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Published: Friday, July 6 2012 1:00 p.m. MDT

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As bad as this sounds, she is still on scholarship at BYU and is going in to her final year. She wasn't going to play at all, averaging 1.3 points/game. Coach Judkins could have handled things with a little more tact, but it sounds like the writing was on the wall. Just take advantage of your scholarship and get your degree. Basketball has to end for everyone, so embrace it and move on.

aunt lucy
Looneyville, UT

If she still has her scholarship, she should thank Coach Judkins and praise BYU. No sympathy here. If she wants to play that badly, she can transfer and give up her scholarship at BYU. Cancer is a terrible thing but basketball decisions must still be made with the best interest of the team invovled. I've never seen the public understanding when a team didn't perform. Just ask Coach Law.

Go Utes!
Springville, UT

Wow, not very impressed by the NCAA, the University, or the coach. Terrible situation I totally understand cutting and under-performing player but the Cougars were a solid last season, weren't they ranked somewhere in the top 25? She obviously didnt hold them back that much. I do not see why the coach felt he had to cut her before her senior season, why not do it when she was diagnosed or in April after the season ended? Why now when she has minimal time to find a local team to play on? Really she was just not a bad player, the story fails to point out that she only played an average of 4.3 minuets per game, in that minimal amount of time she hit .433 from the floor 13/30 shots made to attempts and had 23 rebounds. she is not a bad player, they could have given her more time this year and her production would have increased drastically.
I do not agree with this decision, I think the timing was meant to prevent her from transferring to a near by rival like Weber, UVU, or the U.

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA

Go Utes!:

I see no foul here. It's a shame she had to get cut, but Judkins is running a Basketball team; not a Make-A-Wish Foundation. Every player has to pull their own weight, and Kaufusi wasn't able to do that. It's not Kaufusi's fault that she'd had some health issues, and because she gave it her best shot, and was in good academic standing, that makes the decision to cut her all the more tragic, but that's the nature of competitive sports. You sink or swim. If the cougars don't win, Judkins gets fired. Somebody had to go, and I think Judkins made the right call. Unfortunate as it may have been.

So. Cal Reader
San Diego, CA

A very sad story, indeed. I certainly feel sorry for Kaufisi, but she needs to worry about getting completely healthy, get her degree & move on with the rest of her life-- not just concentrating on her senior year on the team. Bottom line is she averaged 1.3 points and 1.1 rebounds last season. Athletics can be a bottom line business. I wish Alexis the best of luck in the future and and a healthy and full recovery! I'm sorry, but I can't fault Judkins for this decision.

Springville, UT

Did I just 'like' Naval Vet's assessment of the situation???

This concerns me on so many levels I can't imagine.

Sandy, UT

Judkins has earned an enormous amount of respect while at The U and BYU and as a result I will have to trust his decision on this one. The fact that he declined to comment lends credence to a scenario that there may be more to the story that is printed here.

As others have commented, she has her scholarship and degree awaiting completion of her senior year. Let's hope that after some reflection she shows support for the program in Brandon Davies style.

Pocatello, ID

No quotes from dad or brothers yet? Her uncles played football at the U and one of her cousins is trying to talk his parents into supporting him in his desire to play at BYU. Wonder how all the family dynamics play out.

Silent Lurker
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Cold very cold Juddy!

Solomon Levi
Alpine, UT

Cancer is a cruel disease and this is a very sad way to end a college basketball career, but it sounds like Alexis simply didn't have the physical ability to continue playing and contributing anymore. It's better for all concerned to give that opportunity to a player who's worked just as hard to earn a spot on a college basketball roster. At least Alexis has her scholarship and will be able to finish her college education.

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

Hmmmmmmm. I've always been told we are better than that here.

Virginia Beach, Va

Poorly handled. If she wasnt in trouble with grades why bring it up ?

Belgrade, Serbia

You know, I am usually a cutthroat, get it done, we are keeping score here, kind of guy. But I disagree here on this one. Some may say she is not producing. But she was pulling her weight in the past, giving to the team and was supporting them with her efforts. Now she needs thier support. I believe the spirit, or feelings of "team" is just as important as any stat. Many on the team may now question their position if they have problems. Perform, or get out of the dorm does not exactly relate to this situation. A team needs a heart and Coach Judkins looks as if he cut a piece of it out today.

Bristow, United States

There always will be a player that comes in with limited minutes, and will avg. 1-2 pts a game. (At least in Men's, I assume its true with women's too). I don't see why she couldn't stay on in limited minutes, unless there are other issues not mentioned.

Salt Lake City, UT

So many unemployed super coaches, not enough jobs. That's why we have comment pages I guess.


NOTHING positive about byu........Shame on you!

Fresno, CA

Go Utes!

If he had cut her sooner, she probably would have lost her scholarship. This way Judd can put a player who is healthy and able to play at 100% in her spot but she still gets to have her last year at the Y paid for. I think that's a pretty class move.

Springville, UT
"Did I just 'like' Naval Vet's assessment of the situation???

This concerns me on so many levels I can't imagine."

I know, right???

Salt Lake City, UT

I wonder what Coach Kafusi the Dline coach for BYU has to say?

Not cool Cougars.

West Jordan, UT

Oh come on seniors get cut on every level of athletic teams.. In my experience there was probably a freshman or sophomore better than her, i know that's what usually happens. But to involve her cancer in this story, seems a bit immature by Amy Donaldson. Either way she must be hindering the team somehow. There's obviously more to this story that we don't know about. Coach Judkins has coached a long time, and is a highly respected man.

Saint George, UT

I cannot believe the "bottom line" rhetoric of some people. "He's running a basketball program, not a Make-A-Wish Foundation." Yeah, okay ... now let's snap back to reality, shall we, shall we? Women's basketball is about as bottom line a "business" as men's track and field. Neither sport pays for itself. Without the football and men's basketball programs, as well as the Cougar Club, BYU athletics would drown in red ink. So let's dispense with all this talk about winning being the bottom line. If winning is the only consideration that should factor into this decision, that speaks poorly of Jeff Judkins in particular and BYU athletics in general. There's a lot to be said for loyalty, especially in this case. To cut this player under these circumstances reminds me of Newt Gingrich serving his wife with divorce papers while she was in the hospital. It's a no-class move with virtually no upside, and it goes a long way toward quelling any sense of long-term loyalty to the coach or to BYU athletics. Jeff, you're wrong on this one, and you need to fix it.

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