Comments about ‘'Bachlorette' participant turns down overnight date using Book of Mormon phrase’

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Published: Tuesday, July 10 2012 12:00 p.m. MDT

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A Scientist
Provo, UT

Jef, who was indoctrinated with Mormon teachings most of his life, uses a phrase from the Book of Mormon, and this is news?

But when Joseph Smith borrows phrases from Shakespeare and anachronistically attributes it to ancient prophets, the faithful shrug it off.


Chicago, IL

Hahaha Scientist. Yeah that's so true. How many things about the church or JS are ignored and shrugged off despite overwhelming evidence and common sense. Yet, very weird things are totally embraced in an effort to follow the old saying:

"When the brethen have spoken, the thinking is done"

Utes Fan
Salt Lake City, UT

Personally, I think Shakespeare's quote is likely from Job in the Bible. Lehi, the Book of Mormon prophet would have been familiar with those words and likely used them.

The Book of Mormon has ancient patterns and phrases that are far stronger than a supposed quote from Shakespeare. And, I haven't seen any good explanation for them other than the explanation given: that it is indeed a translation of ancient words.


@A Scientist

Would love some examples?

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