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Published: Friday, July 6 2012 12:00 a.m. MDT

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lost in DC
West Jordan, UT

Infortunately, too many people are so used to BO's 8+ percent unemployment they now accept that as the norm. BO's gotta go.

Bronx, NY

for what, a return tot the polices that got us in this mess? I don't think so.

lost in DC
West Jordan, UT


got anything besides the DNC party line of "blame bush"?

the policies that tanked our economy were the "eliminate lending standards so everyone can buy a house" forced onto fannie and freddie by bill clinton and barney frank. I have not heard anyone calling for a return to those policies.

Hayden, ID

What started this mess was the federal government controlled by the Democrats in congress meddling in the housing market with subprime (backed by Fanny Mae and Freddy Mac) housing loans to anyone who applied with no assets, no job, no income. Of course when they didn’t service their loans and banks got saddled with toxic assets, who got the blame? Why, good ole Geo. Bush with good ole Barney Frank and the rest of the Demoborrowers hiding under their desks pointing their fingers at anyone but themselves!

salt lake, UT

@Lost and mountanman
right it was the single act of ho,e lending that brought down our economy. A little myopic don't you think? by the way the housing mess would by definition by part of the past policies would it not?

Bronx, NY

So when was the housing loans decision made? oh thats right the past, making that a failed policy of the past. You dragged Bush into the argument not me but now that you brought it up do you really mean to try to claim he had a successful presidency?

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