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Published: Thursday, July 5 2012 3:00 p.m. MDT

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Henry Drummond
San Jose, CA

"Others swear it would be murder in the first degree, thanks to an unwillingness to help an old opponent."

Do you mean BYU dropping the Utah State rivalry and then only agreeing to play them a two for one basis?

Sandy, UT

Unfortunitely its not about Utah and BYU fans. Its about the money. It would take a gutsy move by Utah to schedule BYU going forward. But it is not likely to happen. If roles were reversed I also am not sure if it would happen. But long term it would be best for both schools. For BYU strength of schedule and for Utah fund raising.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

As much as everyone wants to make this about Utah scheduling down or running away from BYU because the rest of the schedule is so difficult, it's really all about money - period.

It's hard to argue with going after that extra home game when every other year when Utah's at the bottom of the money pool in the Pac 12. With as much emphasis is now placed on facilities and "wowing" the recruit, every penny Utah can get it's hands on is important.

That said ... this is one Ute fan that says don't let the rivalry suffer because of money. This game not only needs to be played every year, I agree with Alex Smith, it belongs at the END of the year. Chris Hill needs to start pushing back with the Pac 12 on this and figure out a way to play BYU in the last or second to last game of the season. I'm sure Colorado and CSU would welcome this same thing.

Go Utes.


"BYU not playing Utah..."

Sorry Meyer, it is Utah who doesn't want to play BYU.

SLC, Utah

I'm only kind of kidding when I think that maybe ... just maybe... the state legislator or governor could jump in here and mandate that Uof U plays BYU every year.

It is my taxes that pay for the school... Seriously…, Why Not? Money is the ONLY reason holding it back. I freakin pay for that school up on the hill and I want a UofU-BYU game every year.

SLC, Utah

This is something both U and Y fans can agree on. Let’s put it on the ballot this coming election and let the people who pay for the schools decide.

Salt Lake City, UT

Utah - BYU game and rivalry.

Been there, done that, got the t-shirt - it's time to move on.


The Utah State Legislature is highly conservative, overly conservative in fact. Mandates do not fall into ideological lunacy.

Maricopa, Az

Praxis-That is what rivalries are. "Been there done that". That makes them rivalries. You you don't throw it away for that reason. Hateful? yep. Mean? sometimes. Spiteful? Heck yes. FUN? always. Chris Hill is an egotistical clown. Whitt, big red nose and floppy feet as well.

Taylorsville, UT

It's sad to see Utah bullied by their conference overlords. You will NOT play your rival on rivalry week. In fact, you should NOT play them at all. Oh, and by the way, you WILL open your campus to athletic events on Sundays, even though half of your fans would rather not be there on that day.

Joe Schmoe
Orem, UT

I don't buy the money issue. I think Utah would make MORE money playing BYU on ESPN than almost any other game they will schedule. Someone tell me how my thinking is wrong.

I think in reality Utah sees playing BYU as a tougher game than they want to schedule out of league play. They know that they will struggle to get as many wins in the pac 12 that they used to get in the MWC so the out of conf. games take on MUCH more significance when they look at needing 6 wins for a bowl bid. Why take a chance on BYU when they can schedule a sure thing?

Cache county, USA

Not sure we care what Meyer thinks....

Spanish Fork, UT

This will work itself out eventually. Let's just get some football going!

IA Cougar
West Des Moines, IA

Bottom line is this: Money. When Utah left to the Pac12 (and who wouldn't have rejected that offer?) the rivalry was done right there. The fans ruin it past that point by thinking they are mightier and better than the other. I see this particularly from Utah fans who now that they are in the Pac12, they are better than BYU. Comparing the 2:1 arrangement BYU and Utah State have isn't even close to an apples comparison. If Utah State brought 45-60,000 fans to their stadium, it would be different, but they don't. And back to my first point. Why would it be different? Money. Unfortunately, rivalries and killed over money and this is another one that will be lost in the shuffle for the all important and greedy dollar. It has ruined pro sports and now it is ruining college sports. It's a shame!


@Henry Drummond: No, he actually meant when Utah completely dropped Utah State, who stopped playing the Aggies regularly long before BYU started 2-1 with them.

Ever heard of "Battle of the Brothers?" Google it. Utah is quite experienced at ending rivalry games.

Solomon Levi
Alpine, UT


A couple of losing seasons with no bowls and half-empty stadiums for the one-and-done cupcakes Utah will have to schedule to get those 7th games, and the Utes will be begging BYU to revive the seriers to help the Utes refill RES; all you have to do is look up the hill to the HC to see how quickly Utah fans desert their teams as soon as they hits the skids - it's only a question of "when".

Veritas Aequitas
Fruit Heights, UT

Truth is, Utah wants any excuse not to play BYU.tah cannot stand on their own two feet in the state.

As long as BYU has carried Utah on their back, Utah is now ready to "pretend" they don't need the game.

Utah is, has been, and will be only as good as the Utah - BYU game.

Utah's seaon has always been defined by the holy war. Take that out, and who in the state cares about Utah football?


That being said, I hope Utah runs the other way, as BYU "competes" against any major program willing to schedule the better institution, while Utah cowers and prepares for Colorado.

Utah athletics continues to be an in-state joke.

If they run and hide, the joke gets bigger and better for BYU fans...

Juice Box
Eureka, UT

It may be "murder" as you put it, but Utah cannot trade any non-conference games for just anybody anymore. Most of the schedule is already decided by default. The rivalry will end, even if some don't want it to.

South Jordan, UT

Everyone needs to relax! The game will continue somehow, some way. The fans on both sides that say they don't need, want the game are simply in need of help themselves. It may go a year without but the supporters won't stand for it not being played. If BYU wants another dose, the Utes should oblige. Until BYU gets into a great conference, the recruiting gap will widen. BYU will occasionally win a game but Utah will win the majority of the games in football.

Rock Of The Marne
Phoenix, AZ

Vertias me a break. BYU never carried Utah. BYU is in it for themselves; always have been. In the 80s all the Y talk was how the Y was going to be leaving for the PAC 10; I grew up in Utah so I remember such baseless ramblings. If you still disagree go ahead and list all the way Y fan delusion thinks BYU " carried Utah." Oh brother the desperation of Y fans has hit and all time high or would that be low. How about BYU quits trying to hold Utah back and does it on their on. If they are so great and mighty (though they can't seem to beat the Utes) Utah dropping them should be no big deal though we know Idaho State, Idaho and New Mexico State paints a far different picture. BYU fans talk a good talk; time to follow through and quit worrying about what the Utes as it all is bit too desperate at this point, though I admit, amusing.

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