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Published: Wednesday, July 11 2012 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Mcallen, TX

Poverty rate of 15 percent? Then why so many on the dole, and half our people don't pay income taxes? Why do our children need to be fed at school? Why unemployment at over eight percent and many with low pay?

Wasn't like that in the 1960's. We've been lied to scammed.

Provo, UT

@Too -- Through the ages people actually did starve when they had to rely on the kindness of their neighbors. It works for neighbors to help each other when the needs are relatively small (a few meals, some day care, a little bit of rent money, etc.), but what about when needs are more drastic. For example, payment for cancer treatments, payment of rent long term because someone is disabled, etc. How do you propose to care for those people without doing it collectively, through our elected representatives (i.e. the government)? I think sometimes people focus on the "welfare queens" or some story of how someone was ripping off the system and forget that there really are people who need help, and sometimes that needed help is just too large for the neighbors to provide.

Mcallen, TX

Cedar City, UT,

Success is not a negative as it's being presented by our leaders.

Yes we help the poor and needy, but not the idle. Please quit miss interpreting the scriptures.

A sixteen trillion dollar debt is because of corrupt leadership, not greedy citizens holding to the fruits of their labors.

Mister J

So, the war on poverty has been at best a push.

Whats next? Determining the war on cancer, drugs, & terrorism are smoke and mirrors as well?

at lost in DC 7/11 8:59 p

And in voting for Mitt, we can keep making sure that the 1% are well cared for & exacerbating the current situation for the rest of us.

GK Willington


I'm curious? What was the tax rate in the 50's/during the Eisenhower Administration?

Coach Biff
Lehi, UT

Mark, I'm having a really hard time understanding your justification of our current welfare model. We have stranded generation upon generation on welfare, quelling life affirming motivation to excellence and achievement. Do you think that was the goal of the Savior? The fact that you liberals on these posts have the temerity to defend this blood sucking leviathan is beyond the pale. I don't think any of you will be satisfied until we're all considered poor. But, I guess, that just might be your goal. Sure seems to be the goal of the current resident in the white house....

garfield, AR

So many of the comments are right on.The Federal Government is flat wrong.The one thing I did not read in the comments was drug testing for all Federal programs.As far as that goes all federal employes should be made to take monthly drug tests.The private sector does it!. If All these programs were temporary except for special circumstances more people would work their way back into society. The unfortunate thing about these programs is that they take away incentive and our integrity. So 1) should change to short term benefits 2) drug testing

garfield, AR

How sad all this is. drug test everyone on Federal programs and all the politicians and most of the problems will go away.

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