to 129.

Interestingly, Utah scheduled a home-and-home with #219 SMU 13-19, while refusing to play #70 Weber State 23-5 or #143 Utah State 17-14.

The Utes have become the biggest cowards in the state - it's not even close.

rock springs, wy

Next to Northern Arizona, Utah is the weakest opponent on BYU's schedule and will do nothing for their (BYU's) RPI. There is a very strong case for dropping Utah from the schedule. BYU promises to be a basketball power for the forseeable future while Utah struggles for relevance in a very weak PAC12 conference. Utah's refusal to play BYU in football makes the decision to drop them from the basketball schedule even easier. Just do it.

Salt Lake City, UT

You've got to congratulate Chris Hill on his ingenuity, somehow scheduling two opponents that finished with even fewer wins than the Utes.

caleb in new york
Glen Cove, NY

hey guys thanks for posting the rpi stats - that was interesting and added to the conversation. But BYU is not going to play all 3 of Florida St., St. Josephs, and Notre Dame. They will just play 2 of those 3 teams. So according to your accounting BYU has only 6 OOC games scheduled against teams from the last seasons top 100 rpi. And Utah is third-to-last not second-to-last on the rpi list from last year. Utah is going to improve at least somewhat...no way they consistently stay as bad as they were last year. I think its good to schedule the in-state schools just to keep traveling down. In that sense, it seems like it would be worth it to schedule a game sometime against UVU instead of a D-II team like Eastern New Mexico.

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